Class 95 gives you a better life

Hello Readers, i was very lucky to be selected to have lunch with Glenn & Joe :D

Info: I submitted an entry to class95 promotion and the qn is “Best gift receive from my family.” my story is about how my birthday cake came about and how it was the best gift from my family. 
I was very lucky to be prank called by Glenn and he kept calling me Girl-Lyn Ong instead of Gerlyn ong. And he said it sounds like his name ^^ lols!
So my prize for this contest is a free lunch @ Poulet an authentic french cuisine at Raffles City. 
Poulet food isnt that very fantastic thou. I wont recommend to people without teeth. 
So let me intro the dishes to u first before i give my ratings. 

Appetiser : French Onion soup for wenxi 

Rate : 3/10 (poor) 

Appetiser: Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup

Rate: 8/10 (yummy) can i have 2nd serving?

Drinks: Mocha (chocolate + kopi)

Rate: 7/10 (wenxi says is not bad)

Main course: Quarter poulet roti

Rate: 3/10 (quite disappointing) almost everyone cant finish because of the bones and the meat was quite tough. The experience wasnt that pleasant. Plus i cant hold the drumsticks and bite as i want to. Haha!

Dessert: Profiteroles (just vanilla ice cream + waffle biscuit)

Rate: 10/10 for yummy-ness but 1/10 for creativity. 
Is like, “walao i spend so much to eat 2 scoops of ice cream dips in chocolate syrup?” 
Thats the feeling i have. 

Afterwhich, we have our lucky draw and congrats to Wayne and Margaret for winning! They won Esso voucher and SEA aquarium tixs! So shiok. Too bad jus my luck. But so lucky enough to enjoy lunch with glenn & joe! :D shall not complain! 

This is Joe, he is a very fun-loving and spontaneous DJ! I really like the way he talk. Do support him for Radio Awards ok? 

Joe is like super friendly and he came over to take photo with us.. He is not like those super stuck up DJ which i interact before.. *you know who* 

And this is Glenn Ong! :) the ong family! Haha! He is very awesome! He can really find alot of topic to keep us engaged. He is talented! Tats why i always listens to Morning Express! He also made a video to his no.1 kas (my boss)! ^^ kas is very surprised and happy!! :P 

See! He is very fun & cute right? So mist vote for him too! 

Must vote for glenn & joe from class95 morning express! 
If not they might get fired! >.<||| 
Will share how to vote tomorrow! Bye guys!


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