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My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Gown Selection & Dress Fitting

Dear Readers,
Hello! Hopefully your good friday weekend has been treating you good. I am very honoured to share with you about my trip to My Dream Wedding Outlet @ Tuas Street. 
For those that are quite new to my blog, you can check out my older post about this contest we have won in January. We have won the title of spokescouple by having the most number of likes on our wedding photo. 
So during March which is our wedding month, Alex from My Dream Wedding called us to go down for a communication with the photographer session and also a gown selection process. 
I was very looking forward to this day as I am always a vivid lover and ardent fan of My Dream Wedding Gowns. Their gown is always so comfortable and always so trendy making every girl looking like a princess! 

What hides within it is our contract terms with My Dream Wedding. Not really a contract term but more like an INVOICE stating the word “FREE”! Anyway, we are very honoured to be their spokescouple because it is a very good and wonderful opportunity to be like a MODEL and a spokesperson for such an awesome company.

My Dream Wedding is always known for it’s good reputation in this Industry and look at the numerous prizes they have won. They have got awards for gown, photography and appreciation awards from many big company. They are always so professional and ever-ready to serve every customer they have. They prepared your gown first even before you arrived at your appointment. This is the kind of customer service that us as consumers really liked.

Check out my Hubby Casper. He does look like a Model walking down the Run Way. At the same time Kenny, our photographer also helps to take videos and photos of the “Behind the Scene” process.

Here is some of the different gown I have tried on. They are all very pretty however I can only select 1 white gown so I can only admire them from afar. I really loved their designs a lot. They made me look so tall without editing and camera tricks.

I also have the own comfort of choosing my own gown even though I am not a paying customer this really shows My Dream Wedding Generosity and I really admire them a lot because Casper and I are not professional models and yet they are spending so much time and money on us in grooming us into a spokescouple.

This gown is specially chosen for my bestie, YangHui. Because nude colour is her favourite colour. She is a fan of nude color and I am a great fan of bright colours so we met half-way in choosing Tiffany Blue as our favourite colours.

Kenny our photographer is very jovial and approachable and Alex is always there assisting us and giving us advice. Although most of the time I heard is “Leng” (pretty in Cantonese) but I think they are referring to the gown.

If you guys noticed, I am a big Fan of RED like boomzzz. Anyway, I like this design but just that Alex and all of us agreed that I should go for other colours to show a great difference in making me from a cute girl to a demure married woman. Which I agree as I have a lot of Red dresses at home so I can actually go without this. But in my heart, I still love red the most.

Next up is this wedding dress. It is nice but somewhat I am not a fan for train-less gown. NEXT~!

OH MY~! I cant believe my own eyes. I actually mentioned that my favourite colour is purple and they went it all to find this purple gown for me. It’s so amazing that they are always so SERVICE-Orientated.

This gown is so special! I never ever had such a gown before. Look at my back it is a HEART SHAPE <3 and this is the first gown that I had that is not a bust-fitted one.

Time for discussion between Alex and Me. We are discussing whether which long white gown will suits me best and look very outstanding. At the same time, he realise that I have another favourite colour which is blue. 

So Alex went to look for a very unique little blue dress for a princessy look which we thought it will look cute on me as we wanted 4 different feeling for the 4 different outfit.

Lastly, we would like to thank Alex and Team for his wonderful service attitude. I really loved all the gown and as a bride who have sensitive skin, My Dream Wedding selection is really so awesome as there isn’t any chiak chiak (uneasy) feeling and no sequins or what so ever foreign object that make you feel uncomfortable.

They are always here with professional advices for you.

Dress Fitting Session (1 week before the Photoshoot)

These are the gown Alex and us have decided to use on the shoot.

1) Little Blue Dress
2) Nude Color Train Dress
3) Heart shaped White Gown
4) Purple Lover Gown

It would be a tough choice if you would to ask me which one I’d love the most.

Because they are all so awesome.

So stay tuned for our ACTUAL DAY behind the scene photos! 

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