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Ger’z World Retreat to Kuala Lumpur By Aaron Tan

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08 November 2014.

Ger’z World had their retreat. Destination: Malaysia KL. We started our journey at about 5.00am. Wow! That’s pretty early, but we were all excited and there was no sense of tiredness in us. Less than 2 hours into the journey, our forever cute Gerlyn concussed! Lay flat in at the back sit of the car. Oh…I thought I heard snoring sounds too???


Oh well, after about 2 hours plus of traveling on NS highway, we stop by R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh to have our breakfast. The sun just started to rise and the sky starts to get bright. Oh, guess what we had for breakfast?? Yes!! It’s KFC. Lols. As if Singapore don’t have KFC. Well, but KFC in Malaysia definitely tasted better than in Singapore. Maybe I was too excited about this trip, I actually spilled some coffee on the table!

003 map2 004Finally! After about 4 hours of driving, we arrived at the Subang Jaya, KL. The first thing we did was to collect Boon Hee’s goodie bag for his International Nuang Jungle Marathon at the HQ of Asian Trail Explorers. Our 2 bloggers acting cute again for the selfie. Well, it’s a retreat! Of course we got to relax and enjoy ourselves!

005 map03Next, we set off on journey for our lunch. Erm….I thought we just had our breakfast not long ago? Yup, but we are hungry!

Destination: Hulu Langat – Kuala Lumpur, as Boon Hee wanted to survey the route toward Gunung Nuang. ETA: 1130hours

006Vroom……here we are at our destination: Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. Don’t be misled by the word “Veg”. It’s just literary mean ‘vegetable’ and NOT ‘vegetarian’, as vegetables are grown here, as well as chickens and fishes.

007This place is very nostalgic. A perfect place to get away from the busy & crowded city life. Fishes, pond, Kampong style setting with on the spot BBQ for customers! (Gerlyn,  becareful not to fall into the pond ya….)

08aPeople are starting to fill the place even though its not lunch time yet. One thing I like about this place is they place the ingredients/foods in open space for customers to see. If you happen to see something you want, you can just tell the staff and they will serve it to you! Nice concept!

08bDining here beside the pond, with such nice scenery is really an enjoyment!  Definitely will improve appetite! Oh….you get to see monkeys too! There are many monkeys in the hut at the far end of the pond. Oh my….we are loving this place!

09b 09c 10bThis place serves thai food. The style is similar to our “zhi char” but in thai style. The menu is in Malay and Chinese. So if you can’t read either, no worries! They have picture menu hanging around the place. Just point to the one you want to order. Yeah! Save the hassle.

Address of Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant: Jalan Ampang, Hulu Langat, 68000 Selangor.
Google map: GPS coordinates N03 07.783 E101 48.300
Contact: Eugene: 019-2606493 (Main Branch)
Email: contactus@fishfarmthai.com
website: http://www.fishfarmthai.com.my

Business Hour: 11am to 11pm, Open daily


12map04 12mb 13a 13cYes! Finally we reached the hotel that we are staying in, Imperial Hotel. Located in the most busy district of KL, Bukit Bintang, staying here will make our shopping & makan sessions easy! Although Imperial Hotel is not a 5 star hotel, but their facilities are in good condition and clean. Not sure when these photos were taken. Wondering did the 2 of them took a picture of my handsome sleep posture as well??

14a 14c

Well, time for shopping! Wait a minute, why are we eating again? We window shopped for a long time at Sungei Wang (a shopping mall nearby). Chanced by this Taiwanese cafe, went in and had our high tea! Nice authentic Taiwanese food. Yummy!


On our way to Berjaya Time Square at night. Nice scenery, so here we go again! Taking pictures at the bus stop!

18Back to our hotel room after a day of food, shopping and sight seeing. A quick preview of what’s in the goodie bag items which Boon Hee collected, and the gears he is to equip on for the next day run/hike.

001003Day 2:

Boon Hee went for his marathon in the wee hours. Salute him!! Gerlyn and myself had our breakfast at the roadside cafe opposite our hotel. Wanton Mee and Ipoh Hor Fun! The food was nice and the atmosphere was good. Having breakfast at the roadside, with the sounds of buzzing street and natural cool air is an enjoyment!


After breakfast, we decided to walk around to explore various places. Came to Pavilion, one of the more atas shopping mall in that area. We had a shocking discovery here! We found a fully air-conditioned bridge linking Pavilion to KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

Read on: http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/attractions/bb-klcc-pedestrian-walkway.htm

005 006 007 007d

Half an hour walk and tata!! Here we are, at the famous KLCC. Sure must take many photos, otherwise how to prove we are in KL. Seems like our photography skills are not bad, manage to find good angles to capture the beautifully sight. Good job & well done!


While walking around, we found a shopping mall (known as Fahrenheit 88) having a Hello Kitty theme. Gerlyn, the die hard Hello Kitty fan, wasted no time to take selfies. Her joy and happiness were shown on her face. Just like a 7 year old gal, feeling so excited with the Hello Kitty thingy.


Wait a sec! Thought we were at KL, how come we ended up in HongKong in a split of a moment? Haha! This is the HongKong district in one of the shopping mall, BB Plaza. Our next destination lies within here.

010 011 011c

Yes! It’s Aaron’s favorite hobby! KTV!! Woohoo!!! The sound system is good. Look at the signs above, it’s different from those we see in Singapore. Can you spot the difference? Let me tell ya. Unlike Singapore, the signs have no wordings, so it’s up to you to decipher what the signs mean. Cool!!

012 013

The KTV package consist of lunch as well. We ordered Spaghetti and Ginger & Onion Chicken with rice set, served with crispy keropok. The food was simply awesome! This whole KTV was value for money. Only set back was, the aircon was abit erm……..


Back to hotel room. Boon Hee showed his goodies last night. How can we lose out to him? Here’s what we got for ourselves! Yep, everyone’s got something for themselves!


Remember the all time favourite Ger’z World Video “Adventures of Xiaohui” series? That’s right, we did the filming here in KL. While waiting for Boon Hee to come back from his marathon, Gerlyn & myself decided to do some filming. Gosh! We managed to film 11 videos within an hour! Amazing! Hmm….maybe Mediacorp should hire us! Lols.


Boon Hee managed to finish his run. Time used: 9 hours 50 mins. Heng ah, managed to complete within 10 hours to get the medal. Boon Hee also made new friend during the run.

017 017d

Time for our last meal at KL. It’s ramen. Gerlyn has been pestering us to eat this since Day 1. Citing its very delicious and its a must try for me since I have never eaten before and its only available in KL. So, we went for it! Well, I must say the ramen indeed taste very nice but we found out, Orchard Ion has this ramen too. So next time no need to travel to KL for this. Anyway, here is the shop name and address: Marutama Ramen in Fahrenheit 88, Lot no. 1-27(01), 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.



After dinner while heading back to the hotel to retrieve our car, we passed by this Hello Kitty again. Gerlyn, once again spare no time to take a photo with Boon Hee, who missed out on this in the morning. With this picture, we concluded Ger’z World retreat in KL

Lastly, we would like to thank readers for spending time to read this post. If you wish to know more about what’s fun and interesting in KL, feel free to PM us. We will be happy to share what ever info we know. Click on my Ninja Turtle Signature to enter our Facebook page! 

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