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The 6th day with INMAN ALIGNER!

Hello Readers!
I have attached some photos for the past 6 days of my experience with inman aligner.

Taken one day before the aligner was being worn. Took these 4 photos because i know my teeth will no longer look this way.. So take for rememberance. Hey kids, never be dumb dumb like me to use a safety pin to floss the front teeth or any teeth!

Day 1 of inman aligner being placed.. No pain! YET! But cant talk properly at all.. People did not notice the aligner but because of my poor pronounciation, they notice it!!!

Day 2 of inman aligner.. Super pain.. I was having headache whenever i put in or remove. I cant bite anything incl. veggie. All i ate was porridge and drank milo….

Day 5 of aligner super duper painful still.. Still have to eat fish porridge for lunch and dessert soup for dinner. Super hungry but cant eat at all. :((

Day 6th! Taken right now! Today was awesome! I finally had my first bowl or hard rice! No longer that painful and i got the trick to remove and put on aligner without a mirror! :) 
Will update more soon! 
Love, ger 
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