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Ger’z Shares: FACE SG Indoor Family Photoshoot Review

Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Care *Advertorial*
Hello Readers!
If you guys know, Ger’z Family have been invited for a photoshoot with Face SG. Woohoo! This is such an awesome gift especially my Grandparents actually flew over to SG from Australia for my Casperlyn Wedding. So this gift from Face SG is so timely.
This is their studio. It is somewhere near KK Hospital and Rex Cinema.
So today I will be sharing some of the behind the scenes photos and offers to you all!
So keep on reading!!

Let me give a slight introduce to the package we have been offered.

If you quote “Ger’z World or A000522″ you get additional 5 photos FREE for every package signed up!

So remember to mention this to them when you have your packaged signed up!

Services that applies to Gerlyn: 
1) Family Shoot (DONE!)
2) Pregnancy Shoot (Upcoming in Late 2015)
3) Newborn Shoot (Upcoming in Early 2016)

I will be having my pregnancy shoot & newborn shoot with Face SG next year when I am pregnant so hopefully by then I am lucky enough to get sponsorship again! Haha! Even with no sponsorship both Casper and I agreed on engaging them as they are quite professional and their pregnancy photos are pretty creative and awesome. But if you guys have other suggested photographers, I don’t mind doing a second or third too. As you guys know, we did have 5 pre-wedding photoshoot done in both SG & Taiwan.


They have 2 changing room with Long Mirrors Attached and also a horizontal mirror for the ladies to make up and also to do up their hairdo.

They do not provide Make up and hairdo so it is preferred that you could do some simple make up before your shoot.

Bad at posing? Fret not! They have professionals that teach you basic posing like how to position your legs to make them look longer.

This is a behind the scene VS actual shot.

This is the Ladies in our family.

Keslyn and I acting cute!

Not sure if we photobombed my grandparents shoot or they actually photobombed us instead!

I love stepping on SOFAs and it made all of us look so close and cozy as a family.

This is how the actual product looks like.

Initially I did not have high hopes on white background but to my amaze, the photos turn out pretty awesome.

This is the drum set for kiddos to use as props and Keslyn was in love with this drum and wanted to use them too. Surprisingly, it turn out quite pretty too!

They also did up photo collages for us too. You can choose to take the collage they designed if you like them. Just note that the collage is not counted as 1 photo but it is counted using the number of individual photos used to form the collage. So the above one is 4 photos as per said.

This collage consist of how many photos then? Yup! You’re right, it’s 3 photos!
P/s Casper did the “I think” jumpshot in just one take! So kudos to the photographer!

Before I end my post, I would like to Thank my Grandparents for joining us for this wonderful photoshoot.

Dearest Grandpa Tony & Grandma Alice, Thanks for being so spontaneous and agreeing to this shoot.

I will also like to Thank Face SG!
You can check out their facebook page for more photos and samples.
Quote: “Ger’z World or A000522″ for additional 5 photos FREE for every package signed up!

So remember to mention this to them when you have your packaged signed up!

You can also check out my facebook album for more photos too https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.628616100525843.1073741838.614326848621435&type=1&l=8e727c1206

It’s time for a review!

Price: 10/10 Extremely Reasonable it is less than a $1000 for a package which is very much cheaper than those photo studio and only $15 for additional photos

Package Value: 6/10 They only give one frame which is not enough for us because we have 3 household to place the frame. We also have to incur additional cost if we wants an album. But they gave us 20 photos which is quite sufficient too. So we top up about $840 for additional 2 8×8 frame and also some photos.

Service: 10/10 Their service is excellent. My Grandpa can actually chat with them in Cantonese and they are super friendly. They make us felt as if we were at home. The whole shoot was so easy going and fun to begin with.

Environment: 10/10 they have so many props for us to use and play with like the huge geeky specs and also the drum set. They also have realistic background for us to play with like the long stairway and also the bookshelf which made the photoshoot such a formal yet fun one.

Additional Info:
Our Photographer: Jessica
It’s a wonderful experience working with our photographer Jessica. She make family photoshoot a hassle free & easy going one.

Tip & Reminder:

  • Do not bring valuables there as there is no place or lockers for you to keep them. My mom & grandma actually carried their handbag with them throughout the shoot. 
  • Do some simple make up & hairdo at home before coming as you wont have enough time and powerpoint to do so at the make up room
  • Do not drink water after 9pm because Gerlyn thinks it will cause water retention.
  • Do bring along a set of formal clothes & casual clothes for the photoshoot. 
  • Sleep well the night before! 


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