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How to reduce Post Acne Scar? *Advertorial* – Hiruscar Post-Acne Review

featureHello Readers,

Today I will be introducing you a new product from Hiruscar. It’s my very first time using hiruscar but I have heard of it’s name since 1-2yrs ago. I wanted to try the scar healing Hiruscar Gel previously for my motorbike burnt scar. But yeah, I guess I was too lazy. I am glad that Hiruscar Post Acne is sent directly to my mailbox, no horse run. Die die have to use. But i was wonder whether code i use it on my leg.

So ya, I have been using for a week. 2 times per day. They recommend 2-3 times but where got time? So ya, 2 times before work and before sleep!

Let me do some simple introduction of Hiruscar Post-Acne

What can it do?

1. Lightens dark marks – might help with freckles

2. Improves / smoothens depressed pimple scars – so your face wont have dented holes

3. May prevent pimple occurrence – contains Pionin, an anti-bacterial agent that helps to prevent acne recurrence


Press Release


Acne scars and dark spots, at one point or another, most, if not all of us have fallen victims to these unwelcome visitors on our faces. Unlike acne, that may only take a few days to treat, dealing with post acne scars can be a long and frustrating process if not done the right way. Their presence can also affect one’s confidence. While there have been no shortages of home or traditional remedies to address this problem, like lemon and rice water for example, these methods have not been proven effective.

Introducing the NEW Hiruscar Post Acne, the only product that has been clinically proven to lighten acne scars and dark marks, improves and smoothens depressed acne scars and also helps to prevent acne reoccurrence. What’s more results can be seen as early as 4 weeks*! The latest addition to Hiruscar, the Scar Care Expert Brand, Hiruscar Post Acne comes in a clear gel form that provides fast and deep absorption for a no hassle application. Unlike Hiruscar Gel, which is formulated for all scar types and for normal skin, Hiruscar Post Acne prides itself as an anti-bacterial formulation catered for oily, acne prone skin sufferers. Its anti-bacterial property comes from an ingredient called Pionin, an anti-bacterial agent that prevents bacteria growth, which is the main cause of acne, as well as helps to reduce inflammation and infection. Other key contributors include Allium Cepa, another anti-inflammatory property that also helps to promote wound healing and reduce size of the scar by reducing scar tissue build up, and MPS, a water binding molecule that helps to hydrate the skin and softens scar tissues as well as speeding up the scar healing process. This potent combination is the reason behind Hiruscar Post Acne’s proven efficacy in the treatment of post acne scars and dark marks. So bust the myth! Remove post acne scars and dark marks the clinically proven way. *Clinical study and satisfaction test conducted by Dermscan on 25 subjects in France, 2011. Individual results may vary.

*Clinical study and satisfaction test conducted by Dermscan on 25 subjects in France, 2011. Individual results may vary.

Hiruscar® Post Acne is a fast absorption gel base which helps to treat post acne scars and dark marks. With its unique formulation, Hiruscar Post Acne is clinically proven to treat sunken scars


– Clinically proven 3-in-1 formulation

– Non-Comedogenic [does not clog pores]

– Hypoallergenic [does not irritate your skin]

– Fast absorbing clear scar gel [can be used under make-up]

– Contains anti-bacterial agent [Pionin] to help prevent acne recurrence

– For Oily and Acne Prone Skin


– Improves appearance of sunken scars

– Lighten dark marks

– Prevents acne recurrence [due to its anti-bacterial formulation]




How to use:

– Apply 2-3 times a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

– Use after toner/softener and before moisturiser.

*Always wash hands before and after use.

Target Age: 15-24 years old male & female – hormones super active and pimples always pop out age!

Where To Buy: Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Independent Pharmacies, Polyclinics

Retail Price: $22.90/10ml

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.55.46 pmOr you could grab your sample @ !



my personal reviews


Personally after using for a week plus, the result is not very obvious. Probably need up to 4 weeks or so? But it’s non sticky and easily absorbed thus you can apply makeup onto it. So i find it very convinent. Hiruscar is famous for healing scar and reduct it’s appearance thus i have a crazy idea! I wanna apply on my leg. Hopefully it heals my scar on the leg!

Tee hee~!!

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