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Inman Aligner @ Dentalworkz Studio (Part 2)

Hello Readers! 
Remember my Inman Aligner @ Dentalworkz Studio Part 1??? 
Haha! Of course you do! ^^ 
Ok! Now we shall journey with part 2 :))
Basically, i am a proud owner of my customised inman aligner as of 17Oct2013! :) It actually arrived from UK (United Kingdom) on monday 13Oct but busy girl 92 wasnt free to collect it. So i went today! :)
So fitting was a brezze with my favourite dentist Dr Rashid :) He attached a metal piece to the back of my right front teeth (the most jialat) and the most potruding teeth. With the memory of a goldfish, i forget what is it for.. But he said it will be removed at the end of the treatment! He mentioned that more metal pieces will be attached soon.. 
So he did polishing at the back of my teeth and attach it without any pain! Seriously, I am Gerlyn Ong leis! My pain tolerance is ZERO! So obviously i wont put myself thru a painful treatment.. Eg. Metal braces! 
Next, he fit in the aligner.. I was super nervous because i am afraid it would be painful! >.< but chey! NOT PAIN AT ALL! Dr Rashid keep asking pain anot but it is totally painless! Phew! Thank God for giving Doctor wisdom & skills to handle a difficult patient like me! :) i kept praying and praying and hoping it would work and painless :) and the treatment was done!
I am feeling a little uncomfortable because i am still adjusting.. >.< 
Dr Rashid also patiently teach me how to put it on & remove the inman aligner. I am a klutz in doing this and because of my super long nailz which i 不舍得剪掉 because bf say the next time we do nails again is during wedding time :'( sob sob… So cutting my nailz means ….. I will cryyyyyy :'( ok.. Enuf of drama :P
I faced problems when putting the aligners in but Dr Rashid encouraged me by saying : “There is a will, there is a way” 
In chinese means! 有志者事竟成!or 有恒心铁杵也能磨成针!
Show u some photos taken at Dentalworkz first before i do the review!

A facebook post by Dentalworkz official page :) yup, i really love the treatment <3

This is Paras :) she is the first to intro dentalworkz to me & contact me.. Super friendly ^^ usually the first person u come in contact will determine if u will continue to give this company support.. So Paras definitely did a good job to convince me visit Dr Rashid :)) kudos!

This is SITI <3 most of the time i see her for payment.. Her Jobscope is similar to what i am working as now.. But she is definitely doing a super good job :) she gives a clear view of the payment pattern, and introduce me to the UOB 0% installment plan! :) <— wenxi definitely loves this part :) She is very patient and fun loving :) she also knows magic* (a secret between us) shall tell u if u ever seek treatment from Dentalworkz! :P and you know what? Siti is great at making pretty CUPCAKES! Those colourful ones! Shall take picture when i try them next visit ^^

1st photo: smile abit because dont know how i look on photos.
2nd photo: trying to close my mouth to take a picture but my lips were too thin. I know i look ugly.. But i prefer ur to say, aww ger looks so cute! 
Doctor is really encouraging and nice :’) 

So this is a sample of inman @ the clinic :) look very complicated right? Tats why u are paying so much for this advance technology! 

This is their price list :)) i strongly recommend dentalworkz for their professional service to everyone i know! 

And please please please.. If u wan inman aligner, please look for Dr Rashid as Dentalworkz and Dr Rashid is certified and they are the ONLY CERTIFIED provider in SINGAPORE! *this is what they claim* but i check on the website, it is true! :) 
Do make sure u are getting the correct & best treatment if u are spending so much.. 
Like invisalign, inman aligner does come with a box :) but the big box Dr Rashid kept it and he gave me the container & instruction manual! Like 武林秘籍!

So do ask me more about my journey with Inman aligner ok? :)
Some questions asked by my friend..
Q: Expensive?
A: 3.5k 
Q: better than metal braces?
A: hmmm i think should be better cuz it is faster and painless :)
Q: affect ur speech?
A : yup definitely :(
Q: how long it takes?
A: my case maybe 4mths plus?
Q: who is suitable for this?
A: best is to ask Dr Rashid. He advise best.. But i think this inman aligner only works for front 6teeth only.. The anterior teeths. So u shuld know ur condition better :) 
Service: 10/10 
Knowledge: 10/10
Politeness: 10/10
Price: 7/10 abit expensive but cheapest among the other braces. 
All the dental nurse are friendly and knowledgable too! :) they are nice to talk to :) and Siti promise to make cup cakes for me too :)) 
If anymore questions feel free to leave a comment :) 
Xoxo, Gerlyn :P
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