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City Space @ Swissotel Review

Hello Readers :) 
Last Saturday after our mini cake cutting ceremony @ punggol, Wenxi gave me a surprise by bring me to CITY SPACE @ swissotel. :) It is located at Level 70 of Swissotel hotel! So high right???? :) 
Let me share some photo of us taken there using my iphone 5s :P 

The effects using iphone :) Left to Right: Wenxi me & the space!

This is the Panorama view of CITY SPACE~! Birdeye view! :D

Wenxi having his drinks. Some lime or lemon drink.. Non-alcoholic ones cuz he have to drive!

Our table full of food :) Hawaiian Pizza, Sakura soda & some chips :) Yummy !!! :)

Sakura soda: 10/10
Chips: FOC 10/10
Wenxi Drinks: 8/10 (too sour)

See how fast i finish my drinks!! :) haha!! Cuz it is really niceeeee~!

HOW BIG IS THE PIZZA!!!! :) Only $30 :) Drinks $15-$18 (non-alcoholic)

TOP OF THE WORLD LOOKING~!! <3 Loves the high view@.@ Mountain TOP!

Me & my SAKURA SODA~!! Admiring the view… <3

Took a picture of their WET TOWEL :) Nice looking right?

Their toilet but it is located 2 levels down…. Ladies wearing high heels, GOOD LUCK!
A bit inconvenient actually if you are VERY URGENT! HAHA!

A goodbye shot before i leave city space….

Review for City Space :) 

Food: The pizza & chips were AWESOME & serving was super big! WORTH THE MONEY! 10/10
Drinks: My sakura soda was pretty awesome… But drinks servings are a little small. 8/10
Ambiance: Live band was playing at the back, the seats and lightings are comfy :) 10/10 WORTH GOING
Customer Service: The waitress dressed very nicely and they are polite, nice & helpful. 10/10 They help us take photos too!
View: 10/10 you can see the whole singapore CITY LIGHTS and VIEWS! How awesome is that?
Overall: 10/10 MUST GO!!! :) 

Level 70, Equinox Complex  Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore, Singapore 178882
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