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RWS Fans’ Day Out 5 #BestRWSFan #RWSMoments #RWSMemories

Dear Readers,

Actually this blogpost has been in my draft for quite a long time! Decided to pick it up to continue writing because I wanna recap my #RWSMemories.

Like mentioned, RWS’s Memories… So let me share the nice memories made at the RWS Fans’ Day Out.

So for most of you who don’t know, Fans’ Day Out is a Day Out for the super duper hardcore Fans of RWS (mainly USS) . Most of us selected are because of USS postings. But some being chosen from Adventure Cove too.

Let me recap what actually happened and how come me and Casper was invited to this Day Out!!

1 Fans day out

Let’s follow this timeline.

Photo 1: RWS official Instagram actually invite people to take a photo at anywhere in RWS to stand a chance to win the invites for 2 to the annual Fans’ Day Out.

Photo 2: Just nice a month back, Casper and I went to USS (our first dating place) to celebrate our wedding anniversary. So Keslyn helped us to capture this photo which is running away from Far Far Away~ Lolols!  Then Casper submitted this photo to be the entries.

This backdrop is actually a temporary one which is used to cover the new Puss in Boots attraction. So now dun have this backdrop anymore.

Photo 3:  We were handpicked by RWS to be 1 of the 10 lucky fans! So lucky fans can bring a +1 hence i am the +1!!!

Photo 4: A group photo with all the other nice awesome fans!

2 Invite card

After winning, we receive this e-invite for the details to the event. So initially I saw we must wear shoes all that, alot of walking.. I tot we are doing some kind of amazing race or what.. But nah.. Jus walking from places to places. But the place we walked are not so simple… It’s all the restricted places!!!!
3 Food

Before we start walking, we have angmoh jiak first aka fine dining at Tangerine Restaurant.

angmoh jiak

As we are not allow to take photos so photos taken here are either given by RWS Marketing Crew or grabbed from other Fans or taken sneakily by Casper.

So now let me share with you what we have walked through on that day!

1st Destination: Dolphin Island (Adventure Cove)

The coolest thing of doing this is to understand the dolphins habitat and interact with them quite closely.


This Dolphin Encounter is usually about $68/pax but now we are doing this for free..

dolphin lab

And we get to go inside their labatory which the Doctors shares about how they do blood test for dolphins and how they take the dolphins weight too! 4

Then before we left, the very cutesy dolphins actually did stunts for us too.. See even the puss in boots on my shirt go “WOW”


After this session, it actually makes me super tempted to sign up for the package to go into the water and touch the dolphins.

It’s call the Dolphin Discovery Programme. Highly recommended by Elvina and me!!!  I will share my Dolphin Discovery Experience on the next post!

2nd Destination: Sea Aquarium 6

So for Sea Aquarium, we get to have a guide following us machiam the VIP Tour. Coz usually you walk on your own and there wont be a guide. So on this special day there is a super nice guide explaining alot of fishy details to us! hahaha!


Then hor, we also get to go back door to see how the jellyfishes are being cultivated.

see jelly fish

Meaning how the jellyfish grow from embryo to baby jellyfish then children jellyfish then teenager jellyfish then adult jellyfish! hahahaha!8

Then we also get to see up close of the MANTA RAYS feeding session!!

Manta Rays are super fast and super big. They swim about 60km/hr and they are 3meters long!

How i know? Coz i swam with them in Coral Bay! Oh man.. I have a hard time chasing the Manta Rays which eventually I failed.

So you should really go Sea Aquarium and see Manta Rays swimming instead of like me liddat..

Chase until “heh heh chuan” – outta breath

3rd Destination – USS VIP ROOM

My 2nd time here.

1st time was during my Pre-wedding photoshoot at uss: this is my waiting area. LOLS!

4th Destination: Transformer CCTV Room

Actually they wanted to bring us to the Puss In Boots Giant Journey attraction one.. But apparently…..


So we came to see the behind the scene of transformers ride.

Then tell your a secret.. Transformer rides actually happens on 2 LEVELS!

Cool right?

Wont tell you where it happen, next time you play it, you go feel it yourself..


The sian but cool thing is when we come out from transformer ride, it’s still raining..

Cool thing is the UMBRELLA~ But of course we don’t get to keep it..

But you know what? When so many of us hold this umbrella, all the passerby was like… “WOW” the really stunned like vegetable!

Is like they asking “Who are these ppl? VIP ah?”

Yea.. We are the #BESTRWSFans!!!

5th Destination: TreeTop Loft

Read more:

So over here we finally get to sit / relax / chill ..



Then all RWS fans including the +1 also get a super awesome goody bag! Packed by their Marketing Crew!


So this is what inside the Goody Bag~

Of course is GOOODDYYYY~ I’m feeling Goody~


So on behalf of Casper, I wanna thank RWS for organising this super duper cool RWS Fans’ Day Out!

Firstly I wanna thank the

Marketing Crew of RWS for the nice planning and nice food!!

VIP Tour Guides for sharing so much inside stories with us!

Fellow Fans for making this day so enjoyable!

Lastly RWS again for spending so much for this Fans’ Day Out!

eh.. Not cheap ok! You see we eat atas, see dolphins, see jellyfish, see manta ray, see CCTV of transformers rides, then book this Treetop Loft for us to nua!

No joke lo.. All this booking and effort wasei.. Mus appreciate them! Hehe!

So yeah~ I do hope RWS have Fans’ Day Out 6 and I could join them again!



RWS, remember us ah, Remember to pick us in 2016 ah :P


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