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Ger’z Shares: A Better Florist | The Allison – Multi-hued Tulips Bouquet

Hello Readers & Friends,

So if you saw my Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen that it’s my First Time receiving Fresh Flowers on my BIRTHDAY!!

*This post is sponsored by A Better Florist*

Special Thanks to A Better Florist for the Birthday Presents on my Birthday.

I was given The Allison .

The Allison is packed full of multi-hued tulips and sprinkled with meadow whites.

They can be used to celebrate the heartiest of loves, the cheeriest of friendships, the biggest of congratulations. It’s always packed with the freshest blooms to make your statement.

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed is the burlap. It’s just something which I have never seen before!

The Tulips are super fresh and just very pretty. They are still wrapped by the netting to keep their shape.

 I am more of a “rose” person so this is my first time seeing Tulips so up-close and I think they will be my Second Favourite flower from now on. Roses will always rank #1. #SorryTulip

The reason why the flowers from A Better Florist is so fresh is because they get a daily shipment of flowers from their farms in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Their bouquets are made to order and florists handcrafts beautiful bouquets with the fresh blooms, ready to be sent out for delivery on the same day.

If you forget any special occasion and only remember them on the actual day, NOT TO WORRY (if you remember to order by 3pm)! HAHAHAHA!

If you order by 3pm, you can get them sent to your loved ones on the SAME-DAY!!!!

If you scare you will forget, you can pre-order too. Just select Time, Date, Location and tadah~

A Better Florist will have your “backside-covered”! Hahahaha! Regardless is Weekends, Public Holiday, they deliver DAILY from 9am-6pm!!!

Delivery charges???? Nope! All deliveries are FREEEEEEEE!!! Fine, you will say nothing is FREE lah… But no surcharges for delivery cost OKAYYYY???

So what are you still waiting for? New user can use promo code “ABETTERWELCOME” for $5 off your first order!

But guess what!!! My readers, YOU!!! Could use this promo code “GERLYN” and it gets you $10 off your order!!! Hahahahaha! See, perks of reading my blog and being my loyal reader right???

Click “+ PROMO CODE” to add my code!

Type in “Gerlyn”

See, you get $10 off your purchase!!! 

Also remember to share your bouquet on Instagram after you gotten them!! 

Why??? It’s because for every picture of bouquet from A Better Florist you shared, they will send Flowers to a child with special needs from the Rainbow Centre. 

Not only that you do good, but you can also WIN a chance to gift bouquets to 3 people in your life! 

Win-Win right? So hurry and order from them!! Remember to quote “GERLYN” hor!!! 

Disclaimer: I do not earn anything if you purchase from A Better Florist. I am just helping you to get discounts. I do not receive any monetary compensation for this blogpost but I get to keep the FLOWERS!  

Do support A Better Florist on their Facebook and Instagram!

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