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Madame Tussauds Singapore Review: Is it worth to go there?

Madame Tussauds Logo 21txHello Readers,

Today I am gonna share with you my trip to Madame Tussauds Singapore Wax Museum. It’s my second time visiting a wax figurine museum, first one is at hongkong and second one is here. So I guess for those who visited Hong Kong one, you will find Singapore one also not bad, got boat ride some more, but only maybe slightly smaller scale a bit. We Singaporean definitely must give support to visit our very own Wax Museum, as Singapore needs to grow as a good touristy hot spot, people have what we also mus have ma, and maybe even better! (Kiasu spirit, yeah!)
2txMy tickets are given to me by my friend cum Casper’s colleague Joyce~ She cant make it hence she blessed us this tickets and just nice we go to RWS like very frequently so ya~
3txSo where exactly is Madame Tussauds Located in Sentosa? It’s located behind the merlion there, the image of singapore there, behind the tiger tower. For tourist, just ask for direction la, Singaporeans cfm know where. Except for some people that say “Singapore got Wax Museum meh? I dunno sia!” – Casper Kat said this.. I was like wth! U know our wax museum damn cool can anot! Got Boat ride got Huang Wen Yong and got Justin Bieber~ Baby Baby Baby no~ Ok sorry… Go back to topic! 4txApparently this lady behind me, Casper also dunno is who… Wapiang Oei! Casper u sure u live in 2016?!
5txYou know why i said tat? Because he only know Gurmit Singh, aka Phua Chu Kang, Dont play play ah~

The Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride

IMG_2461When you arrived, first thing is to take the boat ride. IMG_2462I was super excited with the ride, coz it looked so cool in pictures. IMG_2464Then I realise my iphone CMI. We will agar agar know this is Mer Mer aka Merlion and Sir Stanford Raffles. IMG_2466Then in another instance Singapore Airline Airplane flew past above us. IMG_2467Not exactly flew past us but our boat zoom thru too fast. IMG_2470Then next is the F1 Race Cars. Also Zoom too fast only manage to take 1 photo or 2…

IMG_2473Then we also get to see Ching Ching Ling Long~ Chinese Opera! IMG_2474Then also get to see LION DANCE Dong Dong Chiang~
IMG_2476It’s cool la, when ur boat passby the Lion will dance~~
IMG_2477Then we arrived at Chinese Temple.

IMG_2946The selfie i took with Sir Stanford Raffles.. Dun tell me you cannot see hor! Only got this shot nia!
IMG_2949And Hello Merlion~ IMG_2952Behind can see the Gardens By The Bay.. Quite chio~ IMG_2953Then you see la, the light went off so fast. I havent capture then everything dimmed…. -.- IMG_2955This is the speed of the boat. i call it speed boat! IMG_2959This is one of the nice photo I took with Lion~ IMG_2961And lastly a photo before we disembark the boat. It’s damn dark.. I will highly recommend people to use flash photography and not use night mode or long exposure coz the boat move too fast!

my personal reviews

Review for The Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride: As you can see, the photos taken using my Exilim aka Shenqi is abit cui.. Then i asked the boat staff if i could retake the boat when I am taking photo at the tram area and they said I could re-take un-limited times as long as it’s before 7pm but problem is i need to exit and re-enter.IMG_2729So according to the website, we cant re-enter is one time admission tickets. So nvm.. I walk to the exit and i told the staff there I would like to take the boat ride and she asked if I took it before. I say yup, i would like to do it again. And staff is like “Oh the ticket is 1-time admission and you cant do it etc etc..” Ok nvm.. But how i felt was that when i was there, there is little people taking the boat ride, then i see no reason why i cant do it again. Especially it’s so cool and I dun mind queue-ing it and the fact it’s the only one in asia and the main fact is, i sat at the right hand side, i missed some stuff on the left and a 2nd boat ride is better for me to see the left side stuff again! Then the boat ride is 3mins, so fast and so many things happening in One Time Frame. Before I start watching or snapping, I already missed it. Just a pity…. I feel that they should allow maybe up to 2 boat rides per customer. So people will have 6mins to enjoy the ride itself. As you can see from my selfie, the boat really go that fast so 90% of photos are blur. Then the boat go so fast nvm, during disembark tat time hor, we spent 1 min waiting to get off the boat. Then since liddat might as well you slower the speed of the boat so during disembark tat time people dun have to wait and queue? This is my humble opinion la.. But none-the-less the boat ride is still cool and awesome! But too Fast too furious~

Actually the boat ride itself was 3/5

Ability to retook become 5/5

But in the end cant retake become 2/5 because I dislike Staff miscommunication and giving wrong info.

Since it’s free i wont say it’s not worth the take but I will say the experience was… so-so and I hope MTS (Madame Tussauds Singapore) will improve in the times to come.

History & Leaders

IMG_2520Yay! I selfie taken with Mr LHL!
IMG_2517So basically i am currently working in the Prime Minister Office!!! HAHAHAHAHA! IMG_2514Ok la.. I lie to you de.. I am actually Princess Gerlyn~ HAHAHAHAHHAIMG_2511
Mr LKY & his wife.

IMG_2509 IMG_2505

IMG_2496Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong
IMG_2493And tadah~ OBAMA!

A picture with Chairman Mao! IMG_2486


IMG_2529IMG_2561 IMG_2558
IMG_2550 IMG_2549

IMG_2543IMG_2545 IMG_2540
IMG_2537 IMG_2534Singapore’s Sports session is actually quite interactive coz you can really fit into what the Sports Star is doing.

IMG_2562Then as usual you will walk thru the makings of wax figurine section. It’s very informative and you can see how Stephanie Sun’s Wax head was made. Damn cool! But seen before at Hong Kong liao so we kinda skipped it.

A-List Party & Film

IMG_2710I was telling Casper AIYA! I forget to bring my Anlene milk!! HAHAHAHA
IMG_2707Then this is Johnny Depp. I feel that if they want him to wear a hat, MTS should give more “light” to him.
IMG_2697This photo i quite like. HAHAHA! Casper say i look like their kids. I say yes.. I am 12yo this year! hahahaha!
IMG_2693OMG~ 啊哈~给我一杯忘情水~
IMG_2687This one requested by naughty Casper.. Not i wanna do de.. But yeah~ 眯眯眼 ftw!

I used to like guys with 眯眯眼!

My ex-crush I know Boon Hee know is who la, did a 眯眯眼 with Edamame as his Mustache! HAHAHAHHA! Damn cute!

Then Boon Hee trying to do a replica but fail~ hahahhaahahha!

IMG_2679And yes, i am gonna cycle to the moon with my ET!
IMG_2676Bruce Lee~ IMG_2672Casper’s Fave! Terminator~
IMG_2669The cool thing about take a photo here is there is a professional photographer who will take it for you.

IMG_2664Guess what, they have a fan below that blows your hair so really like machiam you are riding a bike! IMG_2658

tadah~ It’s Jackie Chan~ This is the standard touristy post here. LOLS! IMG_2641This is my idol, Director Jack Neo . Supported him since i was like 4yrs old every Monday 8pm camp at TV watch his 搞笑行动!

When i was younger, i went for audition to join them tat was like 6yo but they said i was too thin.. >.< They are looking for a chubby little girl for the role inside their weekly comedy.

Sob sob…
IMG_2569But nvm, u see me now! I am DIRECTOR myself too! HAHAHAHAH! IMG_2564Anyway this is Verteran Actor, Huang Wen Yong. He passed away but an wax figurine was created to commerate him and his contribution to Mediacorp.

He filmed alot of nice shows like 雾锁南阳 and 敢敢做个开心人。

He is good!
IMG_2653And then i had breakfast with Princess like a princess~ IMG_2650Here are the bollywood stars. IMG_2647How’s my Saree? I ownself wrap one.. Nice hor? IMG_2645
IMG_2636IMG_2633OMG! It’s my dad’s favourite 007~


IMG_2631Before I proceed to meet the music idols, i mus prepare myself at the backstage first!

IMG_2684To be an music idol myself I must take some Piano Lesson from Mr Dick Lee! HAHAHA

IMG_2661Then learning how to sing and dance like ABBA~

IMG_2629Understand the history in the music industry~
IMG_2626Beat it~ Beat it~ Beat it~
IMG_2620Learn some oldies~
IMG_2613And learn how to do the hippest dance~ IMG_2610Being an musician doesnt mean you can be Hot And Cold~ IMG_2608But you always mus 笑个甜蜜蜜~IMG_2604And fans will love you and leave Tears drops on my Guitar~
IMG_2599And you can finally 遇见 more cool artist and collaborate with them~

IMG_2594And your fans will scream and shout saying 哎哟~不错哦!IMG_2581And by then I can say Sorry to Justin Bieber coz you are no longer my Baby~
IMG_2577And you will get so famous and get invited to have a talk with Oprah to celebrate your success~
IMG_2588But having said so much oso 可惜没如果~ Because 我记得,她说……不管第几个100天~ 我总是学不会~
所以我就是我。还是乖乖做Blogger 吧!

Selfies with my favouritesss~


Overall review: Worth a go! Coz got 黄文永,got Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, Zoe Tay, JJ Lin, Jack Neo, Stephanie Sun and most importantly got Mr LKY and Mr LHL~

Cant see them in real life, see wax figurine oso shiok.. Like you see!

I can get to kiss JJ Lin and he wont SIAM!!!


Teehee~ Signing off~ 花痴 Ah Ger!


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