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Church Wedding Photoshoot (DO-IT-YOURSELF) – Giftflorist2000 Review

Hello Readersss…

sorry for keep you guys waiting for so long.. recently i have changed job and it have been really busy.. haha.. so anyway…. Let me update what I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL THESE WHILE!!

So, the crazy bride & groom, decided to have a CHURCH PHOTOSHOOT!

Woohoo! So we asked people to help out and yup…

We approached photographer like Nicholas from Moments photography but that they he was packed with a malaysian girl, weiwei.. Well, you can look at Moments FB page to get more info.. Then we asked francis and he was busy … So we asked Sa!!! And immediately she is willing to offer her help… :) I was so happy that she agreed immediately.. What a good sister I have :’) So next, how can i forget yh!! :) So yh is like Sa’s assistant and she don’t mind because we r all good sisters :)

So i wanted to like DIY my own makeup or going to a saloon to set my hair… But….. it was such a chore… And my church fellowship cell group mate, Meiling is a makeup artist.. So me & wenxi went to approach her.. And she agree to help us and giving us a good deal… I can’t reveal it but it was certainly extreme below the market rate….

So we have like 3 clothes setting.. A couple tee shirt , a prom and wedding…

So talking about all these, let me show you some of our preparation!! :)

As you guys know, if you wanna have a photoshoot, you definitely must have FLOWERSSS!

So my dear went to order from online florist!

And this is their fb page :
This is their shop @ amk :) 
So this is the exterior of their store…. 

So this is the flower we got in the end :) Very blue, purplish.. very romantic and pure feel.. :P

So i was hesitating between this and the blue one…. So told wenxi to take a picture to see what is better looking on the photos… we chose the blue one because it is more lively & vibrant as compare..

And tadahhhh!! i got these for my sisters / bridesmaidssss … u will knw more about this next year.. :P

7 different color representing the colors of rainbow.. Which is the theme of my wedding.. And rainbow is like a promise from God :)

So this is the saleslady, WENDY :) hope i get her name right… she is really good :)

Wendy is a great sales person.. she give good advice and also very patient with me.. haha.. you all know i m veryy veryy veryy picky… :P

Are you all ready?? 
Price: 9/10 <— quite reasonable for a artificial bouquet that could last forever.. about less than $50… 
Design: 7/10 <— There are quite alot of design but mostly are in pink which is my dislike colors.. And the one i m holding is actually the ONLY vibrant design i see that day… 
Service: 10/10 <– Wendy is really patient and very willing to show me alot of design and asking my preference and telling me which bouquet is more suitable for a petite bride like me.. 
Online Service: 5/10 <— I asked for a tulip design intially but there was no stock and they din even inform us.. a little dissapointed initially.. But apparently, the tulip design isnt pretty in real life.. :x So lucky me… 
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