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Any Good Facial in Hougang Area, Singapore? | Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment *Advertorial* | 32 years in service SINCE 1985

*This a paid blogpost by Lynn Aesthetic*

Hello Readers,

Today I am sharing a really good facial place with you! It’s located at Hougang / Kovan Area.

It’s supposed to be a blogger’s review and 1 time of thingy but you know what? It’s so good that I took a 6 time package!

I also went for a Body Massage with Boon Hee too. Both are out of my own pocket so if they are no good, why will I get their facial out of my own pocket??? Right???

You know I always only intro and recommend the stuff I used and I think it is good. That’s why you are my readers right? If no good, it won’t appear here and it’s not the First Time or the Last Time that we actually request to compensate sponsors if their stuff is no good. So trust me!!

For me, I am staying in the West so I took about 60mins to reach Lynn Aesthetic. I think it’s reasonable if it’s good, I mean if it’s no good, even just a 5mins walk away, I also will not go!

When I arrived at Kovan MRT (NEL) Purple Line, I took Exit C remember to go towards HEARTLAND MALL!

It did not take me too long to walk from Kovan MRT to Block 211. About 5mins – 8mins?

A few landmark I will share with you to make your life easier. So at first you will walk along the Hawker Center.

At the end of the Hawker, you will see this. This is Block 211 already but Lynn Aesthetic is at the end of Block 211. Did you see the Block Number behind the big tree? Yes, Lynn Aesthetic is there. So you will see the OCBC bank and you continue walking straight down till the Block Number you see above.

At the corner, you will see this Sign and it means you are 10 steps away. For the next 1 year, there will be upgrading works right outside their place. 

Tadah! You have successfully found it. It’s not too difficult right?

When I entered Lynn Aesthetic, I was greeted by their nice and cozy aroma and their staff was definitely warm to me! The ambience of the place was amazingly comfortable and relaxing.

Lynn Aesthetic have been standing for 30years in this industry and this exact shop is here for 30years however they just went through a renovation upgrade last year so everything looks pretty new.

I particulally loves this spiral stars up to the Ladies Facial Treatment Room. In case you don’t know, they service the Mens too but only at Level 1. Level 2 are purely for ladies.

I was then bought to my therapist, Kerine’s Room. This is the Garden Room which she decorate it all by herself!

I also visited the Massage room that we came back to 1 week later for our Anniversary Celebration.

The Symphony Room and Marine Room. Which is decorated by respective staff of the room.

The treatment that I did was the “Young & Trendy Detox Facial”

The Detox Facial focuses on the “self-repair ability” that humans naturally have. By accelerating the metabolism of the cell, you will be able to recover your best skin condition.

1) Cleanse, Tone, Steam

One thing that I realise about Lynn Aesthetic is that they uses Towel Gloves to clean your face instead of Cotton Pads. All the towel they used are being soaked with Lavender Aroma and also specially cleaned by an Auntie as it take lots of time and effort to clean the towel and disinfect them! The Towel is in a glove shape and it’s exceptionally good for cleansing. This is no where to be bought because it’s hand-sewn by the Lady Boss, Lynn herself.

2) Eyebrows trimming & Extraction

As you all know, I have ZERO-Tolerance for pain. But the extraction was not very painful, still a little discomfort but well, I survived it. Then also usually therapist will opt to shave my brows but Kerine actually spend time and effort to pluck them out instead! I was very impressed but of course, plucking takes more time because I will squirm here and there. HAHAHAAH!

3) Oxygenating Serum & Cream Mask

I really love this mask alot, it’s really soothing and relaxing, my eyes do not feel irritated at all. At the same time, Kerine did a Hand, Head and Shoulder massage for me. So pampered and relaxing!!!

This is my therapist Kerine and we shared so much that we even followed each other on Instagram. Thanks Kerine for your time and effort, looking forward to have my facial done with you on the 30th November 2017!

I really felt that my skin improved a lot, my blackheads are gotten rid off and the pimples that Kerine extracted leaves no scar. I feel that after my facial, my Facial Treatment Essence get absorbed faster and easily into my skin. After my treatment Kerine told me to put sunblock diligently and also to remember to use all my Skincare products at home because I am so lazy and hence my skin is so dehydrated.

I think I will totally recommend Kerine & Lynn Aesthetic to all my friends and readers. They are really one of the special facial therapist that really cares about the inner you. We all know, “You are what you eat”, so they actually prepare fruits like Grapes and Blueberries for you right after the treatment to help us in digestion and also Blueberries have anti-oxidant which is good for our skin.

Their service is good for me and I have already signed a package out of my own expenses, hence you should know they are good enough for a picky me. Then lastly, I really like that they were not pushy at all because they allowed me to decide 1 week later without putting any amount or deposit to lock any package. This is what I felt really comfortable.

Location: Kovan City Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01- 317, S530211

Nearest MRT Station: NEL Kovan

Staff name: Kerine Wong


Operating Hours: Mon-Fri : 10am – 9pm | Sat,Sun,PH : 10am – 6pm

To book an appointment, call 6289 8901

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