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My Dream Wedding – Meant to be Contest! SpokesCoupleWannaBe

Hello Readers, 
This is a post highly request by my god-bro, Edwin.. He wanted to know the service standard of My Dream Wedding – SG. 

So lets get started! 

So recently in november, me & casper join this contest!! :) Woohoo!!

We would really wanna be their spokes couple and get that free wedding package.. haha!

1800-kiasu-couple <— yup us! :P So one fine day, they called me first and told me to go for an interview!! WOW! :) And after 30mins, they called Casper to go for the interview too…

sianzz.. it is all couple will get shortlisted and go for an interview instead of the selected ones? *disapointed* But we are wrong, Casper got selected because his story was AWESOME TOO!

Later at the end of the post, i will share our memorable story… 

So we used our GPS to located My Dream Wedding (MDW) @ 33 Tras Street #01-01.. And finally we are here… :) As we stepped inside, it really look like a home.. got that homely feeling… so we took off our shoes and change into comfy slippers :) 

They also have a chair for you to sit and change too… very thoughtful of the shop owner…

And they have a good list of accessories!!!

Opps no Photography but cant help to take a photo of Willpower “Gilbert” and Yoyo from the Ron’s Police show!! :P haha! Cant believe MDW got all my favorite HK stars to endorse!! Cool sia! I wonder if i become spoke couple, will i get to meet the HK stars!! :’) WOOHOOO~!!

So the one in Yellow is a taiwan girl.. I am sorry i forgot your name.. So i will call u taiwan girl.. Paiseh paiseh..

We also saw other couples choosing photos too.. Wow.. How i hope can win their package and choose photos their with Casper.. But too bad.. we are too poor to sign up a package with MDW le.. So we really hope to win!!!!

See a very pretty bride!! :) And a MUA (Make up artist) initially i tot we will get to make up so i went there with BARE FACE!!! :'( #nomakeup But i was wrong.. But luckily, I am having a good face day and good hair day!! HENG AH!

How can we forget a SELFIE? haha… Even Rachel, their PR / Marketing Executive also say we are a SELFIE couple :)

Another selfie :P muahaha!

Tadah! I have changed into a very pretty gown.. Waaaa their gown anyhow choose also super pretty one! :) P/s, look at my necklace.. is casper got for me for my 21st!


Chio hor??

Erm… kena photobomb by casper liao la!!

My signature post… “TWIST”

So taiwan girl service super good.. helping wenxi to wear his clothes properly! haha.. while his wife at there taking selfies :P oopss..

So they have a chair there.. What is it for? For husband to sit la!!! U know the wife keep changing and changing and husband will sit there and give opinion lo… Shiok hor??

You see, they use Swarovski Crystal to make their gown sia… Waaaaa… *envy* I want! I want!

They also have this VIP collection but only available for Actual Day!

Dream Wedding… My dream sia… *if i can win…. *

Casper making faces at me…

Looking normal liao…

And Taiwan Girl was so nice.. She offered to help us take a photo.. And she choose a nice Background.. And u know what? She is also a photographer!! haha.. She so talented and capable and can multi-task…

Another shot from the high angle… :) Really love their gown sia… never make me look like *bak zhang* Means dumpling….

An selfie with the pretty suit and gown before we have to return them!!! :'( She bu de…

Woo hoo.. Another shot taken by Taiwan Girl…

And ask her if i can wear a tiara!! haha.. And she help me wear one…. :’) So happy!!!

See my dress….. like put smoke machine hor…? Like fairy / princess right? I like sia..
“Can tabao go home anot uh?” hahahah!

Our signature pose…. <3 Forever…..

A selfie with the mirror!

Another selfie with the mirror again!!! You see their mirror also very pretty hor?

So afterwhich, Rachel gave us our photos took using their Professional DSLR.. haha.. Not taken using Ip5s la.. :P And u see, THE FRAME SO PRETTYYYYYY~~!! Rachel said, their photographer and marketing team actually go 定做 means purposely make this for this MEANT TO BE CONTEST!!! Wasei.. Super got heart lo.. 有心!

Tadah, I also use Princess Cam to decorate a little la :P haha!!

Chio right? My editing skills not bad hor?

This is done using Insta Text… You can use instagram to search for our hashtag #casperlynwedding and you can find quite alot of pictures!! :)

So we also ask people on Instagram to help us like this photo too… *that time only 38 likes*

Side track abit… Can you all tell me which dress is the prettiest? :P hehe…

I am really grateful to My Dream Wedding for having this competition.. I never regret joining and I really hope we can win this.. * DIE DIE MUST WIN! * 

In 2013, I am really happy that I get to wear a white gown… 一身中只有一次….. Once in a lifetime… There is no second chance… 


As promised, this is our story…

Name: Gerlyn Ong

Partner Name: Casper Kat
Wedding Date: 22-March-2014
Story: We know each other through work. I was doing my internship and he is an Student Officer. We are not suppose to date but we still go against all odds to be together. Even though we have a 12 years age gap but when we are together, there is no barrier.

In August, he proposed to me at the most romantic place in Singapore, Sentosa in front of all my family and friends with my favourite balloons and he played the cello for me. Playing to my favourite tune, “I swear… By the moon and the sun and the stars…”

And I will be Mrs Kat in March,22nd 2014.

Name: Boon Hee Kat
Partner Name: Gerlyn Ong
Wedding Date: 22/03/2014
Story: A BREAKDOWN for a Budget Church Wedding Photoshoot
Wedding Gown From Malaysia: $90
Blazer from Malaysia: $62
Photographer Angbao: $50
Make up artist Angbao: $70
DIY Props: $10
Dinner and lunch treat to all helpers: $150
A smile from my beloved Princess: Priceless!

So it is a REVIEW TIME~!! * you must be thinking, free one also wanna review? * uhhh… of course la… Free one but no good also not happy mah.. Free one also mus have QUALITY then i can ask u all to sign up what! Correct? Tio boh? 

Quality of Service: 10/10 <—- We are not a paying customer but Rachel and Taiwan girl explained their package to us and being so nice and help us choose gown and suit.. :’) And help us take photo using my iphone.. they can choose to heck care us because we got no money leis! But they still service us and no hard selling…

Variety of gown: 9/10 <—- super alot of design but hor.. the pattern all the similar leis… u browse thru all the contestant, all is bust-fit design one.. hmm … no Hoga or long sleeves… hmm if there is then it would be better because not all brides like bust-fit.. But i am a bust fit bride.. haha!!! 

Quality of Gown: 10/10 <—- Awesome quality.. they use real gems from swarovski really win liao lo! They dont use those 歌台珠片 those sequins that will have “chiak chiak” feeling.. like spikey feeling to your skin… p/s note to take, if your gown have this feeling, dont take hor! If not you will regret.. wearing it whole day and the chiak chiak feeling will follow u… how to look happy and blissful? right??? 

Package deal price: 7/10 <—- Consider those expensive and highend ones.. maybe cheaper than CangAi and Chris Ling ones… But still high range because of their quality bah… But it is worth it!!! 

Anyway way, thanks to Uncle Alvin, we got a “sample pricelist of their package” it will defer and all that ok? Price are not fixed and is only for REFERENCE! 

  • Conversation started Monday
  • Alvin Ng Lok Hian
    Alvin Ng Lok Hian

    Enquiry on package
    Dear My dream wedding,
    My friend Gerlyn Ong a contestant for your competition introduce me to your studio. Can you email me your package details to *alvin’s email address*? Thanks!
  • My Dream Wedding - SG
    My Dream Wedding – SG

    Dear Alvin,
    Nice to heard it from you. can i know when is your wedding?if for right now, we are doing an promotion:
    Our photo shooting package included: -3 out door location in singapore -33 Softcopy -10X14 Crystal cover album (33 photo inside,same with the soft copy) -5X7 Table top -8X10 Table Top -20X24 canvas photo -3 Gowns for Photo shoot -2 set Groom tux for Photo shoot -All accessories for photo shoot -Make up and 3 hairdo for photo shoot -Make up artist follow out during the photo shooting -Transportation and driver is included
    Price are $2388+GST
    If you need actual day gown rental service, have to top up $1000+GST
    -1 gown for AD -1 Evening Gown for AD -1 set groom tux -Make up & hairdo For day n night -flower -car deco
    Regards Alex My Dream Wedding

So ya, this is their pricelist and hope you all can make an informed choice before choosing a right package… Hope my review did help you all to see if My Dream Wedding is good for you all! 

Below is their website and contact information.

Just click on this picture and you can go into their website le… :) 

Before we end this post….. We need your help!!!

Please help me LIKE this photo. Thanks in advance!

Have a merry xmas and a happy new year!! 

Love, CASPERlyn <3 



  1. Hi was called in for the interview too.. took photos and all but i find them super hardsell, rejected them many times and dragged on like almost 1//2hr. i agree that they have wide variety of gowns. but the quality is not there. the one i wore got the sequins feeling and very uncomfortable and heavy. the price wise, to my personal opinion, i find it too high.

    oh yah.. when i keep rejecting them and in they end they just gave me a super black face. i was lucky i rented my gown from elsewhere.

    just my opinion thoughts.

    P/S: the frame was bought from daiso and not so called made for this event. (look at the box)

    1. Hi Mavia, Thanks for reading my blog :) Maybe i was lucky to meet Rachel Yip, the PR & Marketing Executive there. For my case, she patiently explained the package I would get if I win the contest and she did not sell me any package. *maybe because she know we did not have any spending power.* I have been to other bridal studio that hardsell until very jialat and pester you to put down $50 deposit. But they never hardsell me at all but I did saw how much the package were worth if we were to win the contest. About $2k. As for the gown I saw and I wore, are of good quality and so thats why i gave them high point on that. Price wise, I think all bridal studio is around $2k to $3k for a basic package but I admit that their photos / per piece is $80 and for other studios are only $60-$70 (with editing) (consider much higher if you take alot of photos). I am lucky that in the end, Rachel they all never give me black face and walked me out to the door. Thanks God! As for the frame, whether where is it bought or specially design for the contestant, I think they are very nice to print the photos out and frame it for us. I mean, they dont have to do that yeah? I am glad you manage to rent a gown of your favourite. I was lucky to get mine at a very cheap price @ malaysia. But mine is very simple thou.

      And really thanks alot for commenting. You make my dead blog alive! :)

      Anyway, Congrats to you and your future husband :)

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