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Foxies Celebrating Gerlyn’s 22nd @ Melbliss Bridal Feat. Judy Florist & Moonlight Cake House


Hello Readers,

Today will be sharing about my belated 21st birthday makeover at Melbliss Bridal, Johor Bahru.

I always wanted to do a makeover on my 21st but during that point of time I was super busy preparing for wedding and cash flow was pretty tight hence I told Casper that I will postpone my makeover to my 22nd Birthday instead. I also wanted my best friends to be part of it. Which is my Malaysia Khakis, my foxies, Jin He & Yang Hui.

At that point of time it’s also when I had a quarrel with Yang Hui so this is a very good heart to heart bonding session for the both of us.

The reason we quarrel is because *Mr CWT* said he was dating her and she did not date him etc etc. Yang Hui said Mr CWT was hallucinating about dating her and even claim they are going Chiang Mai together when Yang Hui actually went to Myanmar. I feel so confuse and decided to stop talking to Mr CWT because he said “Yanghui say cannot tell me about the relationship but yet he told me.” Loophole 1: If Yang Hui is dating, she cfm will tell me. Loophole 2: Why yang hui ask you don’t tell me, you still tell me? What are you trying to do or prove then?” Then he say reason why Yang Hui don’t wanna tell me is because I don’t like him (Mr CWT) and will spoilt the sistership between us.

But hey, come on! Hiding it will even spoilt the sistership. Moreover even if they do start, they cfm wont last also right. Sorry but not sorry for being a wet blanket. But Mr CWT is not suited for Yang Hui la. So Mr CWT I hope you already snapped off your hallucination over Yang Hui. If you don’t, there is nothing I can do also. Sorry for ranting here. Just thought I will share something ridiculous I heard. Maybe Mr CWT you really like Yang Hui a lot but something for sure is YANG HUI WON’T LIKE YOU! For this I can guarantee! You know why? Coz if Yang Hui like you, she would have admit it and make me like you again or by saying something good for you. But nope, we both bitched about you instead. Yeah~ So a lesson for the guys, if you like a girl, do make friends and not make enemy with her bestie!!!! Coz it wont do you good.. yeah… IT WONT DO YOU GOOD!

And sorry yanghui for not trusting you for like 1day. I should have call you immediately to clarify. But this Mr CWT make it sound so real! And ya, he even said you love yellow roses. seriously?! Nuff said. Shall not waste a single keyboard space for a person like him.

*Mr CWT* is a fake name to protect his identity. But it’s kinda obvious you know whom I am talking about right?

So back to the topic.
01First we went to Tea Garden to yum cha and have breakfast. We order egg tart and gula Melaka soya milk. Did not take any photos as we are late, running outta time and also busy eating. The food there is nice so you can anyhow order.


After breakfast we proceed to Melbliss directly.



Address details

Melbliss Bridal Sdn Bhd (formerly known as La Veil)

60, Jalan Sutera 3, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Photo grabbed from Google street view.

The reason we choose Melbliss is because of the floating wedding photo on the banner.

wedding anniversary

Read more on the behind the scene of floating shoot:


This is my Make up artist, Yuki :) She is fantastic!  Please request for her!

If you are wondering why isn’t Casper here, he is planning a birthday surprise with my coordinator, Joey!!

04Casper actually booked my favourite rainbow roses from Judy Florist.




Then he also customised a fondant cake for me from Moonlight Cake House! Read about my Moonlight Cake House Post for my 21st:


He knows I am a huge fan of Moonlight cake house and yeah it consider the cheapest and prettiest fondant cake in JB!

Same as last year, we will explain why this cake.

1) Rainbow colour: Coz I love rainbow and Casper hope my life will be colourful like rainbow

2) Tiara: Princess Gerlyn mah. cfm mus have tiara

3) The 22 (swan) twenty two: Coz I am TWENTY TWO (22) !!

4) Flower: Coz I love flowers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 8.03.50 pm

Anyway for personal shoot / make over, the package consist of 4 outfits and about 8 different settings or background. So this means i will change hairstyle for 4 times too! Shiok wor~! 00001edit

So this is my before and after make up. 

My first outfit is Han xiang aka Xiang Fei from Huan Zhu Ge ge!


I fall in love with this character since young coz she is damn cool can, she can dance and attract butterflies! Like seriously!!!

So ya, non stop selfie again coz I dun think i will get to wear this again!!!!

Caption pls! Dunno is Yang Hui went to the past or I went to the future!!!

Posing like a Han Xiang~! 

Apparently I just cant help but make funny poses again~11aedited

So this is the actual outcome of the photos. 11bedited

I am so in love with this two poses and i used them as my whatsapp dp for 2-3mths and even Bianca said I was pretty! HAHAHAHA~! Act only! 00006edit

Next was an evening gown. I wanted this for my wedding shoot but apparently I have got too many outfits there. Thus I mus transfer it over. 

This colour was very sweet and the matching accessories made my look very princessy. 00008edit


Behind the scenes. I was the first person to take a photo with the red piano. I waited for months for it ok?! And I requested to be the first!!! 14edited

They say this background was from a very famous ang moh country background. And taking it at 2pm will allow the sun to shine in and create the orangey effect on the window. 15edited

Tadah~ The red piano damn nice and cool right? P/s White Piano is so yesterday! Wakaka! 0010edit

I selfie without jio-ing them so they selfie without jio-ing me too!!!!!! :( So sad!! 16edited

Can you see my hair is in rose shaped?! Chio Hor?????? 0011edit

The called this place the Private Investigator Room 侦探社。Like the HK Drama, 天眼。0012edit

Max damn scary la.. Climb until so high to take this photo!!!! 
17aedited 17bedited

I love this scene alot. Coz of the shadow effect. I oso like this gown alot too~! The 2-toned effect if soooo special. 18edited

Last and final outfit is the rainbow dress!!!!!!!! 19

And they are all dressed up to surprise me liao!!!! 20

Anyway i brought all my barang barang along. Damn cool hor!!! 0013edit


If you noticed, I brought 3 Rilakumma (2 Rila and 1 Korila ), 3 Care bear and 3 My little ponies!!! 22edited

I really love the carriage~! So pretty!!!!! 23

Tadah and here comes the surprise cake and roses!! Lolols… I was super happy! 24edited

Our wefie~!! 25aedit

I love this effect. The bluring of us and the close up of cake!! 

A solo photo with me cake and me flowers~! 26edited

I oso requested to return back to carriage to take more photos! Coz carriage very pretty!!! 

Some wefies we took while waiting for them to set up! 28

Me & Yang Hui Sister’s shots! 29edit

Take one last photo before I change out of my pretty dress! 

I was extremely happy and shiok to have my birthday celebrated like this! 0014edit

Time for a drink?! Nah ah… they are for display only


Before we cut cake! Last photos of the cake! 

Left is my MUA : Yuki , Right is my Coordinator: Joey~ 

You can look for Joey and quote my name for better perks. I already told to give my readers best offers!

P/s i dun take any commission!!! 0017edit

Lastly is my rainbow rose ordered from Judy Florist! 


After the shoot, we travel to desaru! 31map0032edit

Yang Hui oso bought me my favourite Dior make up set as a birthday pressie! Thanks!!!!!!! 


Lastly before we left for movie and makan session, we took a wefie with the pool outside~ 34map

Tadah then we proceed back to KSL. OMG! KSL changed alot sia.. I haven been there for at least 1/2 a year. 35edit

Then we went to eat Arashi Shabu Shabu Milk Broth recommended by Winnie (online friend). 


I shared the milk with Casper, Jin He took clear soup and Yang Hui took Tom Yam!!! 36

A wefie before we kaidong!!! 

Photos of the sisters and the brothers! 

Then we went to watch Cafe Waiting Love 等一个人的咖啡. And ya, a not very nice movie. A bit disappointed maybe over-rated online thus the disappointment! 

Maybe because i see 九把刀 too up up liao then got disappointed when i see his show abit lame with the cabbage + bikini man + pulling out sausages and making tao huay. I prefer smth like 那些年. More beautiful and make me sad. 37

Last Stop: Dessert shop at Sutera Mall Area. And it closed down recently. Sian…. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.30.38 am


Melbliss: Service was great, everything was great. They helped Casper to planned the surprise too!! 

PG: Max

MUA: Yuki

Coordinator: Joey


Judy Florist (Review by Casper): Flowers very affordable and pretty. She is able to accede to special request too. 


Moonlight Cake House: Speechless! It’s the best and nothing but best. Price is reasonable, taste is awesome-able! 

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