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My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Wedding Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Hello Readers~!
I am so glad to be sharing with you today about my shoot with My Dream Wedding!
You all would be interested with the names of people who made this all possible.
So let me made you read below to see the awesome people behind this.

First to introduce is the CASPERLYN. The bride and the groom which is the spokescouple is obviously the most important person. Anyway just joking we are not that ego afterall.
Honey! Look, you are on makeup!

This is taken in the morning without any single trace of make up.

We reported at about 10am in the morning which is so late! This is the first shoot I ever had in the late morning. Usually couples have to report at about 7:30 – 8am in the morning for shoots and usually the bride will look very sleepy and usually couples will cab to the studio. However, with a shoot at 10am, I even had the time to wash & blow dry my hair. We had the time to take MRT too. Just a quick side note, we are using My Dream Wedding Transportation (Mini Bus) for our shoot later on. Therefore we are not driving because the parking will cost a bomb at these areas.

Let’s see what the selfie couple is capable of! Usually couples doesnt like to take photos before make up but we are opposite because we would like to let you know what is our Make Up Artist Capable Of!

Make Up Artist for Casper: You Cong
What about my makeup artist?
She told me not to mention her name here so I will just use her initials. “M”

M really did a great job in making my eyes look so naturally bigger.

Check out the tons of Tiara and quirky poses I made. I like the fact about the make up is that I have no “Meow Meow” face. It is so natural and very korean-liked. Which is trendy and well-loved by bride-to-be these days.

The number of artificial bouquets is a lot too. Look at the poses I could made with them.

If you are wondering who did my pretty nails, it is Mynt from Mynte Fingers.
Mynt specially did a design just for my shoot with My Dream Wedding.
How sweet and thoughtful of her…

This is my MUA “M” really liked her make up skills a lot. She is so wonderful and awesome. She is very fast and accurate and most importantly making my features outstanding. She is very quick with hairdo and also capable of making my hair volumnized thus making me look taller!

I was so hungry that I thought taking food with seafood platter would made me less hungry.

We tried to mimic the couple below for the toilet signs but apparently we FAILED.

We would also like to applause for My Dream Wedding creativity to fully make use of every little space and stall they can find to make photos so wonderful.

“M” make up artist is so experienced that she could do make up ANYWHERE!

For this shoot, I really felt like a Model-wannabe or a Star doing some cover shoot. I have got 3 photographers, 2 make up artist and a assistant to help me along.

Behind is You Cong (Makeup artist for Casper) touching up his make up.

So we moved on to the 3rd outfit and second location which is East Coast Park (ECP).
Frankly speaking, I never thought ECP could took such beautiful pictures but to my amaze, My Dream Wedding photographers managed to take such awesome and sweet looking pictures.

Anyway, my hairdo is all selected and requested by Master Photographer, Jackson. And I really loved the wavy and flowing feel it gave at the Beach. Most bride will actually choose to bun up their hair but we actually go against the norm.

A selfie I took with my favourite gown in purple. Enjoying the sea breeze and thinking if all shoot is always that easy how great it would be! My Dream Wedding made pre-wedding shoot such an awesome experience and making everything worry-less and hassle-free!

I am actually surprise that they would me to do a pose like this. It is a challenge to actually climb up the rocks and lying down on the rocks.

I asked them: “Huh?! Won’t the gown be dirty?”
You Cong Reply: “Dont worry, just enjoy your photo taking, we’ll take care of everything!”

Oh No! Casper became a selfie fanatic too! But I like! :D

This is the part that we need to take MV of Casper’s Proposal. So stay tune to our page when we upload the MV done by My Dream Wedding!

They set up an tentage for me to change into the white gown. Honey Look! I am being served by 2 Make up artists! *like-a-star*

There was a slight drizzle and we have no umbrella! Oh NO! But fret not, My Dream Wedding always has preparation for everything! They gave us Umbrella to use to keep ourselves DRY! How thoughtful these guys are! Unbelievable ~

I love poses like this a lot because I don’t have to pose!

Casper taking selfies again while I am taking MV.

Woohoo It’s a WRAP! We are all done and ready to go back~

A selfie taken again with You Cong and my assistant Beatrice.
Tadah~! We are all done and ready to view the photos on 26 April !
A few important people that made all this possible and we would like to thank them with the deepest gratitude of our heart:
Photographer: Jackson (Head of Photography Department)
Kenny (Photographer that liase with us  and took behind the scenes photos for gown selection)
Alex & Team (Sales & Marketing Department)
Make Up artist “M” (She no longer helps to make up as she has step back and teach other new make up artist)
Make Up artist You Cong (Helping Casper to make up and helping me up & down)
Alteration Department and Make Up Department
Lastly, the management committee of My Dream Wedding for having this contest and choosing us to be the Spokescouple.


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