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    My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Wedding Photoshoot Feat. Mynte Fingers Bridal Nails (Updated regarding Photoshoot at Pasarbella)

    Hello Readers~!  This is our last and FINAL updates on our….  My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Wedding Photoshoot Feat. Mynte Fingers Bridal Nails! As most of my faithful readers would have known, Mynte Fingers is my Official Nail Sponsor for Casperlyn Wedding. Mynt have been helping me with all my nails, from Hen’s Party, Wedding Day and Wedding Photoshoot. Thanks to Mynt for the wonderful experience in making Bridal Nails for Bride-to-be a hassle-free process. Now is time to soak off my wedding day nails. Let’s scrub off the Manicure designs we did previously. Time to paint the top coat.  Time for the SUPER FAST LED Light Machine. p/s Do not…

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    Pre-wedding Photoshoot done at USS (Review for Lush Colours Photography) Gown Proudly Sponsored by Dolce2Dolce

    Hello Readers~! I am very glad to tell you guys this… I HAVE FINALLY FUFILLED MY DREAM WEDDING Photoshoot destination! Since Feb 2013, I have been always wanted to go Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa for Pre-wedding photoshoot. However….. 1) Budget constraint : We have to save up for banquet and church wedding so going to uss for pre-wedding seems impossible. Why? Going to uss for 2hrs, you need to pay for their VIP tours which cost $388 / 2 hrs. Additional hrs @ $75. A pre-wedding shoot with bridal shop is usually about 6-7hrs and spending 2hrs here and I am only entitled to 20photos abit bohua(not worth it) right? So now, let…

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    Tips for your PRE-Wedding Photoshoot :) *Timeline Version & Emergency Kit*

    Hello Ger’z World Readers! These are some tips in preparation for your upcoming photoshoot!! Feel free to add in more pointers in the comments section below!! :D You can also share on FB/Twitter too..  Disclaimer: This list is not die-die must follow.. It just my experience and consolidated by my couples and other Bride to be etc etc. Not entirely my ideas. But put on my blog since alot of my couples have been asking, “Gerlyn, can send me your tips? Gerlyn, what to bring for PS?” So here you go~! This is my 武林秘籍~! Below tips are consolidate by alot of different bride to be. Last edited done by…

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    Tips for Overseas Wedding Photoshoot (Taiwan, Taipei) (Always Updating) Updated 3.Nov.15

        Hello Readers,    This is a post / FAQ / sharing session on Lishe Wedding Photography.   Visit this url to find out about my Taiwan Wedding Photography Experience. http://gerzworld.com/?p=70   This is a conversation between me (gerlyn) , wenxi and gerzworld’s Readers De Jun & his wife to be, Wei Ting.   I am sharing this with their permission and the reason I am sharing is because they asked really good questions!    The tips we shared below are useful if you are opting for Overseas Wedding Photoshoot. Personally, I recommend Lishe (Taiwan) for their great service standard. You can quote my name to them when booking…

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    Ger’z Shares: Wedding Bridal Nails by Mynte Fingers

    Hello Readers! Today I am gonna share with you my Casperlyn Wedding Bridal Nails done by Mynte Fingers! So glad that Mynt is willing to sponsor me my nails and doing it for me during her birthday week. I am so excited about doing bridal nails because the wedding day is very important and there is so many bridal nails designs out there. For those that have overspent on their wedding budget, Mynte Fingers will definitely be a great choice. She provides affordable gelish nail and her service is really awesome.   The ever thoughtful Mynt laid down a towel to soak-off and remove the previous nail-art design I have…

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    My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Wedding Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

    Hello Readers~! I am so glad to be sharing with you today about my shoot with My Dream Wedding! You all would be interested with the names of people who made this all possible. So let me made you read below to see the awesome people behind this. First to introduce is the CASPERLYN. The bride and the groom which is the spokescouple is obviously the most important person. Anyway just joking we are not that ego afterall. Honey! Look, you are on makeup! This is taken in the morning without any single trace of make up. We reported at about 10am in the morning which is so late! This…

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    My Dream Wedding SpokesCouple: Gown Selection & Dress Fitting

    Dear Readers, Hello! Hopefully your good friday weekend has been treating you good. I am very honoured to share with you about my trip to My Dream Wedding Outlet @ Tuas Street.  For those that are quite new to my blog, you can check out my older post about this contest we have won in January. http://gerzworld.com/search/label/Spokescouple We have won the title of spokescouple by having the most number of likes on our wedding photo.  So during March which is our wedding month, Alex from My Dream Wedding called us to go down for a communication with the photographer session and also a gown selection process.  I was very looking forward to…

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    Casperlyn Church Wedding Programme

    Dear Guest, Below is our programme sheet to our church wedding.  Hope you can join in & celebrate this joyous moment with us.  Here is also another URL done by our friend Stan.  http://www.happily.com.sg/casperlyn/wedding.html You can view our wedding photos here. Did I mention? Our proposal photos is there too!  Have an awesome day at our wedding & not to forget to take a picture with the beautiful bride :)Leave a well wishes below if you want to ^^ Thanks for attending CasperLyn Wedding :D

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    Church Wedding Photoshoot (DIY) – Review for Freelance Makeup Artist Meiling

    Hello Readers, As a promise to Meiling, i will write a review for her.. :)  Lets show some picture while i share… And if u wanna engage her as ur MUA(make up artist), feel free to get her contacts from me via email (gerlyn_wqh@hotmail.com) For this post, I will mention 3 of my favourite Make Up artist.1) Meiling – Freelancer (doing it for passion)2) Joyce – MUA from Taiwan Photoshoot Lishe. Read up her post her : http://gerzworld.com/?p=703) Fanny – Freelance MUA engaged via my singapore bridal studio (highly recommended by me!) I have all their contacts so you can just email me if you want to engage any of them.…

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    Church Wedding Photoshoot (DO-IT-YOURSELF) – Behind the CURTAINS :)

    Hello readers … this is a fun fun fun post.. so ya, is about the fun we had at the photoshoot organise by me & wenxi :) So.. Let me introduce to you my CREW~! :)  First we have… Yang Hui :) My dearest kiko dearrrrr… :) She is the camera assistant and sometimes helping to take some photos here and there… :) She is great… She have lots of good ideas too :)I dunno what to say, but she know i love her alot.. ^^  This is my dearest Sa Meimei :) <3 Love her alot too :) Too bad kelin cant be around.. Anyway, she is a gifted…