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Inman Aligner Treatment Review Consolidation @ Dentalworkz Studio

Hello Readers, 

Today will be sharing all about the inman aligner treatment at Dentalworkz Studio. So as you all know,  I was quite busy with my wedding and stressed about all the expenses ok, not exactly very stress but more like stress over planning and stuff liddat. 

I am very glad that there is Dentalworkz Studio that took care of my teeth for me despite my busy & hectic schedules!

So let me share about my last few treatments of my inman aligner and also recap some of the background information.


1) Why Inman aligner and not traditional braces?

Reason: Inman aligner only takes 3-6mths to complete my treatment and traditional ones will take like 2-3yrs…

2) What’s the cost?

Answer: $3.5k sgd for 1 arc.

3) Is it painful?

Answer: No pain no gain… Definitely painful~!

4) Need to pluck any teeth?

Answer: Nope, Dr Rashid created spaces between the teeth by filing them.

5) Information on Dentalworkz?

Location: Toa Payoh Central (Near MRT)

Tel: 6884 4051

Dentist name: Dr Abdul Rashid



Let us continue on the picture blog.


05 March 2014 – Treatment 5

2 weeks before my wedding and we did composite bonding on the front left tooth to make it look as long as the right tooth.

01 cover

First we will do a check on the current condition of my teeth. 



Dr Rashid have to determine the colour of my teeth so as to match the correct colour of fillers (composite bonding).07

But first, let us have a BEFORE Picture~! See my teeth on my right looks shorter than the teeth on my left. 

Tadah… Less than 10mins, treatment is done. Let’s look at how it looks like… 09

Day one to current… 


And this is the happy me with my new sets of teeth which is finally even! It’s something I always dreamt of. 11


22nd march is my wedding and this is the best wedding gift Dr Rashid can give to me. Look at how much the tooth have shifted in. Nobody will ever notice my buck tooth anymore~! Hip hip hooray…


31 May-Treatment 6 cos the inman broke

(Basically the end of treatment) 

What a unlucky thing to happen to me….. I was expected to finish my treatment in June but it ended quite early.



How come broke? Itchy tongue.. I went to remove the inman with my tongue and pop it in again and repeating the above for like 10 times in an hour and tadah… the inman broke… sian 1/2002

Called Dentalworkz for the earliest appt and they manage to slot me in on a Early Saturday morning… 003

Check on the condition of the teeth again.. 

Next up is to have mould done for the bonded retainers and the plastic retainers.

Mould making in progress for the temporary plastic one. Something like invisalign. 007

Quite unglam cos it got all over my lips :( 008

Thanks kiko for accompanying me to the dentist.. lols~! Not exactly a very happy trip this time but at least kiko’s presence made me felt a little better.. 


14th june – doing bonded retainers



I am definitely clueless about the bonded retainers. So Dr Rashid is explaining it to me.. 

0002 0003a


This is how the retainers looked like in a plastic cover. Now Dr Rashid will have to attach them to the back of my teeth.0004 0005

First he have to polish the back of my teeth first.0006

Next up is attaching the retainers using the UV lights. 0007

Lastly is to check if they are nice and stable.

Tadah, dunno why I see the mirror because I cant even see the bonded retainers..

0010So I get casper to take a few photos so we can better understand how does the bonded retainers looks like. It can last for as long until it breaks. 0009


So Goodbye Dr Rashid and we can’t wait for the final retainer to arrive..

20th june – collect retainer



Dr Rashid jokes about this retainer.

Epic Convo

Dr Rashid: This retainer is yours and no 1 can steal it.

Me: Why?

Dr: Because it have your name on it…

ME: Oh ya… But if I lost it, no1 can return it to me too.

Dr: Why?

Me : Because they never print my number on it!

Imagine next time when I go clubbing and when I wanna exchange numbers, I can actually pass my retainers around like my namecard.. Just joking!

So this is how you put in the retainers. Much easier than Inman however more intrusive due to the large top palate piece which hits my tongue everytime.. final02


It does affect my speech and also make it look uglier.. Inman is definitely not as ugly as this.. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.22.21 pm




I do feel a little like katy perry now on her mv “Last Friday Night…” Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.55.14 pm

However…. I am happy with my new smile and I definitely recommend the Inman Aligner to anyone looking for quick change to their teeth.

“Sure it’s ugly at times, even painful on occasion – but it’s over before you know it – and your smile really does make it oh-so worth it. ” By


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