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Jurong East Swimming complex

Hello Readers,

Swimming is a way to lead a healthy lifestyle :)

I <3 swimming, i enjoy swimming during my free time. Yesterday, out of the sudden, I suggest swimming @ Jeast to Wenxi. He was pretty surprised because he have not been to Jeast before. But to me, Jeast is like my second home, I go there every Sunday when I was in Sec Sch. haha!

When we arrived, we were shocked by the CROWD! Scary you could say… There were so many people. Mainly foreigners, not angmohs nor Lulu kinsman. But others…. The toilet was pretty packed and crowded. The locker areas were SUPER SMELLY…. I cant imagine to pack or change there.

However, to my surprise, the lifeguard still can spot people doing illegal stuff in the pools. I heard tons of whistling now & then but becuz too many people, who dunno who the lifeguards are BEEPing to..

 I think, the next time I visit Jeast shall be a weekday instead. Because the crowd can KILL & there isnt any flood to be rent… So me & wenxi did not manage to complete all the water slides. >.<

Here are some photos for your reference. Taken using IPHONE5s in a WATERPROOF Bag Bought outside Nee Soon Camp. :)

Says GOOODDDYYYY for a swim! :D

Floating due to the high fat level content! :(

Iphone 5s performs pretty well under the water.

Best shot under the water… Very clear!!

He is trying to tread water…. looks like a monkey instead *cute*

Look @ the long queue for the slides. There are 3 slides to be played however, the Pink & Blue ones need float but we are unable to rent one becuz no STOCK! So we tried the yellow one which is pretty awesome too!

Inside the cave….. Kinda blur……. Due to the mistttyyy effect.

@ the lazy pool… very relaxing :)

Before we start being LAZY @ the LAZY pool….
Address: 21 Jurong East Street 31 (609517)
Review for Jurong East Swimming Complex
 picture from google :) 
Fun factor: 6/10 (Just a place for you to slack)
Crowd: 10/10 (Super crowded) Not advisable to go if you are an INTROVERT!
Price: $2 for adults on PH :) Quite cheap yeah?
Food: There is no more canteens there or SAKURA buffet. Now only have KFC. >.<lll
Hygiene: 0/10 (The pool water is quite Milky looking… White precipitation formed. And the toilet & locker areas damn smelly!)
Queue: Slide long queue, Toilet Long queue, Float long queue.
Think twice before going :) But it is fun to play with water :P   
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