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Songkran Road Trip with MINI (10th April 2018 to 18th April 2018)

Hello readers!

Today I will be sharing my FIRST Ever trip to cross the Malaysia – Thailand borders with the MINI Owners.

I am pretty excited to share this with you guys as much as I was excited about this trip.


I always wanted to buy a MINI Cooper hence I decided to join some FB groups to know about them. I saw that they will be having a MINI Cooper Convoy up to Thailand via the Malaysia border. That was in November hence I was quite anxious to get on hand a Mini. At that point in time, I decided that I wanted a MINI with a sunroof. But I was quite lucky to see a MINI Convertible online so I decided a Cabriolet it will be!

Enough of my grandmother story for Cosette. Just FYI my MINI is called Cosette. It means a little thing in French and Cosette is the most blessed and fortunate character in Les Miserables Musical. So it’s our blessing for our Cosette.

LOLOLOLS!! Ok… I shall stop my MINIstory and head to the point!!!

Day 1 – 10th April 2018, Tuesday (Singapore to Melaka)

Showing off my nails done by Garden Nail Gallery, Yoriko Lai. Hehehe… I spent like 3-4hrs doing this nail and its concept by me. On my finger, there is 3 countries Flag, UK Flag, Malaysia flag (my car sets off from Malaysia) and lastly Thailand flag (as we are heading to Thailand). Next, it’s the Cabrio design on my thumb and middle finger, it signifies my Cosette. Then a MINI wording in Blue which presents the colour of my car.

Do show some support to my favourite nail artist, Yoriko by liking her page!

Despite our car being a MINI Cooper and we are only off for 11days but I am still bringing a month worth of luggage!!! HAHAHHAAHHAHA! On our way to the custom, we saw a MINI Cooper heading to the custom too!! Hehehe! So happy to be driving my MINI for the next few days. I am always glad to be driving my MINI around!

We will be doing a night drive to Melaka which is 2hrs away. A trusty Cocoa Milk from Costa will be the best companion for the Night drive.

Day 2 – 11th April 2018, Wednesday (Melaka – Thailand Hatyai, Overnight drive)

The next day in the morning, we actually asked for a suggestion for the Best Car Wash in Melaka. So we visited our friend Marcus’s Car Wash shop. The price is reasonable and service is TIP-TOP! 

My rim is now DUST-FREE! 

We took a Waxing package as Casper told me to polish the car after we are back from Thailand Road trip!

Shining MINI~! This is MINI’s first waxing.

We also met our Convoy Leader of the trip, Jimmy. Thanks, Jimmy for the group sticker! 

My First Stop is visiting the Leader’s place. So we went to Jimmy’s place. 

Had some fun time with his little girl. She is super cute and friendly!! 

We invited her to try out our MINI Convertible and I think she loves it… 

HIGH 5! 

Next stop we headed to a country club to have dinner with the Singapore MINI Club, MINI Mafia Singapore.

While we are waiting, we realised that my MINI is unusually noisy due to some high-speed fan that is running non-stop. 

Ah Gan from Melaka MINI also a workshop boss actually help me checked out my car. But since we are setting off for our trip, we made an appointment to have him fix my car when we return. 

At the same time, we were fortunate to be sponsored by Jason, MINI Melaka with some LIQUI MOLY merchandise and engine cleaner. 

Ah Seng, MINI Melaka and Tyre shop owner actually help me to paste the LIQUI MOLY sticker. Usually, I don’t like to have stickers pasted on the car body in fear of the paint coming off. So Ah Seng pastes it at the Plastic Body Kit area. 

After dinner, we set off for our trip. It will be a long overnight drive from Malaysia to Thailand. 1hr 20mins later… We reached Selangor from Melaka.

Wondering WHY SO FAST??? This is the reason why…. 

We re-fuel our petrol for the very last time in Malaysia. My car was pretty fuel saving. So we didn’t refuel much.

We went to the RNR to have some drinks and this is the point that we decided to split into 2 convoys.

Team Fast & Team FASTer!! LOLOLOLOLOL! Ok fine… My MINI was not fast enough hence those who wanna go faster, they went ahead then basically the rest were just accompanying me at my turtle speed. However FYI, my speed was not slow either. I was travelling at 130km/h while the speed limit was 110km/h.

It was dark and we know that Malaysia highway is not so well-lit too and the fact that my car wasn’t fully-fixed, I think I am not keen to travel at such a fast speed. SEKALI, our car broke down and we can’t even make it to Thai?!?!

So I rather slow & steady COMPLETES the RACE!

Day 3 – 12th April 2018, Thursday (Hatyai)

At 5.42am we have reached the Malaysia Borders and waiting for the Malaysia – Thailand custom to operate at 7am. But the queue was pretty long at 6am liao…
The jam at Malaysia custom was about 1hr. Not too horrid because noting the fact that it’s Songkran Period!!! Thailand’s New Year, a festive period and a long weekend public holiday. 


Together against corruption… Erm… Ok…

The jam is….. I guess other vehicles would have hate MINI Cooper. 13 Mini Coopers trying to cross the borders together.

Finally, we crossed the borders!!! Phew… I think it’s 9am but since Thailand is 1hr ahead, so it’s 8am. We kinda travel back in time!!! BACK TO THE PAST!!! 

Our first petrol re-fueling in Thailand!!! 

Thailand road condition is hmmm… I don’t wanna drive… LOLS!!! 

My first Tuktuk ride with MINI Mafia Singapore team… LOLS!!! First time on Tuktuk

From left Mabel, Charmaine, Jeraldine, Reuben,

From right, Casper, Me, John, John’s Mum & John’s Brother. 

Then we split into two group, one group went to eat Chicken rice and we went to had some Thai Food.. LOLS!!! 

We ordered a Thai Coconut to share because the weather is really hot and we needed aircon and a cold drink. 

Parking together with John’s JCW.

JCW = John Cooper Works.

I seldom stay 4 stars hotel so is really impressive. 

The room number is 2209!!! Woohoo… 22nd September is my birthdate!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! 

After the 10hrs long drive, Casper is super tired but since I have been sleeping throughout the trip as I was unwell, I am super energetic and hungry. So I went out with Jimmy & Ivy and that is where our friendship started.

Note: Jimmy is driving a manual car… I really wanted a Manual Cooper but I am not sure if I could handle the coordination well enough.

Huizhi from Singapore MINI Mafia Team arrived via the plane. Initially, she wanted to drive to Hatyai but due to her being the only driver, I think it will tire her out and so she took a plane.

She totally made the right choice because she looks radiant and Casper looks so haggard and then when she arrives in Singapore, WE ARE STILL IN THE THAILAND CUSTOM!!!! 

I think we went the wrong way…. We are supposed to go to a BIG Stainless Steel Pagoda but our leader got a little too adventurous and headed UPHILL!!!! 

But…. It wasn’t a wasted trip because my car survived the off-road condition!! Who says MINI isn’t for off-road??? 

The view was splendid we were so lucky to catch the sun setting….

The advance party that went up first… We wanted to return and tell the rest to come up… Guess what… THEY CAME UP!!! Group photo with the Team….

Jimmy’s successful attempt on a jump shot! 

Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol: The super awesome stainless steel pagoda… This is where we were supposed to go… But a blessing in disguise… We get to catch a splendid sunset view and night view of the Pagoda.

After the good view and times, we went for dinner. So while driving, Ivy saw this beautiful place. It reminds me of Rapunzel when they release the lantern.

Address10/10 Poonnakan Rd, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Alive ชีวิต ชีวา (Restaurant) It’s one of the 10 most Instagram worthy restaurants in Thai. Apparently, we ticked this off by accident! LOLS!

The western food is really nice!!!! I ordered Salmon with Lemon butter sauce which is superrrrr yummy!!! 

Then we shared the spare ribs together… OMG… The portion is so huge!!!

But one thing about Thai is that their service is really slow irregardless what cuisine you order. Thai food, Western food, Chinese food… All slow….

After the food, we went for Pasar Malam Shopping at ASEAN Market.
AddressThonon Chotevittayakul 5, Tambon Hat Yai, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand

We also shared a bowl of porridge with Huizhi and there is where we became friends!! <3

Day 4 – 13th April 2018, Friday (Hatyai, Songkran Day)

SONGKRAN DAY!!! IVY & ME. She is smart to put on a visor. I thought my sunglass will protect me from the water but it failed. Water got into my eyes and irritate my contact lenses. Hence….. NEXT YEAR I AM DEFINITELY WEARING GOGGLES!!! 

Getting all ready for our water fight later on! 

Waiting for Team MINI Mafia Singapore. 

They have arrived so let’s goooo!!! We will be taking Tuktuk to the play area. We did not want to drive there because it will waste lots of time as we need to find lots of parking lots.

Casper is filming us as we proceed out of the hotel. I am thinking if we should invest in a GoPro next year for Songkran. Hmm…

On the tuk tuk… The dry dry us….

I was all ready to get all wet! So I went to launch an attack at Locals who have a huge bucket of water!! LOLS!!! The locals are super well-prepared la!!! They use a pipe, use ice-water, with lots of powder….


All roads are blocked just to let us play on the street. I believe this is Thailand’s biggest festival to allow us to do this!! LOL! 

A group photo before we split our ways to attack other people! 

How often do you get to water the fire engine?? HAHHAHA!! I am so nice to put out the Fire for the Fire Engine… WAHAHHAHAHA! I hope this is legal! On the tuk-tuk again… But the wet wet us… But we are happy! Huizhi is so engrossed with shooting the others on the Tuktuk. LOLS! Ivy & I are busy taking photos. Look at our gun. Big VS Small. But I definitely prefer a smaller gun! Lighter mah!!

Jimmy did this on purpose. FOR THE SONGKRAN FEEL~! Then we OEI him!! LOLS Because it was too random and the camera has water stains!! 

But I would still prefer a clearer photo!! Sorry that Huizhi’s forehead has a watermark. 

BIG VS SMALL! Outside the hotel.
Such an unfair fight!! LOLS!! But Boon Hee’s gun was wasted because most of the time he is filming and taking photos for me and did not really enjoy the event. So I hope next year he will be able to enjoy while taking photos!
Yes!! We have signed up for next year and if you wanna join us… Come & contact Jimmy!!! 

After we dried ourselves, it’s time the car gets wet!! LOLOLS! Many locals help us wash our car for free!! HAHAHAHA! 

Now we are heading to a floating market. The parking was a little hard to find but the market was impressive. So definitely worth the trip.

Met Ah Gong from Msia too! Ah Gong means MINI Classic (aka the one Mr Bean drove). HELLO Khlong Hae Floating Market!

AddressHat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand


But this floating market is quite different from what I imagined to be. I would think of one floating market that I am on the boat and I go shopping around and buying stuff in the boat itself. But I guess it might cost a bomb for my idea.

Our Mini group photo at the must-take spot. 

Do note the operating days for the market. It’s open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays only. 

I finally got Louis Ku’s signature!! LOLOLS!!! You can google Louis Ku’s signature…

Before we left, we saw this unique spot for a photo. This is so much prettier and no photobomb too! 

At last, it’s dinner time. This place is super nice.

Kan Eng Restaurant

AddressKimpradit Rd, ตำบล หาดใหญ่ Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Day 5 – 14th April 2018, Saturday (Hatyai – Songkhla)

Check out our lovely hotel~~~! Yeah.. We are checking out…. Pretty sad…. 

Team Singapore! 

Off we go to our next destination~
Songkhla Central Mosque
AddressHat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Girls team <3

Girls who drive MINI~ Hahaha… Quite happy to be able to drive MINI.. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy MINI and be able to drive a MINI makes me HAPPY… 

On this trip, there are so many generations of the car. We have Generation 1 Mini, Generation 2 and Generation 3!!!!



Next up we are heading to Songkhla. 

Can you spot me??? Hehehe… I am behind the Hello Kitty car!!! 

Off for lunch!!!! 

Lunch with a Great View!

Thanks, Ah Guan for taking nice photos of us on GoPro. GoPro takes really nice photos!!!

New Mini Society (Thailand) Representative Pi-O gave us some stickers to paste. 

The view is really pretty… Food is damn nice too… 

Nam Kieng Din Restaurant

Address59/2 หมู่ที่ 1 Tambon Ko Yo, อำเภอ เมืองสงขลา Chang Wat Songkhla 90000, Thailand

It’s very cool to have so many MINI ON THE ROAD right???? Sometimes u find it cool… But that takes lots of coordination and time. Hence kudos to Jimmy & Ivy for organising it.

After lunch, we head to Tang Kuan Hill. Ok, the view wasn’t that impressive but the tram ride was cool. HAHAHA!

Actually ah, I think the tickets are much prettier than the view… HAHAHHAHAHA, but Casper like it. The queue to the lift was super long and slow because there is only one lift available.

Finally, we reached the hilltop.

There is the love lock thingy but too bad there is no place to sell the lock so we cant lock. We both like to lock our love whenever we see this. 

A group photo with our Thailand Mini Friend “Pi-O”.

Mini Best Friends <3 

We ended Tangkuan Hill with an ice cooling ice-cream~ Hehehehe! 

Cold and cooling ice-cream for a hot hot day!!! 

Me & the Thailand Mini… 

After which we headed to the MERLION of Thailand. It’s called the Mer-Li-On. 

Time to wash my hand before dinner… LOLOL!!

Ok… I am such a showoff for my nails… But it’s really pretty!!!

Look at the Samila Beach shadow casting on the floor.. It looks like Thai wording!!! LOLS!

The Golden Mermaid which is a must-take. The queue is…….. Yes, you gotta queue… 

This is the write-up for the Golden Mermaid Statue. 

Ice-cream treat by …….. I think is Ah Gan!!! Sorry memory is pretty bad!

Just a feedback for the Day 3 hotel (2nd hotel) for the trip. This matter has been brought up to our Convoy leader and he did help to assist us in this. So basically what happened was what you seen in the picture. I actually took a video of the hotel condition which I feel is pretty unsuitable. Firstly the First Room I was allocated too, has no water heater and no aircon due to power outage in that room. Hence we looked for the Hotel Staff who happens to clean our room and then Jimmy helped us to convey our intention of a room swop with their manager.

The Second room we were allocated to, Water heater and aircon were working well. Hence I took a bath. However…… During my bath, a 不速之客 was spotted. Uninvited guest indeed. He is called Mr Leech 水蛭 yup, the one who will suck your blood one… I am not pretty shock because I have met ‘him’ before during lots of adventure, camping and outdoor activities so he is not 陌生 or I am horribly scared. His bite is not painful either. Just horrified that how can the condition be so jialat. Like so many mosquitoes, and the floor is really sandy and just……… I am speechless…..

But thankful to Jimmy for helping us to liaise because he can speak Thai and I can only mimic Thai Accent… LOLOLOLS!!! Otherwise, I will like kisiao lah…. Coz the staff cannot speak English but probably it’s because this place is more backward and it’s just a small hotel.

I hope this hotel can improve although I wont go back anymore. I wont mention this hotel name either.

But this hotel is not all bad la… They quite thoughtful sia…. They provided a condom sia….  HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

At this point in time, the ‘Smart’ car people have left our convoy and head back to Hatyai first. ‘Mini’ team continue to stay and prepare for the long ride the next day.

Time to drive out for dinner. Who says Cabrio only seats 4??? We seated 5… HAHAHHAHAA!

Day 6 – 15th April 2018, Sunday (Songkhla – Hatyai)

Breakkie time. Super nice Chicken Rice and Char Siew rice… 

The number of Mini Coopers in the photo is uncountable!!! HAHAHHAHAHA! Just kidding but pretty impressive because of so many MINI on the Highway!!!! 

Next up, our Thailand Mini friend actually brought us to a super duper cool countryside cafe. 

We waited pretty long for our drinks but the view was worth it! 

The sunflowers are so pretty too… I am the ugly one! 

I am not sure of the address either so hopefully, Casper will be able to fill it in. Argh, Casper forgot to save the location! Oh no!

The reason we love road trip is that of the views…… So therapeutic! 

Now OTW to Phatthalung… Ekachai Bridge

Addressสะพานเอกชัย Tambon Phanang Tung, Amphoe Khuan Khanun, Chang Wat Phatthalung 93150, Thailand

Now we are on our way for a long trip of about 100km up north. Due to time constraint as we need to be back to Hatyai on the same day. Ok…. Xiao rant a bit… We drove so far outskirt to this place and we only have a short while to take pictures… But this is the pros and cons of a road trip with a convoy, maybe I love taking pictures but probably some are done and prefer to go off already… so yup………. Probably I will just make a second trip. 

This place is very beautiful but we are a little far behind time! We drove to the end of the bridge to have a briefing, then we drove back to the middle of the bridge for the attraction highlight for our photo session and off we go for our sumptuous lunch! 

Hooray… Mini with a beautiful postcard background!!!

Thanks Huizhi for helping us to take this beautiful photo!!! Appreciate that… 

The chop chop ‘follow me to’ (#followmeto)….

Just in time for a group photo with my ladies…

Christine, Jenny, Tracy, Lilian and Huizhi. Lovely Ladies~!

Probably you will somewhat understand why I rant…. I feel that we spent so much time travelling to this beautiful bridge but we are given such a short stipulated time. I understand it’s a tour and you follow tour sure is liddat one…

Sri Parkpra
AddressLam Pam, Muang Phatthalung District, Phatthalung 93150, Thailand

Makan with a view~ Hungry liao! Speaking of which, we didn’t bring enough money because we made a mistake and we thought that our fees are meal inclusive. My mistake for reading wrongly. So at the last part, Casper and I decided to order our own meals as I can’t take spicy and being a spoilt brat picky eater, I guess this is a better option.

LOLOLOLS Blessing in disguise. 

A beautiful group photo was taken outside the restaurant!

Thanks Pi-O for the super nice photo taken. I am sure he lightroom-ed it… LOLS!


Suddenly we stopped at the roadside…. I tot what happened again… Then realised.. Our Thailand friend is leaving…. 

Thanks a lot Pi-O for showing us around. We really appreciate it a lot!!! It’s nice to see how we connect with one and other using MINI as the bridge between the 3 nations. Language is no longer a barrier but definitely, I should learn Thai!! 

We really 飘向北方~别问我hatyai~

Finally reached Hatyai in the late evening… Actually, I would prefer to stay in Hatyai/Songkhia as it is quite tiring after spending most of the time driving. Personal preference again.

Because I prefer sightseeing and all, Hatyai has a lot of pretty and unexplored places we could visit. In my opinion, it’s a bit 不划算,不符合时间效应 to travel so far up north just to ‘touch and go’. Well, not saying that place is not nice, but if we can extend the trip and stay there for more time to explore will be even better. Just a random thought. But I also understand we have to keep to our tour schedule. Anyway, still a good experience for us!

Super tired from all the driving.. Super shag face… But I can tell you… THIS IS THE BEST HOTEL EVER! Thanks to the organiser for arranging this! Organiser definitely know we need a good recharge!
Trust me.. u gotta stay in this hotel if u come to Hatyai. 

The Regency Hotel

Address149 ถนน ศุภสารรังสรรค์, Tambon Hat Yai, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand

It has EVERYTHING! All the department store like ODEAN and whatever la, Pasar Malam, good food, good deal… Everything is here. BEST Hotel ever like I would definitely try to stay here for my next trip but it’s too expensive liao… This is a 4-star hotel… 

But I really love it…. 

Still got suckling pig right outside the hotel… LOLS! Casper’s favourite. 

Our last night…… Because we are a little broke liao.. So we skipped dinner with the group to have our couple time and ‘tabao’ back to our hotel to eat. Finally, we feel that Thailand ‘makan’ pricing is damn reasonable. I really love to eat roadside food… This ‘orh-jian’ (Oyster omelette) is damn good and I went back in July for it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

It’s been a long time we went on holiday and have not enough cash. The last time is our first trip to KL which I overspent. This time it’s because we did not bring enough cash and also in Thailand there is not much shop accept Credit card hence we are cash-tight.

Day 7 – 16th April 2018, Monday (Hatyai – Alor Setar – Penang)

Tadah~ Breakkie is room service!!! Seems like rich right?? Nope, coz we are young, dumb and broke….. Room service allows us to pay using Credit Card when checking out… Hence YAY~! Act yi xia 有钱人~ 

Spend some money buying Thai makeup Mistine at Odean Super Market. Luckily can pay using Credit card lo.. Otherwise Casper won’t allow me to buy… Coz we got last meal with the gang and then we need to save our last bit for the last meal and the last meal is definitely ex one lo… Impossible that last meal is cheap right?


Show off my eyeliner and foundation… The foundation i got #2 natural but… Still too light!!! 

Siao liao siao liao….. Simi Waterview Restaurant!!! RESTAURANT CONFIRM EX DE LOR!!

The view so chio….. Siao liao lo…. 

Still beside the water…… Cham liao…. 

Big prawn or Mini Lobster…. 

One for each person. Everyone have a fair share… 

The famous Basket Fish…. 

Dunno cry or laugh so we told Jimmy and Ivy that we might only be able to pay them with Ringgit instead of Thai baht. OMG… damn poor thing literally… So damn paiseh…

You see the environment xiao chio, food good… Cham liao….

But who knows… The last meal….. JIMMY & IVY TREAT SIA!!!! OMG!!!!!

People who are curious can go convert the currency but……. This is really………

Just FYI, we had more than 30pax. So yeah… Kudos to Jimmy & Ivy for their generosity…Thank you so much for sumptuous lunch treat!!

Bye Thailand. You have been nice and I will be back… Looking forward to the next Songkran trip… My colleague SK told me must go for 3yrs so you can get the blessings.


Charmaine buying fruits during the 2hr jam… LOLS! I wanted to buy too but when I decided the auntie left….

JAM JAM JAM~! Then my car was in a horrible state… it was blowing hot air…. So we wind down the window and we realise the outside temperature was colder!!! WTH!!!! 

Hello Jason & Tracy! 

So Ivy went down to summon another Mini Cooper which wasn’t from our convoy. Thank you Ivy for the hard work and tiredness… 

As we Passenger step off the vehicle to queue again……..

I was quite happy and sad to leave Thailand… Happy because when I reach Malaysia I can have money to spend. Sad because that means the end of the trip and everyone on the trip was so happy and then… We need to say good bye~ 

Saddest was saying goodbye to this car in front. It’s Allen & Mabel… Will miss them… 

As we all split our ways, we left earlier because the rest headed to DFS.

We headed to Alor Setar Tower! 

Alor Setar Tower is a 165.5 m telecommunication tower in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. Apart from serving the role of a telecommunication tower, it also caters as a tourist destination for the town. The tower also houses some restaurants and a souvenir shop.
AddressDarul Aman Highway, Bandar Alor Setar, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

The beautiful Tower…. So so so so pretty!

Day 8 – 17th April 2018, Tuesday (Penang – Teluk Intan – Sekinchan)

The next morning, we headed to Penang Tower…. In case you did not know, you can zip line here!!! HAHAHA

We paid like 3RM to enter this carpark to have a good shot of this Tower.

The KOMTAR Tower, in the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia, is Penang’s tallest skyscraper and the sixth tallest building in Malaysia. KOMTAR is an acronym for Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak, named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia. The tower was constructed in 1974 and completed in 1986.
AddressLebuh Tek Soon, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Transformers in Penang!!! OMG!!!! Bumblebee & Optimus Prime!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Then we met our Penang Friends, Lilian & Allen for breakkie. John also stayed a day at Penang because we are all too tired to “chiong” back. So we just opted for a night at Penang. 

Lilian was a really nice host. Same goes for Allen who saved me by giving me a Penang Parking Coupon. Just FYI, in Msia, different state, different coupon. I got an expired Melaka coupon and plenty of JB Coupon. 

We had sumptuous breakkie and finally had some tradition chinese food after so many days of Thai food. 

Filling tummy and happy MINI Owners! 

After our breakkie, Lilian mentioned that she wanna visit Authorised Dealer to ask them about some issues with her car. So I decided to head over and maybe look at some merch. 

Sooooo excited to visit other Authorised Dealer… 

Quite in love with this countryman. But I felt that the size is too big. It’s funny too for Countryman to be Hybrid too. Like I feel Countryman is a ‘chiong-sua’ (go for extreme terrain) car but huh??? Hybrid??? Ok… Just dun make sense to me… 

Although I like F series because they have lesser technical problems but……… But but… I would prefer the retro looking interior fitting. Maybe that’s what I like about MINI…

Thanks Lilian for bringing us around and hope we meet again real soon! 

As usual my recommended Hotel in Penang, Rangoon, I have been staying here since 2017 and whichever trip I come, I will stay here. 

This is what I like about road trip…. You can stop anywhere to just take photos and yup…. It’s the FREEDOM! Hence I always try to rent a car whenever I go overseas.

Thanks Allen from Penang for the introduction. He told us to visit this Tower. 

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan is a clock tower in Teluk Intan, Hilir Perak District, Perak, Malaysia. It is the Malaysian equivalent of the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The tower is slanted leftward, similar to the Tower of Pisa.
AddressLot 1&2, Komplex Menara Condong, Jalan Bandar, Pekan Teluk Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia

I wouldn’t have known this place without locals bits of advice like Allen.

It’s really pretty to visit. I haven’t visited the Pisa so I guess this is cool enough. I heard it was not designed this way. It’s because of the water tank putting pressure.

You can see the tower leans right. P/s MY LEG IS SUPER LONG! 

You can open up to read the story.

Day 9 – 18th April 2018, Wednesday (Sekinchan)

Finally Sekinchan!!! OMG!! My dream place!!! 

Really really love this place soooo much!!!! 


还记得你说家是唯一的城堡 随着稻香河流继续奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道

我们总是在抱怨事与愿违 却不愿意回头看看自己
想想自己 到底做了什么蠢事情 也许是上帝给我一个试炼
只是这伤口需要花点时间 只是会想念过去的一切
那些人事物会离我远去 而我们终究也会远离变成回忆 Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we’re looking for recruits
If you with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute

我的情人leh? 他在帮我拍照!

We arrived at the wishing tree! 

We hope that we will be happy as always…

Day 10 – 19th April 2018, Thursday (Sekinchan – Rawang – Melaka – JB)

In the morning, we headed to Bob Auto Roof Works at Rawang to seek advice for my Soft-top roof!

So we seek Bob’s advice to have the entire roof changed instead of fixing it part by part…. 

While on the way back to Melaka……. We got pulled over by JPJ aka Traffic police of Malaysia.

They open my Bonnet up to check my chassis to see if my car is legit. Obviously, it’s legit!!

Can’t do anything illegal with such a righteous hubby around… HAHAHAHAH! 

We reached Melaka in the late afternoon.

HELLO Tong Tong! Matching couple tee with Tong <3 Home cooked food by Ivy… Poor Ivy is sick but she made a meal for us before going back to sleep.

Team Melaka <3 So grateful to know them… Behind me is Jimmy, Ah Seng, Marcus (in red) his wife Joanne and his son Lucas. 

Afterwards, Vincent from Melaka joined us. He is only 21years old!!! Boon Hee said I am the youngest Mini Owner… I am not!!!! Vincent is…. Still glad I got my Mini before I turned 26th. Hit my life goal again!!! 

Tadah Mini Meets… 

Thanks Jimmy for using his “computer” to reset the error code on my Mini… Thanks Team Melaka for hanging out with us!!!

Day 11 – 20th April 2018, Friday (JB – Singapore)

So this marks the end of the trip… We will ride Xiaohei (Little Blackie) back to SG. Next year Songkran we will be riding Motorbike or probably taking a train. I am gonna tear again for the loss of Xiaohei…

Cool Facts about this trip:

Total Travelled Distance: about 2200km +

Total vehicles on the trip: 13 MINIs, 3 SMART & 1 Mercedes.

The feedback that I have gathered for this trip…

We build great friendship bonding throughout the amazing trip with Mini owners from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

The organisers put in great efforts and guidance to make the trip a success. United us together and bring us great memories and experiences. Leading us to the land of thousands smile. This is one of my eye-opening experiences.

Casper love the walkie conversation, like radio stations, so entertaining!

Suggestion for improvements:

I feel that the costing of the trip should be more transparent. As this year trip, there is feedback that a few paid different prices due to the fluctuation of hotel prices.

Humble Suggestion: Therefore my suggestion is that everyone book their own hotel! Then won’t have a similiar issue in future!

Too many cars hence lots of time wasted. As of this year, I feel there are too many cars hence a lot of coordination need and many time is wasted to coordinate this and that and wait and wait and wait.

Humble suggestion: Reduce the number of cars to 10 or lesser for easy coordination.

Lack of small group leaders… Jimmy is a great leader but in such a big convoy, 1 leader may not be enough.

Humble suggestion: Make Marcus the 2nd IC. LOLS Coz his car can be fast enough to lead the “fast team” and Jimmy can continue to lead the “slower team” aka my team… Sorry lah… My car is slow slow lah… :(

Travelling too far to visit only one or two places of interest. A bit like Jack of all trade, master of none. Just touch and go instead of living like a local!

Humble suggestion: To concentrate on one location and explore in-depth that particular place only…

大家能一起出国是种缘分……应该好好珍惜。我们应该彼此忍让,队长也是人,不是圣人,不是超人。感觉他为了我们能玩的开心,自己也没什么玩到。看得出Jimmy和Ivy很累。但是只要他们继续做这个Songkran Convoy trip我们两夫妻一定支持。

I know people will think it’s easy to criticise but mine is feedback and not criticism. I am grateful for this trip and I know everyone volunteers their time to plan this trip and make it happen but definitely, nothing is perfect and as a perfectionist Virgo and a fair Libra, it’s in my blood to clear things up and make it better.

It took me 6mths to write this post. I know this post might bring up happy memories and definitely some not so happy ones but nonetheless, it’s all memories kept to our heart. I have made many friends during this trip. Close ones and definitely closer ones. I am grateful for this trip and the organiser and every teammate for being tolerant to my Cosette as she is the slowest in town.

Therefore the suggestion I opted to not delay the 2019 trip is setting off 1 week earlier and meet at Koh Samui Jetty. Since I travel slow, hence I travel earlier.

Lastly, once again thank you, Jimmy & Ivy, for their kindness, patience and effort towards this trip and the entire Mini Owners. I believe everyone had fun and joy! Lastly, sorry for being so troublesome. HAHAHA!

Lastly, Thank You for reading my FIRST Mini-related blog post. And this is our new signature! I hope you like it!!! Thanks a lot for supporting us and reading this blog till this end. I hope it’s entertaining and helpful and makes you wanna attempt a trip to Thailand. My next blog post will be THAILAND Road-trip again… But it will be featuring Xiao Hei~~!!! Who is Xiaohei??? Dunno?? Then stay tuned….. I hope it won’t take another 6mths!!!!!

Thankful for the MINIs that was part of this trip! Without any one of you, I believe this trip will not be the same!

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