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My Dream Wedding Spokes Couple RESULTS!!!!


Dear Readers… I am so sorry that i have neglect you for this 3weeks….

You mus be thinking: What this ger have been busy with…

If you did realise, I am running for this Spokes Couple CONTEST!!! Remember???

All along, I knew and kind  expected it would be a “LIKING” competition… haha.. Just din expect it would be like this…

So let me do a quick summary….

About Dec? or maybe Jan? We submit our entries and waited for interview by My dream wedding(MDW) photographer and team.. And we went down to Tras Street for like a mini chatting session.. I was honoured to try out the gowns EVEN I AM NOT PAYING CUSTOMER… Then next Taiwan Girl took a picture of Casperlyn and then print out and put in a pretty frame for us….

After 1 week from the interview, we saw our photo on FB!!! It was uploaded batch by batch.. Around a total of 4-5 batch of couples were interview and also had their photos posted.

This is the initial album….

We expected it to be a liking competition… Then we chiong and ask people to like….

 This is the initial photo which we chiong and ask ppl to like… We have got 300++ votes and likings.. We kinda expect to win…. But one fine day…..

This tragic thing happened…. Look at Lin Jieying Comment…..
She asked: Hello My Dream Wedding – SG, thanks for the lovely photo! Quick question – do you take the number of ‘likes’ of our pictures into consideration when choosing the winning couple? Or will you select the winner solely based on internal judging?

My Dream Wedding – SG Dear Lin Jieying, we will select the winner base on our professional photographer judging. What will we consider is you guys “Love Story”.

.. Dot dot dot…. Jipai Siao liao…… ok nvm then… I guess we tot we will lose…

Becos sillygirl92 assume that the liking will win mah….. die liao lo….

So we jus like lepak and pray and then pray then lepak….

Then…. 1 week ago!!!!

Wenxi saw this on FB and received an email!!

 Then immediately he called me and I said… “Waaaa.. Siao liao…. Need to re-like the photos… Means need to transfer our friend’s 300 likes to this new photos…. :'(“

Then Wenxi also received this…… I mean, i was naturally very excited and happy to be the Final top 5….. but i mean… damn… i need to re-disturb all my friends again… oh wells, anyway my friends like to be disturb by me also!!! haha~!!

So let me tell you my story GRADUALLY, typically …..

This is a tough competition!!! The 2nd in line, Miaoning & Partner was so strong.. Initially i was in the lepak mode.. I tot I could just win the number of likes by slacking and jus sharing and everyone will OTOT go and like… BUT I WAS WRONG!!!!
The first day…..
I got 247 likes and they got 288 likes…. (We lost….)
Reason: I went to sing K with my sec sch friends and I was quite relax about this and Casper was back for ICT (in camp training/ reservist) and got live firing till midnight so both of us din really had the chance to share and ask people to like…..
Day 2: Slowly catch up…
This is the day we both hit 3hundred likes…..
Is like, I hit 360, within the next hr, miaoning will reach 350+…. very scary…
Day 3: CHIONG UH!!!!
I think day 3 is Saturday and we went to Thomas & yixin wedding.. And practically asked everyone to like the photo and just whack it all.. Then also spam fb msg to all my friends…. And so does Casper…
Then we managed to widen the gap by a hundred or two…
Day 4: Sleepless night….
FYI, I slept at 3am for like the past few days… Then called Mummy and cried and told her I DIE DIE mus win.. Then called YH and called everyone to get empathy votes… haha! Paiseh to disturb u all….
Then also posted in Ngee Ann fb page *inspired* by Miaoning because she posted in NYP page… lols.. Then luckily last time our wedding photos in Ngee Ann got 700-800 likes so we go whack the strangers there.. So we wanna thanks NP for featuring US!!  :P
Day 5: Monday!! Train Break Down
Also thanks for the train breakdown, so i ask stranger on the MRT to LIKE ALSO!!
Went to office and chiong to ask colleagues to like!!!!!! Then also saw that 3rd couple Aiqing shared on Seagate grp… Anyway hor, I think Aiqing very pretty :P I was like telling boonhee: “Aiqing so tall so pretty, and I am not to her match …. sure lose liao la… then Miaoning so popular and both are from NYP…” I saw Aiqing colleagues all very helpful and nice to help her share and repost… haizzzzz…. *worried*
Is like, Miaoning represent NYP and Aiqing represent Seagate… Wasei.. I represent what??? :( Sob sob…
Day 6: Tuesday~!
Cant really remember… But I think Wenxi went home for awhile and I was telling him, GO BACK CAMP and ask more people to like hor!!! haha!!
Day 7: I finally got sick :(
Took MC and rest … Then continue the deadly likes again…. damn stress and damn tired.. exhausted maxxedddd..
Day 8: Thursday…
Boonhee went back to office and got the whole SP to like… woohoo…
Day 9: Friday! End of contest….
We finally hit 1k likes!!! :) Thanks to all of you for helping us to like!! 

But really a BIG thank you to all of you guys reading this post…
WITHOUT YOU, I won’t have WON!
You all are the reason why i have gotten the spokes couple!
Thank God for looking after casperlyn too!
Lastly, thanks My Dream Wedding for this contest! :)
anyway, many have asked.. WHAT HAVE WE WON???
Tadah.. This is what we won…

And what is inside the package??? Wow… It is awesome hor!!! Especially for us….

Shiok hor??????

Thanks Everyone for the well wishes!!! And ya, we will show u all the photos once we have taken them!!! Credits and kudos to you!!! 

This is our thank you message! 
Hello~ 过年几happy有没有?
Thanks everyone for liking CASPERLYN! We have won… So let me explain What is Casperlyn?
Casper + Gerlyn = Casperlyn
Cool eh?

So now i would like to slowly thank all these important people in my life!
1) My parents and god parents for supporting me thru out this competition and asking their PA/CC/RC ‘s aunties and uncles to like this photo. My mummy is a total IT noob but she tried so hard to help me gain so much likes! Thanks Evelyn Goh mummy!
2) Thanks to my overseas friends and relatives in Aussie, India, Malaysia, Canada and Europe for liking and sharing.
3) Thanks Lovaine Joseecar Candy for asking her business clients to like and asking sponsors to like the photo!
4) Thanks Kat & Ong family for liking. Especially our little Niece for activating her whole Chongfu primary grp! 
5) Thanks to all my friends for liking. (Primary, secondary, poly) CCA friends from NPCC, guzheng, choir, chinese drama, eldds , leo, sign lang, comm serv, tennis, cheerleading! ^^
6) Personal thanks to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for their support and allow us to post on their page.
7) thanks to all our church fellowship for sharing and liking.
8) thanks to all my colleagues / ex-colleagues (SS,RCH,AR,CC)
9) thanks to the strong contestants that made me passive mode to active mode.
10) thanks all my blog readers and fans for encouraging me and liked me.
11) thanks MDW for organising this! Hurray! We can go for photoshoot! We are really looking forward to this because we are really tight and budgeted to take photo shoot with MDW. But their gown and photography skills so good. So i kept praying to win this so I can go for a photo shoot and get many pretty pretty pictures!
And thanks God for listening to my prayers.
And i apologize to my friends tat i disturb at 3am or 4am for all those “nightmare” and sleepless night.
P/s the night before the announce of result, i dreamt that someone got 1026 likes and i only got 1024 likes >.<||| *luckily dream is opposite of reality*

Will write more about this competition in my blog soon ^^ And thanks to sponsor for being so caring to give me time allowance due to this competition!

Thanks everybody thanks~

Hi everyone, first of all, thanks God for his blessing. After many sleepless nights working hard to send out individual fb msgs to friends & relatives,Gerlyn Ong and I would like to thanks the people here who have supported us all these while.

Specially thanks to Alvin Nathaniel, Edwin Loy and Lovaine Joseecar Candy for their consistent encouragements and efforts for asking their friends / colleagues and business clients to like our photos.

Also to specially thanks my company colleagues (so many of you from different subsidiaries), Primary and secondary school classmates, Ngee Ann Polytechnic CCAs such as NP Chinese Orchestra and NP Strings members, Keat Hong CO, True Grace Church fellowships, Hakka Methodist Church friends, 453 SAR army friends, Taiwan Lishe’s employees.

Not forgetting friends from my FB running and cycling groups, hiking groups, FZ16 riders group, CO friends from KL, hip hop and lindy hop dance groups and many others….

Also, I would like to thanks the organiser from My Dream Wedding for putting up this contest, and hope other contestants have good rewards and good rest tonight.

Finally, we can have a good rest and wish everyone a happy and blissful CNY !


Tadah.. This is all about the contest!! I am so glad to won this.. Because we got this through hard earn likes and not by lucky draw… Is like an effort has been done to win this…

Thanks everyone for liking us!!! <3
Anyway, we have also made a publicity video… So feel free to watch it

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