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Wedding Bell Ringsss – Taiwan Wedding Photoshoot with LISHE

Wedding Bell Ringsss – Taiwan Wedding Photoshoot with LISHE

Hi Readers,

I know you all have been excited about the word “WEDDING”! So does me and Wenxi :)
We are also equally EXCITED~! The photos turn out SUPERB!
We will share a little of our experiences here and some behind the scenes photos :)
BG Info: Natas Fair
In February or March 2013, we got “Coax” to sign up a wedding package in Taiwan after we already did in SG. :( We thought it would be a bad choice and Taiwan sounds expensive…. But we turn out to be wrong!
So basically, we will introduce our CREW from TEAM LISHE!
1) Sales Consultant – EMILY (jiawen) <— super sales service!
2) Photographer – KING sir (Feng Hua) <— he is awesome!
3) Photographer Assistant – Xiao Yang <— Chubby and helpful guy!
4) Make Up Artist ( MUA) – JOYCE (fruit juice) <— She is the best! :)
Day 1 in taiwan…….
Selecting our gown and suits. ^^ Mr Excited groom was pretty pleased about the wedding gown selection process. Much faster and better choices compare to SG *obviously* TAIWAN!!!! *bish*
I was really pleased with their service and they way they help me in the dressing room, they are much GENTLER and much funnier! They seems to have all the time in the world! They wont rush me, they wont make me hurry up and make me uneasy. The feeling was SHIOK~!
So, Wenxi get to choose 2 suit and we chose 1 arrow suit (not sure if it is called what) and 1 tuxeddo because he looks so smart in it! <3 fall in love with him again! haha~! Shuai!

Quote: Being married is a process to fall in love with the same person again and again.

Dunno hear from where but it is still nice ^_^
I choose 5 wedding gown.
1) A white one
2) A Lime Green one *OUTSTANDING* Make sure i win all the other brides out there :P jkjk
3) A red long one
4) A little black dress
5) A grey princess dress
6) Our paul frank couple tee *because we are both born in the year of monkey :)
Day 2 is the day of photoshoot
Models wannabe *FALL IN* Excited us went to studio @ 8am to report!
Bringing all our gears and fieldpack (eg, leather shoes, nubra, high heels 6inch tall)
First person we shall is Xiao Yang, his friendly smile and personality makes us go ^_^
Next we saw our MUA , JOYCE~! <3 She helps me with my Nubra and taught me some make up techniques. She gave me some bridal magazine and she advice me on the hair setting I should have. :) So she gives me alot of braid and 雅典娜 feeling! Very Greek feeling *.* Starrrrssss~!
She lend me a shirt because she scare she might stain my t-shirt. :) Nice service hor? :P
So after make up, we saw our most awesome PHOTOGRAPHER, King Sir. He has great talent for wedding photography. He always said, 你不动,我动! and his taiwan accent is really cute and authentic.
We got really great experience with LISHE~! :) <— visit their website or ask me for more details on my package ^_^

Look below for more photos and review and cool experiences~! :)

Mr Excited Groom preparing to put ampoule :) 

I zipai with the shirt and my basic make up! Sorry, i look like siao char boh!

Joyce is playing with my hair now :)

We Zipai before he change into his shirt .. Look at my eyes, so big right? And no teary or red eyes… JOYCE skill is great!

We zipai again with the mirror…

Me and my little black dress. Sorry, I am vertically challenged (aka Petite) :P

Model Wanna be outside their studio

Not to forget the AWESOME SG post! TWIST~!

Zi pai of us … so Excited and smiling so widely!

Taipei 101!!! Wow, I love it~!

We change behind the big van at the outdoor.. Dont worry, it is very SAFE~!

Acting again like model :)

Changing hairstyle le ^_^ You can see, she is braiding my hair.. Looks nice right?

Me making funny faces!

Inspired by Wenxi he captured this…. Quite artistic :P

Apply lipsticks, PS i am not very natural when make up -ing

Nice headband.. Very Victorian and princess feeling!

Wenxi styling his hair….

Pardon his dark eyes circle… He lack of sleep due to the midnight flight

Zi lian :P

Setting off to next location~! The van is very comfy and spacious!

We zilian with my red long dress… Initially we are afraid of this dress as girls like me should take short dress…. Because we are not tall enuf…

Still the same hair from the grey dress…

Very pretty scenery @ YMS

Doing my hair again!

This is the Athena feel I am talking about…


With an flower added~!

@ the horse riding area…. We rented a horse!!!

My dress very sexy right? :P hehe.. Wenxi choose one!

Xiao Yang helping wenxi with his tuxedo.

Joyce is camera shy!

Bun up braids so the wind blow the hair wont be messy!

Putting on the veil… Like a bride ….

I do look like a princess right?

I Do ~! I Do~!

Us on the horseyyy~!! His name is Jason! He is a great HORSE! Nice-tempered!

The owner of the horse stable serve us drinks.. ^^ Cold drinks because it is 39dc… >.< lll sweats!

Can see my face a little tired…..

I Love my headbands! Very Pretty right? And this Lime green dress? NICE????

My last set of hair for the sunset~!


HAI! Captain!

HeartS <3

SURPRISE BDAY CAKE for wenxi! Its his birthday!! <3 Happy birthday my love!

Zipai with his bday cake but my fave strawberry cheese cake

Taken by King Sir~! :D

Tats all, and goodbye sunset… We love you..

Taken by joyce and King Sir was capture inside too!! HAHA~!
*This is not a sponsored post*


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