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Happy 21st to me!!! PARTYYY TIME~!

Hello Readers!
It was a pleasant surprise on my birthday party! You know why?? Because 20 people RSVP to my FACEBOOK EVENT but 100+ guest arrived at my party! Wow! Really like a celebrity haha!
Thanks to all my friends and family that came all the way to my party.
Info: Coasta Sand Resort Downtown East Chalet Room 1218 Blk B
$100-$200 per night.
Date: 22sep (Sunday) check-in and 23rd Sep (Monday) 10am check out.
The environment is awesome but a little small to accommodate to all my guest that turned up. My fault for not booking a better place. haha! Guest also need to pay a $1 entrance fee to enter the chalet too.. But thats not a problem just that alot of people when to Pasir Ris Chalet instead. :( But thanks to Gary and Jonathan for guiding the guest here.
My Banner! Designed by Hang Kwong and printed in JB City Square. Cost around $30-$40(sgd)?

My Happy Three Friends! Left to right: Kiko, me and Nicholas!! BFF forever and ever! Nicholas is also the official photographer for the night! He set up his camera and GoPro too! check out his facebook page too! Moments Photography Facebook page!

Jin He, me and wenxi.. Took after the party. Why?? Because Jinhe and wenxi was busy clearing up the mess made… Like the confetti and some present wrapper! :P hehe..

Kerri and her bf were one of the first few that arrived.. and they gave me a GAP perfume.. thanks dearest!

The boyzzz!! Alvin, Mcenroe and Andrew… :) Thanks for coming too! Love your CARDS~!! :D

My dearest Kiko :) Thanks for coming and helping out in every little way!

Thanks Javier Oppa for helping me out even thou u r running high fever!!

Thanks Kelin <3 Thanks alot for helping me everytime! <3

Julian came like 9 plus… So the cake was gone! But he is my best primary school friend :D *forgiven* He got me a GRAM of GOLD …. Touched!

Justin, Meixin, Yanpo and Hui Zhen.. Lovely bunch of people.. Really enjoy hanging out with them :) And thanks for the Hard Disk! Will back up my data as often as I could!

God parents came too.. early… haha! Balloons haven’t arrived.

Me and my presents! <3 Thanks everyone!

The happy three friends spamming after the cake cutting ceremony.

Thanks MayMay and her Husband Jerry for coming and the cute little ponies! :D

Thanks godpa and mum for helping out too! Thanks godpa for the cake pops!

Thanks Gong Gong for coming! :D Thanks God for giving him such a wonderful life.

Thanks dearest wenxi <3 Thanks for helping me in every little ways. I love you more than i can say ^^

The KAT family :) Brother-in-law and family and Mother & Father in law :P

My Church cell group and Pastor <3

GARY AND JONATHAN !! My sec sch besties! :D <3 love you boys too!

My awesome photographer, Nicholas! Love you too! He is the photographer for Moments Photography! This is his first try to take an event photo!

Thanks Wanfa for helping me in taking the polaroids.

NPCOianz <3 Thanks for attending too!

This is how we use the cliparts :D

Cheers to our friendship!

Dorina Jiejie and her bf

Some of the glitch we faced during the party.

1) The balloons came too late. WOW Let’s Party *NOT*!
I ordered them from Wow! Let's Party and it was a disaster…
Wow let’s party came with my balloon only at 7:30pm. Apparently I asked them to come at 5pm which is before my party started. Anyway, at 6pm, Gary called their Person – in -charge and she was so rude and she gave bad customer service. Not sure whats the content but it was pretty ugly. In the end, they called the delivery man and he said HE WAS STUCK IN THE JAM! Gosh!

I MEAN! If you are stuck in a jam, and you know customer are waiting for your order, shouldn’t you call us and tell us? NO INITIATIVE! Something which i was very disappointed with.

When they arrived, they were not even apologetic. We need some help like shorten the strings and all that they seems BO-CHAP *heck care* … Ok nvm…..

Excuse me, we are regular customer…. Cant you be more polite to us? And their helium balloons are not even strong even to tahan until 9pm… Before my guest leaves, party ends, the balloons die first….

How i rate WOW Let’s Party?

Customer Service: 1/10
Quality of item: 4/10
Punctuality: 1/10
Overall Experience: 3/10 ( Worst )

However, the next day, We called to complain to the Manager. A guy *forget his name*…

Please get it right, we CALLED not he CALLED!

We complained to him what happen, he said, this….

I apologize for the delay but it was due to a traffic jam. We called the delivery man immediately but he said he was stuck in town area. Maybe is because of the F1 race. But I know there is nth we can do now.

What can you infer from what he said?

I tell you what, I will give you an discount. BUT IT IS NOT FOR THIS TIME ROUND. This discount will be given to your next purchase.

WHAT? are you kidding me? Next purchase? Who dare to purchase from you?

After 1 week later, wenxi checked, he only give us $10 discount voucher FOR OUR NEXT PURCHASE!

THANKS alot WOW Let’s Party! I really love your $10 discount voucher! So amazing so awesome!

The buffet came late too! I dunno why… But they still set up before 6:30pm. Much better than the balloons.
The food I did not really tried, But must guest said it was super yummy. However, we ordered 40pax and 100pax turned up… Thats our fault actually. haha!

Anyway, Just FYI, downtown east only allows 2 caterer in their premises 1) Stamford 2) Neo Garden
Stamford is HALAL and Neo isnt. So we chose Stamford due to our muslim friends that came :)

How i rate STAMFORD Catering? 

Customer Service: 8/10 <— Very friendly when confirming the orders with me. Very patient in explaining.
Quality of item: 10/10 <— All my guest said super yummy esp Curry Chicken!
Punctuality: 5/10 <— Late by 30mins.
Overall Experience: 8/10 ( Very Good )

3) Banner (From T&T Printing Services) @ JB City Square Level 5
Pretty awesome quality… And super cheap! We waited for only 1 week… And the people are quite nice…But except for one very stuck up woman there… She almost forget to give back our thumbdrive…

How i rate T&T?

Customer Service: 7/10
Quality of item: 10/10
Punctuality: 10/10
Overall Experience: 9/10 ( Excellent )

4) Cake from MOONLIGHT CAKE HOUSE @ JB Malaysia

So we order in June although they just need 5days notice.. And we sign up for the member card so we pay 10% less for the Fondant Cake.

Let me intro my cake.

It is a 2-tier cake. With a customisation of Blue dolphin, a purple bow the the middle and GERLYN / Happy Birthday is all rainbow coloured. And decoration of maple leafs which looks like Canadian flag.. HAHA~! All these comes with a reason.

Purple: Because my fave colour.
Dolphin:Because my party was ocean theme and everyone is to dress in OCEANIC thingy.. Plus I love dolphins!
Maple Leafs: Becuz i was born in autumn and my name has a “Qiu” inside. Means autumn.
Rainbow name: Because I hope my life can be splendid and colourful as always.
White base: I want my life to be pure :P haha! No la.. jus nice is white… 

The chef and sales manager were very nice to me, they intro me to Fondant cake and how to take care etc. They were very helpful and they even help to carry this very Precious cake and Heavy cake to our car at the carpark.
Thanks moonlight cake house.

How i rate MOONLIGHT CAKE HOUSE? moonlight cake house Moonlight Cake House
Customer Service: 10/10
Quality of item: 10/10
Punctuality: 10/10
Overall Experience: 10/10 ( AWESOME )


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