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#CasperlynCastle Housewarming and Gerlyn’s 24th Birthday Party – 22.10.16

Hello Readers!


Last weekend, 22nd Oct 2016 was my 24th Birthday Party cum Housewarming. As most of you know, 22nd was my favourite number.
My Wedding, 22nd March
My Birthdate, 22nd Sep
Hence I decided to celebrate one month later on the 22nd Oct!
Just kidding. The reason was…
1st Oct we just came back from Paris, too rush and I also have a housewarming to attend. Then next day we have Food tasting Media Invite by Brunches Cafe to attend.
I wanted 8 Oct but we have a run in KL.

15th Oct but Baby Charlotte (Bff’s daughter) is having her First Birthday Party as the venue was fully booked on 22nd Oct then my 2 best friends Germaine & Brandon was in Hong Kong.. Then it’s Singapore Power’s Family day in Discovery Centre and I have to run errands at Newton area. P/s First time conquer the Newton Circle roundabout! Woohoo~~~

So I took 22nd Oct instead! And I was like “Hey! 22nd! My favourite! So yeah!”


Luckily everyone that is important to me turned up. Some did not because they report sick. This weather these days really bad… Some people have last minute work. But we will do a make up session for them as they are still the important people in my life.

We have 2 sessions that day because I have too many important people in my life and I would like to spend more time with them.. So we started from 2pm to 5pm. Then 5pm I went for Make Up session at my good friend, Felicia’s house which is like next to my block! Then came back at 7pm and 8pm we cut the cake.

So let me share everything starting from 10th of September.

Every year, we will do birthday cake booking at Moonlight Cake house.

So on that particular day, we saw this “Castle Cake” then I told Boon Hee I would like to have this Castle Cake for housewarming. Initially he wasn’t keen about housewarming. Because he prefer having small group to come one by one kind. But for me, I prefer to have more people the more the merrier kind.

Then not only that… I would like to have Princess Cupcakes to share with everyone.

The ever doting husband always try his best to make me happy. So to make him happy by not wasting food, i decided to invite as many friends as my house could fit!

In the end i invited 40people into my 3room flat! Luckily I rented chairs.

In the morning of 22nd Oct. We woke up at 6:30am, cross the johor causeway and arrived at moonlight cake house at 8.30am.

Meet my BFF at 9am. Due to some personal matters, she cant make it to my party but she meet me at JB to pass me my birthday presents! How sweet!

We walked around till 11am to wait for the Balloon shop to be open.


Tadah! It’s open and the ever doting husband bought about RM100 worth of balloons for me. Quite touch la because I know he doesn’t have much money left after spending on buffet and yes.. HOUSE RENOVATION and PARIS trip. Balloons are not necessities at all to begin with but he does know it makes me happy so he did it.. :'( Sob sob.. screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-32-23-pm

Thanks Hubby for the nice balloons. I will do a good deco out of them! Thanks Balloon & Party for matching the colours for me when I showed them my cake and cupcake design. Specially pasting the Princess Tiara decal and Happy Birthday decal for me.


Thanks Pretty! Really thank you for pasting this Pink Happy birthday for me… This pink one is actually only for the bigger balloons but I got the small one becoz big one no stock but they still paste for me!!

:'( Coz it’s my birthday!

So….. Let’s help me like their facebook page above! LOLS!

I think I will get balloons from them like next year when my car is gonna be scraped and I think I might do a photoshoot session with it. Who says KIA cannot do photoshoot but only Mini Cooper can?



Then next is the ever helpful Moonlight Cakehouse staff and chef! Always helping me to do all kinds of weird customisation and also helping us to place the cake and teaching us the best way to store the cake and ya.. Always so helpful for the past 4years!!!! Cant believe I made my 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th birthday cakes in the same cake shop!!!

A selfie photo of the super duper full car @ 11:30am!


Then we reach home at 12:30pm and we started setting up the High Tea reception and pasting decoratives for the afternoon guest @ 2pm.


Then we also started eating while waiting for guest too!

Since guest have not arrived, let us take a family photo first. Actually ah I always see laoma i very emotional. Because she has take care of me since born and till now. So I hope she can see me through all my birthday.

My mum taught laoma the trick to cover up her tummy!!! Haha! this is so funny!!

So now I know the cushion in my house got what use liao! HAHAHA

Meanwhile I am making a move @ 4:45pm to Felicia’s (Friend) house which is next block. Recently my friend Felicia is starting her own Make Up career so I decided to hand my hair and face over to her!

I did not inform her of any theme which I have only the same day morning then she knew I have the princess cupcake hence she learn from Youtube immediately on how to do a fish braid.

She is very talented! Let’s see how she works magic on my face and hair!


My Full Marks Hubby! Because he is always here with me. And always footing the bill. HAHAHA! screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-32-14-pm

My eyes are ready! I love my eyes la.. So big and bright!!! screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-32-27-pm

My Fish Braided hair before accessories. 

After accessories! Speaking of which!! I still have not return Felicia here accessories! Shall walk over later! LOLS!!!

Really very Elsa right?

Thanks Felicia for making me so pretty!!

Check out her page above and remember to quote my name for discount!


After 2hrs of make up session I came home and i saw this! Buffet table is set up and ready.

7pm but not many guest have arrived so I hurried to change into my little gown. screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-33-55-pm

Meanwhile, Theresa and Kelin is helping me to set-up and decorate the photo area and cake.


We are joking that Theresa looks like the birthday girl and we all shall take a photo of her like this and sent it to her during her birthday! LOLS!

Guest start to arrive and we welcome Margaret & Michael!

After the party…


Hubby help me to sent Laoma and my Mum & Sis home and I…….


Have a Monopoly + Drinking Session with these lovely people! LOLS

Check out the ongoing live video of the party!

Also, Check out the 360 deg video I just upload after struggling for 12hrs!

Feel free to check out more photos in this Album

Thanks these following vendors that played an important role for this day!

House Renovation / Interior Designer: Paul Lawrence Tan

P/s Can try mentioning my name for special discount! LOLS!


(Minus one mark because you never come my housewarming!)

Make up artist: Felicia Ng

Mention my name for special rates!


Special thanks to the staff in Johor Bahru Sutera Mall Outlet


Special thanks for the last minute special balloon request.


gerlyn signature 2016

Once again.. Thank you for reading and supporting my humble blog lah! 

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