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Pre-wedding Photoshoot done at USS (Review for Lush Colours Photography) Gown Proudly Sponsored by Dolce2Dolce

00USS cover

Hello Readers~!

I am very glad to tell you guys this… I HAVE FINALLY FUFILLED MY DREAM WEDDING Photoshoot destination!

Since Feb 2013, I have been always wanted to go Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa for Pre-wedding photoshoot.


1) Budget constraint : We have to save up for banquet and church wedding so going to uss for pre-wedding seems impossible.

Why? Going to uss for 2hrs, you need to pay for their VIP tours which cost $388 / 2 hrs. Additional hrs @ $75. A pre-wedding shoot with bridal shop is usually about 6-7hrs and spending 2hrs here and I am only entitled to 20photos abit bohua(not worth it) right?

So now, let me introduce you to the perfect photography package!

It is having a photography package with Lush Colours Photography.

Background story~~~ What we did last summer…

Info: I was following this Facebook page : and i happen to saw this which is a photography liking competition and having alot of Ger’z world fans helping us, it make our job easier!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.48.18 pm

Simply do the following:

1. Like the facebook pages of Lush Colours Photography and The Red Wedding

2. Post a picture of your moment along with a caption and hashtag #LUSHMOMENTS

3. Get as Many Likes for your Picture.

Proudly Presented by 
LushColoursPhotography & TheRedWedding2007

So after we joined, we tried our very best to get lots of likes!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.55.10 pm

So here is the good news~! :)





After receiving the good news, I am glad that Jasmine from Stylr App actually introduce me to Mr Steven from Dolce2Dolce to get my gown sponsored! :)

Special Thanks to Mr Steven for agreeing to part of Ger’z Share by being my gown sponsor. I would also like to thank their designer Ms May for choosing this very pretty and sweet Pom Pom dress for me!


I am also very thankful for Mr Steven for giving me the opportunity to promote Dolce2Dolce to all my Ger’z World readers by giving discounts for all gown rental / purchase. I believe many of my readers have benefitted from my promotion.


12th July 2014 Saturday, 8.30am

Setting off to our make up artist (The Red Wedding)’s place @ Yishun. 


I am very thankful to Ms Janet from The Red Wedding :) Actually The Red Wedding deals with mostly Kuas rental and selling of Kuas so feel free to look for Ms Janet if you are looking for a special Kua for your wedding. 02

FYI, Ms Janet only does make up for her own client so I am quite honoured that I can get to try her make up skills all thanks to Lush Colours Photography collaboration with her.

The photo on the left is the ampoule which is complimentary when you engage her make up service.


My hair colour is also specially created by DA Hairdressing Audrey from Far East outlet. You can also opt for a similar colour like me at DA Hairdressing now!  06b

This is a BEFORE & AFTER comparison photo done by Janet.  07

I am very pleased with the make up done by Janet :) 

Anyway if you are wondering where my Princess Sweetheart gown is from, it is made by my grandmother in Aussie for my big day on March 22nd. Grandma is only doing this for me, ya just me only… So don’t need to ask for contacts. But if you really like my gown design, you can get Dolce2Dolce to do an exact same one for you. I really don’t mind people wearing the same gown design as me because it just shows that Grandma got good taste :P

Ready Get Set GO~! 

Time checked: 11am 

Venue: Slacking at the VIP Room of Universal Studios.


I do feel a little bit like ninja turtle. Anyway what’s in my bag?

Plain clothes and my despicable me water bottle.


Never thought I would have the chance to enjoy the privilege of VIP Tour!!! Oh yay~ Thanks to my ever loving hubby Mr Casper for always fulfilling my dreams. And definitely if without this free package from Lush Colours Photography, we will never get this chance to enter USS!  04

So we met up with Alex (Photographer) and Lynette (Photography Assistant) which is also his wife! Awesome! I love working with couples because they always have teamwork and like those telepathy and they can feel what each other need. HAHA! 

I am very honoured and blessed to have Lush Colours to be my photographer. 


1) They are always listening to me. 

Whatever request or whatever style I want, they will definitely do their very best to accede to my request!

2) They are always caring for our welfare.

Lynette was helping me with my gown and they often ask if we need a rest or drink which is very thoughtful of them.

3) Pre-meet up session 

This is a very important session I feel. Communicating with your photographer is very very important! Lush Colours’s Alex actually meet us at Yakun one week before the shoot to spend time talking to us and understand what type of style we are going for.

So what style are we going for? It is the #casperlynwedding style! 

Funky, funny, cheerful, cheeky etc etc… Anymore words you can find to describe us? 

Maybe I always feel that it is a must to let the pre-wedding photos speak about us. So hopefully looking at the photos below you can understand more about us.

All the pose below is designed by Lynette. They did their homework ok? Not bad right???? 

But I did share a bit of must-have poses with them which I will mention and credit the respective “author” too :))


Time checked: 11:30am 


Caption: Betty Boops snatching Hubby with me.  09

First kiss sealed with love at Hollywood Zone.10

I am saving all my love for you. 11

Despicable Me 1,2,3,4…. BA BA BA BA BA NANA … BANANA~! 

Fighting with Jerry and Stuart over BANANAssss…

Minions are soooooo CUTE~!! #fanscream


Let’s go shopping @ Minion Mart. 13

Casper caught in act. Checking out another lady in front of your wife? STRICTLY NO NO~! 14

Dancing in the middle of the road with bubbles.

This picture wont be possible without the help of USS crew for getting Alex a chair to stand on.

Really Kudos to Lynette creativity for borrowing a bubble gun from the street stalls and blow bubbles to us.


Hugs for your life instead of Run for your life! 

Epic convo with me and casper when viewing this photo now.

Me: OMG! Now then I realise the animal from Madagascar is hugging each other in fear! 

Casper: Now then you know? That’s why you look at my mouth I am screaming! 

Me: Alex and Lynette is really very observant to notice them hugging and told us to hug like the Madagascar characters. 

Even though I have been to USS for the 9th time, I really never even noticed that the Characters from Madagascar are hugging each other.

Pose inspired by Cang Ai Weddings

Background story: Peishan (Eunice) and Helong, the couple featured in the photo above took their pre-wed shoot at Kenting Taiwan and I happen to saw this style in Cang Ai Weddings Facebook page. So I went to buy the “Just Married” sign from Jasmine since her wedding just ended. The sad thing is that I misplaced the sign already. Not sure where i placed it. But yeah. It’s lost. :( 

When I saw this photo, I whatsapp to my Photographer, Alex. I told me I want the exact same thing! 

Guess what?! He made it happened.

And we all lived happily ever after. THE END! 

Epic Convo between Shrek & USS Crew

*Shrek steps on my gown*

Crew: SHREK SHREK SHREK, you are stepping on her gown!!!!! 

I really enjoy the attention I receive in USS they made me felt really like a VIP. The took care of the little details which I would have missed out. 

Update: 12-April-2016 our wedding photo was shared by Resort World at Sentosa Official Facebook Page


Having our first spin in front of our Castle.

I called this picture 各玩各的!

Pose concept by me, I always wanted to do something like this. I mentioned once to Alex & Lynette and I am surprise they could remember. Even I myself cant remember what i said.

#selfie taken at the Onion carriage of Princess Fiona

Epic moments that happen! 

Mr Rashid : You all can take some photos under the shelter. 

Alex: Can we take photo with the Cabbage? (He meant carriage) 

Rashid: Actually cannot but I think can la. (Checking out our lightweight size) 

*By right it was not meant for public to sit on it. But luckily the carriage can handle our weight!*

At the same time, Rashid was so thoughtful. He went to grab a chair for me to step up and climb up to the carriage. 

To be honest, it is not easy to get up there. My heels and gown is not helping at all! 


Let’s have our last kiss before this Onion carriage turns back into an Onion.. LOLS! 

12:30pm : Went back to VIP Reception Room to get changed into Dolce2Dolce Pink cocktail dress

The good thing about being VIP is that you get to have a super big VIP toilet all to yourself~! 01

As the name speaks, we are VERY IMPORTANT PIG. VIP :P 



Oops, caught kissing again.. Even Woody & Winnie the woodpecker 冇眼睇 (No eye see in cantonese)

Anyway just FYI, Woody and Winnie photo-taking session will be reserved for us but the rest of the mascot we would have to queue.

Epic Convo between me & the tour guide

Me: Where is the yellow cab now? Shifted? 

Rashid: Wow! You actually notice that?! 

Me: OF COURSE! I am a regular :P hehe! 


Guess where is this place? Very famous place ok…. 


#selfie with Oscar from Sesame Street

He loves her, it loves trash and she loves…. SELFIE!! <3

Premiering Casperlyn Wedding with Oscar and his old sport shoe. 

Thanks Oscar for being so spontaneous and standing and sitting whenever Lynette ask you to… LOLS! 12a

This is a photo comparison I did. The top photo I took in 2012 when I went USS with Jesslyn. 

Not exactly alot of changes because its just 2 years! 

I really love this King Julien Mascot a lot.. Always so flirtatious and charming! 12b

Epic convo between the Madagascar Emcee, Me & King Julien


King Julien puts me on his lappy and we start taking photos.

Emcee: King Julien, SHE IS MARRIED. She is not your BRIDE! 

The Reason why I love USS crew… They always made me so happy…


I like to move it move it, you like to? MOVE IT MOVE IT~!! 15

With Alex the friendly Lion in Madagascar!!

Flying kisses with Gloria the Hippo

Guess whose house did we visit? 


Actually our 2hr tour is supposing to END now… But what? 

If we were to leave now, we wont be able to take a photo with Puss in boots. 

But why puss in boots? 

As Casperlyn is crowned with the title of #selfiecouple, of course we must lived up to expectation right?


Puss in boot kick Casper Kat (Cat) butt. Cat VS Kat… Apparently Mr Kat has lost!

So let me tell you why PUSS in Boots is a must-take Mascot photo! 

Number 1: Casper is a Puss in boots fan! 

Evidence 1: casper signature

Evidence 2:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.26.54 pm

So how can we not take with Puss in boots?



Second reason to extend hours is because of FAIRY GOD-MOTHER! 

To be honest, I never seen fairy god-mother before! 

She is a new mascot to me! 

Anyway another epic convo between me & fairy god-mother.

Fairy God-mother: Wow, that a very nice dress you have! 

Me: Thank you~! <3

Fairy God-mother: But not as nice as mine! 

Me: -.-||| Win liao lor….

Thank you Fairy God-mother for blessing us with your stardust and magic wand. 

Hopefully we will have everlasting love. 

Pose created by Lynette. She went up to God-mother and ask, “Can you bless this couple with your wand?”

Of course Fairy God-mother said: “SURE~!”

Normal Couple take pre-wedding shoots with Carousels, or Merry go round. 25

But in USS, we dun have 旋转木马,we only got 旋转斑马 (Spinning Zebra)26

Looking for something exotic? What about riding on Alex the Lion? 27

Even in jurassic park, there is so many people and visitors! 28


Before we start revenging what should we do? 

But first, let me take a #selfie 

We are the #selfiecouple or maybe a #wefiecouple!

I really love this photo alot… So much feel….. 

I would like to specially thank my tour guide, Mr Rashid for bring us here. 

Epic convo between Mr Rashid and me.

Mr Rashid: You want to go mummy?

Me: Dun wan lah.. there nothing to take one!

Mr Rashid: Come, I show you! 

I was impressed with his “doing the extra mile service”! 


We also took one photo with the transformer. I am sorry, I am not a transformer fan so can anyone educate me which robot issit above?

All along I tot is Optimus Prime leis.. I know I fail la… #phailz

More #selfies taken while queue-ing / waiting …..


Dancing outside Mel’s Drive-In (Hollywood)

1 way ticket to the bluezzzz… bluezzzz… 36

Anyway, we are ending our shoot to enjoy the Live Rock Concert in Hollywood Theatre.. Byezzz… 

Just joking…


Sesame version of Champagne Toasting38

So dun say we never teach you… What should you do if you made your little princess angry? 

Buy her an ELMO~! Because….

An Elmo a day, Keep the Princess Tantrum away… LOLS~! 



Pose inspired by Vinpaigepics

Previously in 2013, I joined a photoshoot giveaway by them too. Too bad we did not win the contest. I still remember i #hashtag #vinpaigepics before on facebook. lols!

But glad that we still won the contest by Lush Colours Photography! Maybe vin paige criteria different, but nevertheless I still respect their decision.

Anyways, I saw this picture on #rwsmoments! And i screenshot and show Alex from Lush Colours and I told him I “die die” also wanna do the same thing.

And tadah… Tell me who did better? Ok la… Honestly, I am very zilian person… I dun like blur blur photo style.. I prefer to see my own face in my photo.. If not how people know I did this jumpshot right???? 

Thanks Alex for making such a wonderful photo.. I LOVE IT~! 

Lush Colours Photography making my dream come true.. lols~! 41

After jumpshot done liao will be hungry right? 

#foreverhungrygirl went to steal a bite from Cookie Monster’s cookie.. 


Anyway, CASPERLYN is starting their new business in USS !

We are selling their Ol’ So Famous CHURROS~!! Their churros is super long ok… 

SO COME ON~! Who wanna be our first customer? 

Won’t get food poisoning one.. I promise.. 

After the photoshoot, we continue to play in USS so we wont waste our tickets.. lols..

We played the Spaghetti Space Chaser for the first time and we also took Revenge of the Mummy Ride and also the Rapid Adventure too.

After all the rides, we went to watch the Hollywood Dream Parade and we stayed till night to catch the Fireworks Spectacular @ Hollywood Zone.



1) Lush Colours Photography

Professionalism: ★★★★★

Alex’s is skillful and his equipment is good. He used a flash and he has a lot of ideal-pose he wants to take and not just asking us to stand there and he take it.

Having an assistant like Lynette is a bonus plus point for Lush Colours Photography as Lynette is very creative and hardworking and don’t mind going down to do anything for the couple!

Package price: ★★★★★

It is very attractive because you never seen a freelancer photographer charging at this amount which is so affordable.

$1,888 return all photographs?! Try asking this from Bridal shop… Probably you would have to pay $60-$80 for 1 additional photo top up!

And Lush Colours Photography package is so worth it now! Their Pre-wedding package come with an album!

Unlike bridal shop you can only wear their gown, you can actually choose and bring your own favourite gown or couple t-shirt for the photoshoot and you wont feel heartache if you take too many photos and yet unable to bring them all home.

Now @ just $1,888 you can have it all.

Dunno where to find your gown? You can look for

This is how you can save for your wedding!

Lush Colours Photography (for Gerlyn)

Lush Colours Photography also provides Actual Day Wedding Photography (Full DAY)

Creativity: ★★★★★

Needless to say, the photos above can speak for themselves! :)

Attitude: ★★★★★

Both Alex and Lynette are very proactive and spontaneous. They are open to a lot of my weird weird poses and ideas.

Most importantly they can take up challenges!

Speed of producing photo: ★★★★★

I got all my edited photos back in 1 month time!

It’s pretty fast!

Overall feel: ★★★★★

I love my photos taken by Lush Colours Photography a lot!!!

It’s very sweet, pretty, awesome and the photos got feel hor?



2) USS Wedding Photography Package / VIP Tours

Professionalism: ★★★★★

Their email reply is very prompt. They gave us a reminder call on the event day morning too.

Gave us a very warm welcome upon our arrival. Served us drinks and helped us to keep our valuables.

Answered a lot of our questions before we signed their package.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.15.20 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.14.53 pm

Package Price: ★★★

$388 for 2hrs is a little expensive in my opinion.

Attitude of tour guide, Mr Rashid: ★★★★★

Willing to go extra mile for us o(≧v≦)o~~好棒

Very spontaneous, caring and thoughtful.

You can read about our compliment letter for Rashid.


Great Thank you to the following people below that made this photoshoot a huge success!

Mr Steven and Ms May from Dolce2Dolce for the beautiful short dress.



Quote my name “Gerlyn” and get discounts for gown rental & purchase.


I would also like to thank Lush Colours Photography for this opportunity.

Alex (Photographer of Lush Colours Photography) —— Responsible for all the beautifully created pictures above

Lynette (Photography Assistant of Lush Colours Photography) —— Responsible for all the nice poses concept





Quote my name “Gerlyn” and get an EXCLUSIVE deal! Only for my readers! Which is you!!


Mr Rashid (USS VIP tour guide) —— For making us felt at home and taking good care of us!

Here is our compliment letter for Mr Rashid!! :)

compliment letter


I would also like to thank Janet from The Red Wedding for the beautiful make up done :)


Last but not least…

Thanking my Husband Mr Casper Kat for spending time & money for having another photoshoot with me.

Finally this is another Princessy Dream Come True!!!

My Casperlyn Wedding Photoshoot should be complete for now~

Lastly, I wanna thank all of you infront of the computer for reading this lengthy post of mine.

Without you all, Ger’z world wont be growing up so fast~

I love all of you!!!

 I am typing this post at 26th August 2.45am because the previous version was lost. Do pardon if there is any typos.

If you have any queries, do feel free to comment or email us :)

small signature(use this)

Anyway, due to overwhelming response of people asking me for my package, I will place my package here.

Just FYI, it is a standard package and my package is no different from all of you.

The details below is accurate as of 15th Jan 2014.

Dear Ms Gerlyn Ong,
Thank you for enquiring about Resorts WorldTM Sentosa Wedding Package. You will find detailed information on the wedding photography package that we are currently offering below. If you have any questions or would like to check on the availability for a specific date, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Resorts World Sentosa Wedding Photography Package

Package Entitlements

A Resorts World Sentosa Wedding Photography Package is the ultimate experience. Your VIP Tour Guide will ensure that you feel like a visiting celebrity on a day of superstar pampering that you will never forget. It’s the best way to experience all that our park has to offer.

You will receive the red carpet treatment as you are personally escorted through our theme park. With a Resorts World Sentosa Wedding Package, you are the star of the show!

Wedding Photography Package: $388 NETT 

Our Wedding Package includes the following exclusive benefits:

Three (3) single day passes
Two (2) hour photography session at Universal Studios Singapore with a personal guide during regular park operating hours
One (1) Resorts World Sentosa bottled water per guest
Access to VIP changing area before and after photo shoot
Opportunity for a private meet & greet with one of the following Universal characters:

o Woody Woodpecker

o Winnie Woodpecker

Photography and videography are permitted in the park excluding shows and rides


Please note that photography & videography sessions in certain areas of Universal Studios Singapore are subject to the availability of the park, and are not allowed on Public Holidays, eve of public holidays, school holidays and black- out dates.
Each subsequent hour after the 2 hour period is chargeable at S$75.00 nett per hour per group (subject to availability of guide).

Wedding Package is limited to a maximum of 5 persons per group (including wedding couple and photographer).

o For the additional two guests in the party, admission passes will be charged at day admission rate.

o Admission pass can be purchased at :

How to Sign up for this Package

  1. Photography request and enquiries can be made via email ( or call the Resorts World Sentosa VIP Tour department at 6577-6077
  2. Booking should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the actual day of photography
  3. Upon confirmation from Resorts World Sentosa, full payment is to be made by:

A. Cash: at least 1 week prior to the actual day of photography at the VIP Reception
B. Credit Card: at least 1 week prior to the actual day of photography through a credit card authorization form

4. Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation letter that will need to be produced on the actual day of the photo shoot at the VIP reception.

Terms and Conditions

1. Photography & videography is not permitted on any of the Universal Studios Singapore attractions or rides unless utilizing Universal Studios Singapore attraction existing photo-taking opportunities.

  1. The use of props such as backdrops for photography and videography is strictly prohibited during the wedding photo session.
  2. The wedding photographs taken at Universal Studios Singapore are only for private use and are not to be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Wedding packages occur rain or shine and there will be no rain checks or refunds.
  4. Wedding packages start promptly at stated time. Late arrivals may miss certain wedding shootcomponents.
  5. All payments received are non refundable and/or exchangeable. Cancellations must be made atleast 24 hours before your departure date or 100% of payment will be forfeited.
  6. Resorts World Sentosa reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

To reserve your Wedding Photography Package, please call (65) 6577-6077, or email us at

Best Regards,

Li Ting

VIP Tour Reservations Team

Resorts WorldTM Sentosa Universal Studios Singapore

Park Operations – Tour & Event Ops Universal Studios Singapore
D +65 6577-6077


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