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Snap Post Earn for everyone!

Do you have Facebook? Do you have Instagram?

I believe almost everyone will have these 2 social media platforms right??? Otherwise, you can create one at an instant and start monetizing it…

Everyone used to think, “AIYA, I not influencer or blogger and nobody know me, how do I earn from


Don’t we all have friends??? Don’t we all have relatives???

We are an INFLUENCE to them.

● Partipost is an app which connects brands to YOU! Browse and get special invites to join exciting social
media marketing campaigns. Partipost makes it easy to SNAP.POST.EARN

It’s using crowd marketing to promote brands and businesses. Working with influencers like me & you
helps a business cut down on the amount of time they spend building up their own social media followers
– they borrow the audience from us with the target audience they already need.

It’s like for example I am a housewife who used Brand A detergent and I find it so good and when I go to
the Wet Market and I saw fellow housewives I will tell them “Brand A detergent is so good!”

We manage to influence our peers to actually try something out. Hence anyone can be an influencer!

Partipost is an APP to help you earn, not just for ‘influencers’! Anyone can join and download.

All you need to do is SNAP.POST.EARN! That’s so easy, and money is very easy to withdraw.

To date, I have earned more than $100 in 6mths and I have partnered with them for 7 different campaigns.

Partipost APP review:
What I like about partipost is that anyone can choose any campaign they like to do, they are not exclusive
or you require to be shortlisted. Just snap the campaign requirements, post and wait for approval and get
money. For now, my Snaps are 100% approved. But of course, snaps must be of an AWESOME quality
not anyhow anyhow one lah…

So how do you join???

Download Partipost App on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.
Create an Account.
Link it with your Instagram and Facebook.
Start joining Campaign that interest you!

For example, I have joined this Gai Gai Campaign.

Requirements: SNAP a picture of what you would wear on a date out OR A fun and loving couple picture.

I chose a wedding photo which Boon Hee & I took in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Then all I need to do is upload the photo with the caption according to the guidelines.

After the photo is approved, POST it on Instagram and with this, you automatically EARN $15.

With every Like & Comment, you get additional $$$$ for the next 7 days of posting!

EASY?? Super EASY right???

Then next will be WITHDRAWAL of money…. Trust me, I managed to withdraw all my earnings

Tadah! As easy as ABC, 123, kiam cai cha roti!

This additional passive income is like an allowance for me to do more SHOPPING for more make-up and Skincare products!

Speaking of which, there is this new campaign which I am really interested in doing!!!

It’s the Annie’s Way Jelly Mask. All I need to do is purchase the mask online or head down to Watsons outlet and purchase these mask.

SNAP a picture of you using the Jelly Mask. (Easy for me, I mask daily)

Await for approval. Remember to post your receipt so it can be approved.

The mask is $30 and once your post is approved, you get $22 for Posting it on Instagram. Which means
you pay for $8 for the mask, what a good deal for getting something I already need to buy!

Then with every Like & Comment you still get additional $$$~

So with 80 likes, you get additional $8 and basically, you get to mask for FREE!! HAHAHAHA!
Pretty good deal right?? Don’t say bojio! Don’t say I got good deals I never share.

I honestly think that Partipost is a really good app to start monetizing our social media platforms which we
already have.

The effort is really much lesser as compared to me writing this blog post for free. It’s really good that’s
why I am willing to promote Partipost for free!

And remember – only join the campaign which you are willing to promote for free otherwise you won’t
really like what is on your Instagram feeds and it’s not very nice to delete the post right once you “cash

It is unfair for the sponsors/client and also looks bad on you. I usually just leave them there because I
believe in them hence I promote them.

P/s I got a reputation to uphold too… So trust me, Partipost is reliable, you definitely get your money as long as you do it right and honestly.

So this housewife here is going to Watsons now to buy her Mask liao and Boon Hee won’t complain I
waste money because I will be earning from it! At the same time, he will get a pretty and youthful wife with
smooth beautiful skin!


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