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Valentine’14: Japanese Village @ Bukit Tinggi


Watashi Gerlyn Desk Ka! 
haha~!! Wondering why am i speaking Japanese? See below and you’ll understand~!!
Anyway, just a slight update on GerzWorld :) I will welcome Lovaine as my Volunteer Blog Manager and this Blog Manager actually tied up with a British Designer living in Indonesia to REVAMP my blog~!! :) I will feature this designer when the entire blog is done :) And i will also share his CONTACTS so you all can look for this talented designer.. Actually I am quite please with the Beta Version… :P 
So lets see what I have got to intro in this Japanese Village… But before this, I will share with you BREAKFAST provided by Colmar Tropica in the morning.. 
BREAKFAST photo shoot :P


The Selfies we took :)

Le’ Breakfast :) They have bread pudding! I have been looking for them for so long.. the last time i had time was @ pulai trip with Ideawerkz in 2012 (Long long ago) 

Hurray French Village… Je Taime :) I love you !!! 


After a 15min drive uphill from Colmar Tropica, we arrived at Japanese Village and Botanic Gardens.

We were given free tickets to these 2 location but apparently, no one asked us for any tickets. Anyway, due to time constraint, i did not visit botanic garden and i did not complete Japanese Village. So hopefully the next time yeh comes here, we can complete everything together!!! :) 
So we did a funny video on having to climb the long fleet of stairs!!! Inspired by Frozen Hokkien Version!! 

So which is better? Haha! The taiwan one or casperlyn version :P

So Jap Village is Left wards and Botanical Gardens is right wards. So you should know which one i have picked!! :P

They are the first Jap Tea house in a tropical rainforest!! wow! And they have Tatami Spa experience.. But it is 3 times more expensive than La Lavendar we had at Colmar Tropica

Time for a pose with the rainforest…

the misty effects…

the waterfall aint it pretty ???

The tea house… apparently you need to pay a fee to enter …

Love the setting.. Really got the photo shoot feeling!!

tadah~!! I m a Kimono Girl~!! So over hear, they rent/lend you a kimono for RM20 for about 20min!

So both me & wenxi don into this Japanese Traditional costume for a total of RM40 but they gave us huge allowance on phototaking~!! haha~!! anyway, our conversation goes like this..
Wenxi: No time liao la
Me: Please dear :(
Wenxi: Dun wan la…
Me: I wan la.. Our wedding photo shoot oso dun have jap style..
Wenxi: dun wan la
Me: But come Jap garden mus wear kimono then shiok mah…
Wenxi: Aiya, ok la ok la.


Our first photo :) most photos taken by the girl in green kimono :)

Apparently this shot is to show off my ribbon… lols~!!

Then a shot with the flower… i like those low light feeling… very mysterious <3

Then wenxi fave post.. point to somewhere far *imagine is our future* then look afar… p/s most of the time i am staring blankly :P

They have KOI fish~!! wow hor? And really impress with their scenery~!!

Anyhow Pose also nice right???

Candid shot of me walking towards the rental area…

I think this got the maplestory feeling… I feel like jumping on this!! :P

Took this so i could write a review for HADA LABO for the next few post…

I did not really wash my face.. I m not sure if the water is clean anot..


Song: Looking through the window, what do people say…

Song: If you wanna wear kimono in a funny way!

more solo… :P

Wenxi said this is the Chris Ling feel… hmmm.. my intelligence not that high to differentiate the feeling.. But I quite like the hiding behind the door concept.. and he said he learnt from chris.. hmmm…

*show off ribbon time!*

Candid moment another 2 malay lady join us in wear Kimono <3

Then the lady in green kimono intro us to this place and told us where to sit and how to pose.. And tadah! What a nice picture!!! <3

Outside the rental store

Realise smth? Kimono looks better when kneeling down

So removing time… And the pink lady help me to remove.. :( sob sob.. i wanna wear home!!

Anyway, this is their wardrobe.. don’t think it is small, but it has alot of hidden good stuff!

This is the guy section!

This is the ribbons for kimono..

these are all the kimonos~!! 
So after removing kimono, i am back to being normal.. :P So start to be crazy and play with water~!! 
Anyway hope you guys like my post… Any questions just email me :) 
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Review done for: Japanese Village @ Berjaya hills


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