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10 Popular Wedding Songs that is actually UNSUITABLE for your Big Day (English & Chinese Wedding Songs)

Dear Readers,

So that day i was whatsapp-ing my BFF Margaret asking her which song did she picked for her 1st March-in and she reply me “Beautiful in White” so I was thinking, ahhh.. Tats a nice song.. Not bad.. But she havent got a clue for 2nd-march in song so I went to my “Wedding Song Playlist” in my youtube and thought to myself this..

“Hmm alot of ppl only think of which song is suitable and just use any common wedding song available but you all got actually look into the deeper meaning of the song? Is it really that suitable?”

So here I am to share my opinions on the song suitable to be on the “Wedding Song Playlist”!!

Actually when planning my own #CasperlynWedding Wedding Song Playlist, I already realise a few commonly used wedding songs aren’t really so suitable. Although I used one of them which I will mention below later on.

Below is the Top 10 Song which I think we brides and grooms shouldn’t really use them. I will give reasons too but mainly because of the lyrics.


Disclaimer: *This list is actually created solely by me, if there is any coincidence, it means not just me alone thinks that this song is not suitable! Then if you realise this song only Gerlyn Ong say is not suitable and you still wanna use, then go ahead lah.. Coz is your wedding mah.* So let me literate again, this list is created based on my personal opinion. You can beg to differ and I accept constructive comments if you really wanna “fight” or “defend” for the song. If I accept your reasoning or being convinced by you then I will take down the song from this blog. Otherwise, the song mentioned in this blog post are not suitable for weddings in my opinion.

Then hor, when I mention Popular Wedding Song it means I heard it on other people wedding or I know brides have been using this song. Obviously I dun give you the song which is already not used in wedding liao mah.. Like e.g “You give love a bad name” or “分手快乐” this 2 obviously people not using for wedding liao!

So if you are ready, let me start my list of “UNSUITABLE Wedding Song Playlist”

#1 A Thousand Years

I have died every day waiting for you
Read more: Christina Perri – A Thousand Years Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Erm… Seriously? Wedding day you die here die there? And the word “died” was mentioned at least 3 times!!! Seriously.. Not recommended..

I know you will say this is like love you for a thousand years but wedding day mai die here die there la.. Jus inauspicious!!! Choy Choy Choy!

#2 My Heart will go on

Obviously if you watched titanic you know that Jack and Rose in the end are not together because death did do them apart… And then Rose got married in the end.. But her heart still missing Jack.

Obviously this song is about missing an ex-lover whom you will never be together with! True?

You’re here, there’s nothing I fear
And I know that my heart will go on
We’ll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

Read more: Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On Lyrics | MetroLyrics

#3: Let It Go

Serious sia.. Got people use.. My friend de friend… But really la… Even the title ask you to Let it go let it go! Dont you use this song! I know if you used this song, your friend de kids, your niece all the little girls cfm love you alot and probably they will sing along during your march-in!! Oh.. Picture the beautiful and heart-warming moment… But.. still… The lyrics really cmi…

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care
what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway

Read more: Idina Menzel – Let It Go Lyrics | MetroLyrics

ya, next time quarrel what to do? TURN AWAY and SLAM the DOOR! Hopefully your 4room HDB flat has sound proofing ok? :P

#4: Marry You – Bruno Mars *I used the first verse and I am utterly wrong* But 2nd verse is worst!

This is the First Verse I used….

It’s a beautiful night ,
We’re looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I want to marry you

Read more: Bruno Mars – Marry You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

And the Second Verse is probably WORST!

If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool
No, I won’t blame you
It was fun girl

Read more: Bruno Mars – Marry You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Once again.. Seriously? You think this song is ok to be used?

I kinda regretted it.. But oh well… Too late for me!


#5 Thinking Out Loud

The whole song was ok… Really ok.. This song is actually given to me by a bride-to-be friend asking me to help her access the suitability.. Then i tell her is ok… Except only 1 word in the lyrics.

I’m thinking out loud
That maybe we found love right where we are

Oh maybe we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

Read more: Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud Lyrics | MetroLyrics

hmmm.. MAYBE ah… :P Maybe you know.. Call me maybe! Haizzz.. Uncertainties.. Not an big issue if you are ok with the Maybe. Maybe you are ok with the Maybe..

But Casper says, now that I pointed out this Maybe and Maybe people won’t use this song anymore!!!!


So now I am gonna introduce the 5 Unsuitable Chinese Wedding Songs.

#6 喜欢你 – Beyond or 邓紫棋 version

Is about losing your love ones commonly known as “EX” and hoping you can hold their hand or touch their face just like YESTERDAY! Dun believe? See my Canto Chinese to Singlish Translation!
再次泛起心里无数的思念 (Singlish: Once again, inside my heart super miss her)
已往片刻欢笑仍挂在脸上 (Last time de loving moments can still make me smile now)
愿你此刻可会知 是我衷心的说声 (I hope now you will know, the deepest thoughts in my heart.)

喜欢你 那双眼动人 笑声更迷人 (I like you, those memirising eyes, your laughters so irresitable)
愿再可 轻抚你 那可爱面容 (I hope i can touch your cute face again)
挽手说梦话 像昨天 你共我 (Hold your hands and talk in our dreams, just like yesterday.. YOU AND ME!)


Goodness… Now tell me can you still use this song????? NOOOOO~~

#7 珊瑚海 – 周杰伦

This song is about a not fated and not meant to be together song! But why still many people use this for wedding?!

Let me translate it….

合:转身离开 (你有话说不出来) 分手说不出来 (Singlish: Turn to back, wanna break up cannot say out)
合:海鸟跟鱼相爱 只是一场意外 (Bird and fish in love, is jus an accident)
合:我们的爱 (给的爱) 差异一直存在 (回不来) (Our love, difference is always there…)
合:风中尘埃 (等待)竟累积成伤害 (Wind and dust accumulate become hurting)

合:当初彼此(妳我都) 不够成熟坦白 (不应该) (Last time, we both not matured enough and not frank, we shouldn’t)
合:热情不在 (你的)笑容勉强不来 (Passion no long around, smiles cannot be forced)
合:爱深埋珊瑚海 (love bury deep into the deep coral sea…)


Obviously this is a POTENTIAL BREAK UP SONG!!!!!

#8 男人女人 – (許茹芸&阿穆隆) I sang it with Casper after our Malaysia Wedding Banquet coz there is KTV system so after the guest left, we sang… Horrible mistake…

Time for translation again…

許:男人男人 多希望你是好人 (Singlish: Man ah Man, how i wish you are a good guy!)
多希望用你的真 讓我不必再心疼 (how i wish you can use your true heart so I wont heartache again)

穆:女人女人 我答應做個好人 (Woman ah Woman, I promise to be a good guy!)
我答應用我一生 來換你的快樂一生 ( I promise you my whole life to exchange your happiness for whole life)



合:多麼希望你是對的人 ( How i wish you are the correct person!)


I wish I may.. I wish I might…. Well… Apparently this is just what you wish!

#9 我愿意 aka 我愿意为你 – 王菲

This is a unrequited love.. is 单恋!

if you watched 单身男女2 you should know 吴彦祖(方启宏) 的 background music is this and in the end he lost his fiancee 高圆圆(程子欣) to 古天乐(张申然)。

So is a battle 我愿意 and 爱很简单 by 陶喆!I cried sia.. when Daniel Wu sang 我愿意!in the end leh… Part One Daniel Wu won the lady hand.. But Part Two.. Haizzzzz… Go watch it yourself!!!


願意為你 我願意為你 我願意為你 忘記我姓名 (Singlish: I am willing for you, I am willing for you, I am willing for you, even to forget my own name..)
就算多一秒停留在你懷裡 失去世界也不可惜 (even for 1 more second to hug you, I am willing to lose the world with no regrets)
我願意為你 我願意為你 我願意為你 被放逐天際 (I am willing for you, I am willing for you, I am willing for you, kena throw till dunno where)
只要你真心 拿愛與我回應 什麼都願意 什麼都願意 為你 (as long as you are true to me, use your love to reply me… I anything also willing , anything also willing for you.)

歌词来源: https://mojim.com/twy100019x56x21.htm

Sounds romantic la.. But stupiak la.. Stupiak = Stupid + Piak (slap) .. Really mah.. Why do until liddat like begging for his/her love…

#10 很爱很爱你

waaaa this song obviously cannot use at all!!!! It’s title is very love very love you.. But the lyrics ah… CMI!!!

我想她的确是 更适合你的女子 我太不够温柔优雅成熟懂事 (Singlish: I think she is indeed a more suitable girl for you… I am not gentle enough, elegant, mature and understanding.)
如果我 退回到 好朋友的位置 你也就 不再需要为难成这样子 (If i go back being your good friend position, then you wont have to be in a tough spot.)

很爱很爱你 所以愿意 舍得让你 往更多幸福的地方飞去 (very very love you, so i am willing, bear to let you, fly to a place with more happiness)
很爱很爱你 只有让你 拥有爱情 我才安心 (very very love you, only can let you, obtain love, then i can have a peace of mind.)

看着她走向你 那幅画面多美丽 如果我会哭泣也是因为欢喜 (look at her walking towards you, that image so pretty… Even if i cried is because i happy.)
地球上 两个人 能相遇不容易 作不成你的情人我仍感激 (this earth, two person can meet is very not easy.. although cant be your lover i am still thankful)

歌词来源: http://mojim.com/cny100158x21x3.htm

This song is like pushing the guy to another girl lo.. And still mus bless them?! Seriously?

Please don’t use this song jus because the melody is nice or because they repeat “很爱很爱你“ for at least 10 times!!! You mus read the lyrics!!!!

my personal reviews

Ok… So after this post you might say I am a little too over sensitive or even nit-picking the lyrics but well… is your big day. Once in a lifetime. You wouldn’t want a song to ruin that precious moment right? Don’t underestimate the power of a song especially its lyrics. Hahahhahaa! Everytime ah, when people want to choose wedding song, event songs, or even songs for their montage, usually they will ask me.. Coz I really read the lyrics… So for those we need help and wanted to hear my advice, you can email me gerzworld@gmail.com. I will definitely reply you if I see your email.

Send me your song name + singer name and I will help you see if your song is suitable. LOLOLS!

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