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Tips for your PRE-Wedding Photoshoot :) *Timeline Version & Emergency Kit*

Hello Ger’z World Readers!


These are some tips in preparation for your upcoming photoshoot!! Feel free to add in more pointers in the comments section below!! :D You can also share on FB/Twitter too.. 


This list is not die-die must follow.. It just my experience and consolidated by my couples and other Bride to be etc etc. Not entirely my ideas. But put on my blog since alot of my couples have been asking, “Gerlyn, can send me your tips? Gerlyn, what to bring for PS?”
So here you go~! This is my 武林秘籍~!

Below tips are consolidate by alot of different bride to be.

Last edited done by Me, Gerlyn ^_^ on 29 June 2014

So here is the timeline version~!

1year to 6months before photoshoot

  • Check out bridal magazine to see which bridal shop fits you best.
  • See their gown / photography style / photographer skills before signing! *WARNED*
  • Ask for opinions from experienced brides. Feel free to ask me. I have like done 7 photoshoots in total. *not showing off but sharing my experience with you all.*
  • See a few bridal shop before signing, see what they offer eg. No. of gown provided, mother’s gown/father’s jacket. etc.
  • NEVER RUSH INTO DECISION~! Take a deep breath and think… What’s your budget? What you need?

Why we did 7 photoshoot? hmmm.. First one we did was disasterous! So we did 2nd , 3rd , 4th , sponsors came in and etc etc… so we end up with 7th.

2-3 months before photoshoot

  • Research on photoshoot gowns (e.g. the cut, colour and length)
  • Select your gowns / book your designers if you have MTM (made to measure) gown
  • Start going for regular facials (exfoliating not recommended or if you tend to break out, also don’t go facial. Apply mask @ home will do)
  • Start exercising / set up an exercise regime (1-2 times a week) Swimming not recommended.
  • Make a manicure appointment if you intend to go with a popular manicurist (Highly recommend Mynte Fingers!)
  • Dye your hair and test out on colours, make mistakes now and you can change it a month later.
  • Apply permits or book locations. Eg. USS!!! Ask me more because I went USS for bridal shoot. NParks also need permits. Airport no need book but you must act-smart la!


2-3 weeks before photoshoot

  • Touch up on roots and cut your hair and do a colour treatment (Do not rebond!)
  • Start research on preferable hairstyling and makeup (keep in on your handphone and show MUA on AD)
  • Keep a folder on desired photoshoot ideas (Communicate with PG if possible and let him know what style you want)
  • Go for a facial (don’t do it a week before cos you’ll want the redness to set down)
  • Do masks daily (to prolong the stay of your make-up) (Hydrating Mask recommended)
  • Keep up with your exercise regime (2-3 times a week) (Avoid activities that can cause sunburnt)
  • Ask if a close friend / sibling can be your helper on the photoshoot day (Ask Bridal shop if it’s allowed first!)


1 week before photoshoot

  • Continue doing masks daily (Hydrating / Whitening ones / or sliced cucumbers )
  • Prepare your emergency kit (you can double it up for use on wedding day too!)
  • Persevere on with your exercise regime (2-3 times a week)


2-3 days before photoshoot

  • Gown fitting (if possible, request to meet your PG and MUA on the same day to discuss your preferred style)
  • Have a trial make up! *usually no need to pay unless your’s is a Freelancer*
  • Have a gel mani-pedi cure (it really lasts and doesn’t chip even under harsh use) *avoid red and make sure your ring finger dont have a tall 3D attached if not later your ring cannot go through)
  • Remember to do your daily masks
  • Refrain from drinking water 1 hour before sleep to prevent puffiness of eye (water retention)
  • Shave your unwanted hairs (Do not touch your eyebrows later if anything happen, i cannot help you liao.)


1 day before photoshoot

  • Do NOT condition your hair (conditioners are made of oils, so it’s difficult to style it later on)
  • Abstain from water 1 hour before sleep
  • Sleep early especially since you’ll be pretty excited
  • Do your facial mask!
  • Check that your emergency kit is ready
  • Relax and don’t exercise (if not your muscle will cramp)


Photoshoot Day!!

  • Bring along ampuoles / eyelash extensions if you have your own (I recommend to take from MUA)
  • Remind your PG of your preferred poses
  • Remember to bring along your emergency kit.
  • Wash your make-up immediately after photoshoot
  • Wash your hair with conditioner first before shampoo. (Conditioner helps to dissolve the hairspray and makes washing a whole lot easier)

 I will say is better to use mua ampoule because mus let them earn abit becos ur face is in their hands. But falsies can use own one.

How to Cut Down On Selecting Unnecessary Shots

  1. Refrain from doing running / movement shots cos such pictures require continuity and you’ll end up buying 3-5 pictures to show the story.
  2. When selecting your photos, be aware that for 5-pictures layout, some of the pictures may not be as nice. Find out from your studio if they can exchange the shots for nicer ones.
  3. Settle for 3 gowns instead of 4 gowns for pre-wedding photoshoot if you intend to bring your own casuals. You’ll find that you’ll be less tired and you won’t be tempted to purchase repetitive poses in formal gowns.


Pre-wedding Photoshoot Emergency Kit

Here’s a list of items which will come in useful during your pre-wedding photoshoot. Please note that the list is not exhaustive so feel free to extend it! :)

  1. Big water bottle with straw: You will feel very dehydrated especially in the outdoor shoot so remember to drink a lot during the wedding shoot!
  2. Eye drops: For those with dry eyes. Check with your MUA if your make-up will smudge.
  3. Comfortable flip-flops: With the long gowns, your heels are usually hidden so you can pose in flip-flops for some shots.
  4. AD Heels: Bring along your AD heels just to see if it is comfortable for long-day wear. (Trying breaking into your heels to season them) Anyway I will recommend to bring 2 heels in-case one broke which mine broke last June at Marina Barage during jump shots.
  5. Band-aids: In case your AD heels give you a bad blister.
  6. Stockings: For hygiene purpose especially if you intend to wear your AD heels on actual day.
  7. Perfume or body spray: Smell nice and you’ll feel great! *Make sure it does not stain your gown*
  8. 2-3 packets of tissue Paper: Don’t want your glistening perspiration to mess up with your make-up! Wet wipes aren’t recommended since they may smudge your makeup but you can bring along to cool your arms. :)
  9. Portable fan: Sweltering heat = perspiration overload =melting makeup = discomfort = unhappy models
  10. Umbrella: In case of rain or weathers get too hot.
  11. Pictures of your ideal poses: You can show to your PG while on the way to your outdoor location
  12. Props (E.g. giant crystal ring, bunting, plushies, save the date etc.)
  13. Rings  (Proposal Ring, Wedding Rings, Wedding pillow/bear)
  14. Sweets and small snacks: In case you get hungry along the way and there’s no place which serves food.
  15. Panadol: In case anyone feel unwell.
  16. Make-up remover and cotton pads: You’ll want to wash off the cake of makeup on your face the moment you return to the studio.
  17. Safety pins: Just in case something comes off.
  18. Sewing Kit: You never know when your hubby pants go…….. *piak*
  19. NuBra: You need them in case u zaogeng!
  20. White Underwear: For the mens in White Suits!
  21. Black & White Socks (1 each): Make sure they are long enough, you don’t wanna see hair legs in your album.
  22. Black Leather Shoes: Need to bring one black leather shoe but white leather shoe usually Bridal shop will provide
  23. Black Pants & Belt: If forget also nvm actually.
  24. Fanciful shirt for Men: Depends on you if you find Bridal shop too boring?
  25. Open Button Blouse for Ladies: Must wear so after you make up, you no need mess up your hair.
  26. Anti- Mosquito Oil / Sunblock (Depends on you) 
  27. Bring all the receipts and permits etc: Remember to bring or keep those transaction email in your hp.

Remember this is just a guide! Not compulsory to bring all mentioned above.

Aiya, anything just ask me again la…


Just stay happy & 保持愉快的心情 for your photoshoot~! ENJOY~!!!

P/s for guys if you got any question too paiseh to ask me, can ask Casper(my hubby) instead. Email him @ : )

Hope it helps~! BYEEEE~!!


To be updated when I think of new things :) Do also comment below if you wanna contribute to this list!


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