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A day @ Icing room

A Day @ Icing Room <3

Hellow Readers!

A-hoy! I am very glad to introduce my favourite cake house in Singapore :) ICING ROOM…

It is a DIY – cake designing house… It is a very good place for couples to come decorate their own cake for their special day.. It is also suitable for people like us, lazy to bake an own cake in fear of washing but wan to draw our name on the cake. HAHA

So we are decorating for our Meeting Anniversary <3 We are going to celebrate at Punggol later on.

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The Icing Room

Step 1: Pick a size of your cake…. We choose 4in’

They provide us with a pack of confetti and 3 coloured bag of icing and 1 chocolate icing & red transparent.

He wanted to show how small is the cake…. >.<

This cake is $11.80 :) Inclusive of icings..

Wenxi trying out calligraphy on the cake…

Preparing to show the sides of the cake with Our Name.

I am a pretty good DRAWER right?

I am a perfectionist when it comes to drawing my own name..

I Signed this FOREVER on our cake <3

The final decoration by me & wenxi.. <3 Teamwork <3 and couple power!

We arrived with our cake @ punggol park. We see LTA officer standing there to summon people. So do remember to park your cars in the carpark ok? They are very strict at puggol.

The top view of the cake.. Got abit of CNY feeling….

My selfie with the cake :)

Cut & Eaten by us le…..

See the look from his face.. Looks yummy right?

He is very pleased with the cake not being too sweet…

Selfie again… Eating FORever… :)
Review for ICING HOUSE…
Service: 10/10 <— people are nice :)
Budget: 10/10 <— not too costly
Taste: 10/10 <— not too sweet
Experience : 10/10 <—- we designed our own cake…
I mean, how often can you have a cake of your own? Without the hassel of washing & baking? 
The icing room <3
Check out the promotions they are having now…
ENJOY DIY-ing :)
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