Class 95 FM – #BackToClassParty ♫ I wish that I could be like a Cool Kids♫

Hello Readers! 

I am very glad to be invited to Class 95FM EXCLUSIVE Back To Class Party!!! 

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Actually this exclusive PARTY is to thank YOU for listening and loving Class 95 and keeping Class 95FM your number 1 English Radio Station in Singapore.

And since it is called BACK TO CLASS!!! You must come in your school uniform!! And this party allow you to enjoy FREE-FLOW of Corona SG beer, soft drinks and finger food for 2 hours! You could also win up to $5,000 worth of prizes during their hourly lucky draw contest!! 

OOTD : Outfit of the day! So I actually wore my uniform inside my HKDisneyland hoodie and a pair of my red converse sneakers! This converse shoe is my favourite and I actually went back to my Mum’s place to get it back! <3 I also brought along my lenses-less pair of Hello Kitty specs to give me the NERDY look! How do i look? 00002

Let’s see how the boys dressed! 


Casper OOTD : ACS Uniform with Tie 

So normal… >.<

Look at me, I am such a professional uniform cosplayer! 


I still carried my props around! Which is my Red School bag!

Many times Eric and Casper offered to leave it with them or in the car but i said



But we still went to the carpark to unload the goodie bags coz they are too BIG! 

I mean, the goodie bag BIG is good la! But carry around and party berry berry LEH CHEY~! 

So put inside car lo!

Some of the poses we made while we were waiting for my Dad’s Arrival! 


Some ah beng and ah lian quatting at the roadside! 00008

We quit waiting for my Dad coz he is really very late so we went back to CHIJMES !

While eating happily, my favourite DJ Glenn Ong actually called me to help him take a photo with another Loyal Listener of Class 95FM.

After I helped him, he said he found me familiar! 

P/s: Click here to check out how I first Met Glenn -> http://gerzworld.com/class-95-gives-you-a-better-life/

So actually Glenn recognise me and he said it’s been so long I last attended their party! Actually not very long coz I did attend the last private party in late 2013 therefore is jus a year only! lolololols!!  00011

Anyway it’s time for selfie!! And the bonus is that Glenn called Jean to join in too! 00012

More selfies~!

Individual selfies with the DJs of Morning Express Glenn & Joe~! 00014

Selfie taken with Yazzy & Jean! ^.^00015

So finally Dad arrived! And he chat with Jean~! Coz previously Dad get to know Jean in Tiffany! lols~ 

Not so QIAO actually coz Dad know a lot of celebrity la! Like Felicia Chin and Celest Chong too! 00016

That night was a super hot night and Jean was wearing this very pretty Japanese style school uniform with a blazer! 

She mus be feeling very warm!

This is our OOTD! ^.^00018

Opening of the Party: So the DeeJays of Class 95 mentioned that how they would sound if all 6 of them host a show together at the same time!

I guess it would be very fun and entertaining! But the DJs tot it would be too messy and confusing!
00019 Any party can’t be completed without a photobooth! 

The official photobooth in this party is Oh Snap Production00022

All we need to do is to Like their FB Page and we can take more photos at the booth! 

The official drinks at the event was Corona SG beer00025

And to get their free beer to drink, all you need to do is to LIKE their FB page too! 00026

You can see that we really enjoyed their beer a lot! 00027

We also took a lot of photos! And we looked like PAI KIAH~! 

Wearing School Uniform and Drinking Beer! LOLS~!

The guys also wanna be Pai Kiahs too! 


Finally the highlight of the event!!!

LUCKY DRAW~!! 00030

Mr Casper Kat aka the forever lucky guy WON THE DRAW!! 

It consists of $200 shopping vouchers from various malls.

Casper is so lucky!!
00031 00032

Next i was interview by Jeremy Ratnam the host for Class 95 Best 5 in Weekdays Afternoon! 00033

So I actually picked my favourite song, Blank Space from Taylor Swift! 


The crews from Class 95FM took a group photo on the stage and this marks the end of the party too! 00035

Well~ All good things come to an end. 00036

But the night is still YOUNG for us!!! So we filmed 3 Ger’z World Videos! 


To view all the videos : Click here -> https://www.facebook.com/gerzworld/videos

00037After which we went to The Rail Mall to had supper!

I would also like to Thank Eric for offering to give us a ride home! Thanks Bro! 

Lastly we would like to Thank Class 95FM for the awesome evening! We really enjoyed ourselves! We will continue to support Class 95FM events in the future! 

Do like Class 95 FM facebook page too!

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