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    Ger’z Shares: Tuition Singapore Introduction (Sponsored Post)

    Hi Readers, Today I am gonna do a short write up on Tuition Singapore. So why you should pick Tuition Singapore as your preferred tuition center? Because…. #1: They partner with the top tuition teachers in Singapore to deliver top-notch lessons and courses. #2 They provide all the tools and guidance necessary for committed students to soar in their academics. #3 Creating top scorers and outstanding achievers is their forte. They work tirelessly to ensure no student is left behind. Obviously you go tuition you must get outstanding results mah.. Not go there play play waste money de. Hence I believe Tuition Singapore is very committed in making you a top scorer!…

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    Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover V.S Waterproof Makeup Challenge! *Advertorial*

    Hello Readers! We all know if we apply makeup, we must remove right? But there are so many makeup remover in the market, got the wet tissue de, got bubble wash, got water, and now got jelly based! So which one is good? How do we define a good makeup remover? The no.1 function is to remove makeup at ease. Not much tugging / pulling of skin. To achieve this… I heard that the Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is able to make it through my challenge! So let’s see the specs of the Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover before we start the challenge!   Product Benefits • Smoother jelly-like texture is…

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    Pre-wedding Photoshoot done at USS (Review for Lush Colours Photography) Gown Proudly Sponsored by Dolce2Dolce

    Hello Readers~! I am very glad to tell you guys this… I HAVE FINALLY FUFILLED MY DREAM WEDDING Photoshoot destination! Since Feb 2013, I have been always wanted to go Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa for Pre-wedding photoshoot. However….. 1) Budget constraint : We have to save up for banquet and church wedding so going to uss for pre-wedding seems impossible. Why? Going to uss for 2hrs, you need to pay for their VIP tours which cost $388 / 2 hrs. Additional hrs @ $75. A pre-wedding shoot with bridal shop is usually about 6-7hrs and spending 2hrs here and I am only entitled to 20photos abit bohua(not worth it) right? So now, let…

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    Ger’z Shares: Wedding Bridal Nails by Mynte Fingers

    Hello Readers! Today I am gonna share with you my Casperlyn Wedding Bridal Nails done by Mynte Fingers! So glad that Mynt is willing to sponsor me my nails and doing it for me during her birthday week. I am so excited about doing bridal nails because the wedding day is very important and there is so many bridal nails designs out there. For those that have overspent on their wedding budget, Mynte Fingers will definitely be a great choice. She provides affordable gelish nail and her service is really awesome.   The ever thoughtful Mynt laid down a towel to soak-off and remove the previous nail-art design I have…

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    Ger’z Shares: DA Hairdressing (Perm & Rebond)

      Hello Readers, Today I am gonna share with you my trip to my hair sponsor DA Hairdressing. All along I knew my hair was a disaster. The color, the rebond and the perm that I did since I was 14years old was a great damage to my precious hair. Since 2008, I did rebonding twice in a year and I permed my hair in year 2011 too. Started coloring my hair in 2012 and in 2013. Obviously, my hair would have long lost all it’s nutrients and suffered from a lot of natural breakage. Luckily there is no signs of hair loss. So let’s see how DA Hairdressing performs…

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    We are now hosting the site our selfs and using gerzworld.com domain

      We are currently upgrading services, we are now hosted in UK Kent with sz1hosting Group hostingandvps.com. Please feel free to browse and search this blog for information and view GerzWorld posts you are interested in! This site will be completed in days or 2 weeks maximum we hope you like our new design when it is finally implemented! Thank you :) http://hostingvps.pw http://hostingandvps.com http://sz1hosting.com

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    Ger’z Shares: FACE SG Indoor Family Photoshoot Review

    Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Care *Advertorial* Hello Readers! If you guys know, Ger’z Family have been invited for a photoshoot with Face SG. Woohoo! This is such an awesome gift especially my Grandparents actually flew over to SG from Australia for my Casperlyn Wedding. So this gift from Face SG is so timely. This is their studio. It is somewhere near KK Hospital and Rex Cinema. So today I will be sharing some of the behind the scenes photos and offers to you all! So keep on reading!! Let me give a slight introduce to the package we have been offered. If you quote “Ger’z World or A000522″ you get additional 5 photos FREE for…

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    Ger’z Shares: Sure-Win DA Hairdressing 3 in 1 Hokkaido Scalp Treatment Voucher #GerzGiveaway

    Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Care! *Advertorial* Hello Readers of Ger’z World!  I know that you guys & girls have been waiting for my ger’z giveaway! Here is the deal! But before that, you must read about what is this treatment all about. I mean, you won’t want to win a treatment you knew absolutely nothing about right? So let’s get started!  Today Gerlyn is going to talk about the legendary 3 in 1 treatment voucher!  Ger’z world blogger, Gerlyn is very honoured to be invited to DA Hairdressing to tryout their new scalp treatment.  So you all know, Singapore is a very hot & humid country and we tend to sweat a…

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    How can such a fine powder cleanse my face? BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse Review *Advertorial*

    *Ger’z Shares ; Ger’z Care* Hello Readers, Today Ger’z World is going to share with you a very AMAZING Product on the market! That’s right! It’s the Collagen Cleanse from BeautyBiotics.  A basic introduction on my understanding for Collagen Cleanse: 1) New Cleanser With Nano-Collagen – It’s a new product from BeautyBiotics featuring a very fine crystal powder which turns into a foam when activated by WATER! *Magical* 2) Collagen Treatment As You Cleanse – We all know that we need collagen in our skin for renewal of new skin cells. So now we can apply it on our face for faster effects!  3) Deep + Gentle Foam Cleansing – The…

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    Ger’z Shares: DA Hairdressing (Tokyo Twin Wash + Hokkaido ScalpTreatment + Styling) Worth $100+++ #GerzGiveaway

    *Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Giveaway* Hello Readers, If you did check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/gerzworld you would have notice that we are running a mini giveaway contest! And here I am proudly to announce our Winners! This week we have invited our Facebook Page Winners to collect their prizes @ PoMo Outlet.  Here is a picture taken with Dave, the owner of DA Hairdressing on 4/April/14 For your info, DA Hairdressing is actually setup by a couple who loves hairdressing as an art. They are passionate about what they are doing and that is why DA Hairdressing is expanding so fast in the market. I am glad to be their Ambassador…