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CNY Special Edition~ Nothing to do? Visit my Playground, Universal Studios Singapore! “Reasons to visit USS during CNY!”

Hello Readers,Feature

First thing u saw this post on Day 1 of CNY, aka 大年初一 you will be like..

“Siao ah this Gerlyn! CNY ask me go USS?”

And here is the Reasons why you tot you should not go on CNY!

#1 : I’d rather be collecting Angbaos!

#2: Go there people squeeze people!

#3: So hot sia! Go there kena suana!

#4: Later rain how?

#5: I 1 year only see relative once, go visiting better.

*Disclaimer* Not helping USS to do advert just my thoughts nia..

Then you mus be thinking! “Kns! U think of so many reasons liao u still ask me go?”

Yes indeed! Here is the solution to the reasons why you shuldn’t go!

#1: Problem: Missing angbao collection – Solution: CNY got 14days mah, no need kanchiong Day 1 collect or Day 2 collect. After USS closes at night also can go collect!

#2 Problem: People Squeeze People – Solution: Seriously la! USS when got people dun squeeze people de? When USS is ever not crowded? But i highly think that CNY will not be crowded coz Annual Passholders will siam this period and mainly u will only see tourists? But i think is not an big issue coz… this is always an issue!! hahahahaha!

#3: Problem: Hot – Solution: You can hide in rides like mummy & transformers 3D ride! These rides have aircon!


You can enjoy cool graphics and air con @ the same time!

#4: Problem: Rain – Solution: Please refer to Solution #3! Thank You!

#5: Problem: 1 year visit relative once now then visit – Solution: Walao eh why u so bad de.. Relatives how can 1 year visit once? You shuld do some soul searching! Should visit more and not wait until CNY then visit just to collect Angbao! Tsk tsk tsk!

So here I am to tell you what is so cool that you mus die die come visit during CNY!

oopsy.. CNY cannot say Die.. So here is the reason why you HAVE TO VISIT!

#1 MASCOTS WEARING SUPER COOL CNY ATTIRE IMG_2778See Winnie the woodpecker is wearing 旗袍 Cheongsam~ IMG_2909And Minions are wearing 唐装 aka Cheongsam for Men


IMG_2758Minions Statue holding 恭喜发财 banner or 春联~

IMG_6898At the entrance of Hollywood you are already greeted with Chinese Lanterns and 猴年大吉 Banner!

IMG_2749For those who are born in year of monkey like me, you will find a sense of belonging! HAHAHA!

IMG_6934And you will find even more sense of belonging if you visit USS with your 1 of your fellow friend who is also born in the year of Monkey #Hello92Babies~

IMG_6928What’s even cooler if you visit it with not 1 fellow monkey friend but 3 fellow monkey friend!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Casper: 1980 Monkey

Weiren,Jesslyn&Me: 1992 Monkey

Our position is according to age. Left is oldest, Right is youngest! 

IMG_2801No need much explanation but I believe you are tempted to visit USS this CNY Festive Season already!

Let’s see it this way.

In South East Asia, there is only one Universal Studios.

And the fact that they put in effort to decorate it with Chinese New Year theme


AND BASK IN THE CNY Festive mood!

Lastly, I would like to wish all my readers especially you who read my post..猴年大吉


Actually hor… Today is 大年初一 and why are you so free to read my post ah…?

If you are free now, the more you should make your way down to USS!



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