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Happy 21st to ME (22.09.13) PREPARATION

Happy birthday to me!
Hello readers!
As you all know, 22.09.13 is my big day! It is my 21st birthday party!
So there are obviously some preparations to be done for the party ^^ Like clipart, sign board and etc…
And I shall show you what Wenxi did for this party!! :D
We got our cake @ Moonlight Cake House, Johor Bahru and Banner from City Sq (JB)!!

This is the signs/clipart for guest to hold at the photobooth.

He is cutting it one by one using the congregated board.

Make him to stop & Smile~!

We got the transparent board because it will look nicer….

It is very hard to cut because it is very HARD / tough…..

We did the above using powerpoint. And we thought of the hashtag ourselves.

As usual, i will screenshot this every year. P/s my phone is jailbroken.

My accessories for my birthday. Left to right : 21st Key from Meyson Jewellery, Tiara from Aries, and Blue topaz earrings from SK Jewellery. All bought by wenxi :) haha!

Close up of this key pendant. It cost around $300 plus without the chain. It is made of rose gold and white gold mixture. It is the prettiest and princess-iest key we found from the whole Singapore!! I love it at first sight too.. Tell you a secret, it is inspired by Tiffany (that blue box)

This Tiara is from Aries, bought by wenxi for marriage proposal but it was too hard to put on without any bobby pins.

This earring is from SK jewellery, cost not sure, maybe you can ask wenxi ?? :P

My birthday dress~! Bought in Taiwan, SGD about $30 – $40? Bought in 5 fen pu.

This is the morning of my birthday! And i had caramel custard for my breakfast.

It was pretty yummy and I can boldly say Moonlight cake house provide nice dessert.

This is wenxi mocha. The cafe art is pretty awesome right?

I had Passion fruit soda and he had mocha.

This is how he look before caffine.

This is how he look after caffine.

So Moonlight Cake house bring my cake out!! :D

Photo spam!!! Designed by me & wenxi plus creativity of Chef :) I requested for a blue dolphin. The maple leaf is there because I am born in Autumn!

YUP!! GO like them Moon Light Cake house FB PAGE
They even carried it to our car.
GREAT SERVICE!! Thumbs up!

We placed the fondant bday cake @ Justin & meixin’s house. Thanks guys and sorry for impose!

We also got some dried ice prepared. It is purchase at Hillview area. $15 for 3kg.

FOR MORE PICTURE, please go to MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY facebook page!
Will share more later on the night of party!

I have attached a video for your pleasure! credits to Moments Photography

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