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Ger’z Shares: Massage & Facial Treatment

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Hello Readers!!

Today I am going to share with you a very awesome place. It is Singapore’s largest INDOOR Spa,! Located at 102 Guillemard Road, this unique heritage locality is going through a renaissance with hip cafes and eateries sprouting, is another great reason to head there! I am very honoured to be sponsored a session of Facial Treatment and a Full Body Massage! 02

Their entrance is very grand and pretty!! Can you see what kind of theme is having? It’s a forest theme! I strongly believe if their entrance is already so awesome, I bet their facilities is even better!


So first we have to register ourselves at their check in counter.

Like hotel style right?

Even their check in also need to queue. So you can actually gauge their popularity level.


And then you will be issued a Locker key. I mean an electronic locker tag.

Quite high tech isn’t it? 03a

Their Locker is a 4-digit locker which you tag the silver part of your wristband to the hole and key in your password.


Their locker is very big and clean. I can keep my super big bag inside. The also have hanger inside for you to hang your clothes!

How thoughtful of isn’t it? 05

I have changed into my bathrobe and I am ALL READY to enjoy myself in! 05a

But first, let me take more selfies.

They have a big locker area which you can see and a corner for you to wash up.


I was definitely impressed by what they provided. As a frequent Malaysia Spa goer, definitely has the best facilities!

Their shower room was nice and tidy and it’s very clean! Their make up area was equally well-equipped and even have tooth brush!

They provide disposable bra & panties for the ladies!

Call me sua-ku if you want, I never seen disposable bra during my previous trip to another Singapore Spa outlet.

I felt so naked :( So a 100x claps to for providing this! lols! 06

Yeah, it’s me enjoying the hot pool!

p.s remember to drink up before entering!

From my understanding, their female spa area only have hot pool because ladies do not use cold pool.

But we should have a cold shower after coming out of the hot pool to tone back the muscles.

I feel that is really into this area and really cares about the welfare of customer. They don’t just built all the facilities but they will choose what you need! 


More selfies :) And on the right is Cindy from Wedding Angels. 


After my hot pool, I proceed on to Steam Room. But sad to say, I did not stay longer than 2mins because it was too hot.

I am glad doesn’t have Sauna for the ladies because are skin is very tender and sauna will dry up our very soft skin. 07a

You can see that I am a little flushing already right? >.<||| It’s hot ok?

But I will tahan for my skin… Maybe 1 more min…. 07b

Some additional facilities they have here!

A corner for drinks and a small cabinet to keep your handphone. 


TIME FOR MY 1hr Massage Treatment! 08a

My massage is mainly for relaxation.

It’s very comfy and the therapist will ask “How are you feeling?” and check if the strength is ok anot.

The therapist will also chit-chat with me and bother to find out my name too.

Very customer-orientated of them to make me feel relax and feel at home!


After my massage, I was escorted to another room for Facial treatment.

This is actually a couple room where there is a couple Jacuzzi so you and you lover can 泡鸳鸯浴 together!

I hope to come here together with Casper next month after my birthday! Hopefully we can use this room together!

If we manage to use this room, we will take some pictures for you to see :P 10

Now i am feeling very tensed up for my Facial treatment!!

Why? I had facial done once at another quite well-known facial skin center and it was super painful and it caused redness!

This resulted in my phobia towards facial.

Hopefully’s facial won’t hurt that much or cause me 1-2day of redness :( 10a

Before the treatment, my therapist helped me to cleanse my face first.


STEP 1: Cleanse with water and facial cleanser.

FYI, their Facial is customised to suit different skin. Therapist actually analysed my skin condition before doing any facial on me.


Step 2: Scrub dirts and open pores using Warm towel

Step 3: Removing of acne/pimples and blackheads

*I was too afraid so I did not take any pictures! But I was wrong, it is PAINLESS!*


Step 4: Applying of MASK.

What facial treatment am I enjoying right now? It is their DECLEOR Facial!

Decleor is a leading French Aromatherapy Brand.

Super cooling and super relaxing mask! Plus it smell so nice because of the AROMA!

I would love to do this AGAIN!!!!

I definitely recommend their facial to girls who are same as me, afraid of pain.

I definitely have zero pain tolerance and trust me, no pain at all!

I enjoyed the facial so much!

I give 5 STARS for their FACIAL! *thumbs up*11c

Right after my facial treatment, I felt super hungry so I grabbed a Ham & Cheese Sandwich from the Sandwich Bar! 11b

Anyway, their food and drinks is FREE-FLOW!! Yes… It’s like buffet style, EAT ALL YOU CAN!

Once you ordered, they will cook it and deliver it to you.

Just for your info, their food is really good one! Their chefs are from hotels and big caterers in Singapore.



As you guys know, I am very picky with food. But which such a huge menu range….


I am spoilt for choice! :'(

11 Let me enjoy my mini appetizer first….


This sandwich surprised me because it’s slightly toasted on the surface and it tasted different from normal breakfast I have at home.



Meanwhile I helped myself with BLACK CHICKEN Tonic Soup!

I love soup! Especially this kind of herbal soup! DELICIOUS~!! 13

Oops. Caught in act. But their dimsum is very yummy too! Can’t resist myself to 2nd helping! 14

OH NO…. Caught in act again…. 3rd helping. But i can’t help.

It is their TODAY’s SPECIAL Chicken Cutlet!

Cindy highly recommended this to me and she said is a MUST-TRY!!

NOW I tell you, Gerlyn says IT’s A Die Die Must – Try!!!

I am so going to bring Casper to try this next month!


After my makan session, I thought I could catch a wink or it’s time for a nap!

BUT…… 16a

It’s MOVIES TIME~! have individual TV for me to enjoy my FAVOURITE SHOWS and MOVIES too!

As a TV Fanatic, I will definitely forgo resting for SHOWTIME!


However, All good things come to an end. I would like to thank for their warm hospitality. Especially to their Marketing Director WeeLin for the awesome introduction on I will definitely recommend to all my friends and relatives and all of you in front of the screen! 10717753_10152917729662580_1644271171_n   Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.40.17 am

Booking Hotline: 6280-8988

Location: 102 Guillemard Road #02-02 Singapore 399719

Operating Hours : 10am to 1am DAILY & 10am to 3am (Friday & Saturday)

Pricing: Starting from $84* for Non-Members.

*(Charges inclusive of Admission, facilities and complimentary food & beverages.)

$148 (non-member) with Gateway to Vitality Treatment: 60 minutes massage and Spa Admission

Spa Admission & Facilities: Fitness Gym, Cold/Hot Pool, Steam Room, Sauna Room, Dining Area, Relaxation Area and FREE WIFI!

  small signature(use this) is Ger’z World Official Preferred Spa Venue and Party Venue! 

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