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HK DRAMA Review: Triumph In The Skies 2 衝上雲宵II part 1

Hello Readers!

 Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2″ Episode 1 (By Funn) thumbnail 
Today we are talking ABOUT DRAMA~! :)

Gerz Disclaimer: Information may not be accurate since this is memory based. I apologize if there is any mistake. All photos belongs to their respective owners. Based on my own humble opinion (IMHO). :P *relax lah*

Decided to do this blog post because i am lazy to tell my bf wenxi about every single episode :)

The theme song kicks in…. I double check the title…. Are you sure? I am looking at the correct show?
The theme song sucks la! >.<
I will attach a youtube video for you all… sang by George lam…

Sibei Pai Tia right? <— means super lousy song right? I mean, no offence to fan of Lin Zi Xiang.. But hor, this song not suitable for TITS 2 … I am sorry do your prefer me to use TITS 2 (Triumph In The Skies 2) or your wan CSYX (Chong Shang Yun Xiao 2)? I think ur prefer csyx :)

haha! ok…. let you all hear csyx 1 theme song by Eason Chen Yi Xun :) Not shi nian (10years!) Dont always think he only sing one song ok?

So MUCH NICER RIGHT? They got Chinese Version too :) I used to emo using the chinese version.

yup ! I help u agree! CSYX 1 theme song sounds so much better than CSYX 2 :P

Ok back to the topic….

Episode 1 Show what?

So first episode: Start off with Roy (Kenneth Ma) my idol : ) Anyway, he jumped from some taiwan airlines to Skylette Airline *Note: No more solar* Dunno why, maybe Cathay dont like TVB niaoz… Roy is the same batch of Cadet with Ye Xuan & the old batch of people and with ISSAC TONG ( Ron Ng) … :)

So the naughty Issac as usual, decided to play a trick on Roy on his first day @ skylette airline (SA) so they potray Jayden Koo (CHILAM) as Cool Monster.. Issac say that there is once he yawns while auto-piloting and he was scolded by Cool Monster… >.< This freaks Roy out… And they make Roy to call Cool monster in fear Cool Monster was late for the flight.

When they got into the cockpit *the place the pilot drives the plane* Cool Monster shares his Military stories to freak everyone out. Anyway Jayden was from the AIR FORCE previously :) Australia AF :)) Shuai! So he shared about eating snakes alive and etc.. FrEAKING everyone out…. And Roy said: “Captain Koo, can you share you stories later so Issac can take off successfully?” Then Captain Koo ignored and then continue to sPam scary story… >.<

Halfway the plane was travelling, Coco Ling (nancy) wanted to serve drinks to the PILOTS then she told Roy that Captain Koo Monster only takes 3/4 cube of sugar and Roy really stupidly go cut the cube into 3/4 and it was video down by COCO! haha!

Finally at the end of the journey, they reveal they trick Roy & even took videos and gonna post on FB! :P

So when they arrived in LONDON *story starts*

Just nice A CHARACTER APPEARED! Holiday !! Played by FALA Chen :) Love her max!! During those periodic drama for the Princess show.. Ok.. anyway…

I will just pause here… and i will be back :)

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