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The 7 types of girls you should never date! – By Aaron Tan

The 7 types of girls you should never date! 


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Hello Readers,

I am Aaron. Ger’z World Guest blogger and today I will be sharing with you my humble opinion on the types of girls you guys out there should take note of. Like the old quote always goes: “Love is blind” but well, if you read on and you find yourself caught in situations I mentioned below then you should really take note…

TYPE 1 : The Temperamental One


Yeah, I know everyone has a temper. All of us will go through a day pissed off by many things such as work, colleague etc. (Geez, I go through this shit every single day!) Being a lady, it is alright for your girlfriend/wife to throw tantrum at you once in awhile. But if she is going to do this over every small little puny matter, or whenever she gets pissed off/unhappy, I tell you bro, it’s no joke! Constant tantrum can really upset your entire day. You will become unhappy, sianz or simply no mood to do your daily stuffs! Of cos, if you can take it, by all means get a girlfriend/wife who is temperamental.


TYPE 2 : The One Who do not know how to do household chores


Ok, before readers wanna bomb me for being MCP, read on first. I’m not saying girlfriends/wives should do household chores. The guy can be really doting, don’t let the gal do household chores, or the gal very busy with work no time to do, pampered don’t want to do or simply just don’t feel like doing! All these are fine. What I’m saying is the gal must know how to do, whether she do or not is beside the point. A simple example, a couple with no maid and the husband fell sick or a week. Now, who’s going to do all the household chores? Definitely the wife has to! See……now you get my meaning. The point I’m trying to drive across is this: Able to do households chores is considered as a skillset, which in times of needs, can be put to good use.


 TYPE 3: The “Forever her only” type


Another type which men should not date/marry is those gals who always think about themselves only aka self-centered. The kind of gal where she always wants her bf/hubby to accompany her to do her things like manicure or accompany her to buy her sanitary pad, but refuse to accompany her man to do or buy his things. Relationship is a two-way traffic, no way it will work if only the man keeps accommodating the gal. As bf/hubby, it is right you follow her to do her things, but gals should reciprocate too.

Now ladies listen up! Once in awhile if your man wants to go have a game of basketball (Just an analogy cos I play that. Can be anything else), accompany him do that. You can don’t play, but be there to watch him play. Clap for him when he hits a fantastic 3 pointer or finishes with a fabulous lay-up. He will love you more if you do this.


Since we are in this topic, would like to quote an example. Our blog owner, Gerlyn’s husband likes to go for marathons in Malaysia. As his wife, Gerlyn follow him there even though she don’t run. She just stays in the hotel alone while her husband go for the marathon. This is exactly the reason why he dotes and loves Gerlyn so much! Gals out there should really learn from her!

TYPE 4:  The Always Un-Contactable One


Ok guys, have you ever tried contacting your gf for the whole day but no matter how hard you try, you just could not reach her and she only call your or return your call/text/whatsapp the following day? And this happens frequently?


Ho ho ho (nah……I’m not santa!), and the forever considerate, understanding new age good man you still try to come up with an excuse for her: “Maybe she’s too busy with work/things” Come on man!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.35.31 pm

PM Lee spotted queueing for chicken wings at Redhill hawker centre

Even our prime minister can make time to queue up for half hour to buy chicken wings for his family, why can’t your gf spend 1 min out of 24 hours to return your call or text? Surely she can’t be more busy than our PM or Obama right? So face it guys! Wake up your idea! It just shows you are not her 1st, 2nd or even 3rd priority in life! (I’m saying this in a very subtle way. If you want me to say it bluntly, I can! But you know it yourself what I will say)


TYPE 5: The One Who Always Compares you with her peers’ BF


Stop comparing your love-life to other people’s

Ok, granted the fact we grew up in this kind of society. Still remember when you were kid and your parents always compare your results with your cousins? Now, this won’t work in a relationship. Surely you felt sore/unhappy when your gf always tells you how sweet/thoughtful/loving when her friends’ bf does something special or spectacular. (Damn, these guys really spoil market sia!) Constant comparison will affect the relationship for sure! True love is about accepting who he/she is. In the first place, she fell in love with you because of who you are. So why now the comparison now?

Ladies, don’t keep comparing your bf with your friend’s bf. He will be unhappy for sure. If you feel your friend’s bf is so good, so sweet, so thoughtful, so loving, then go date him lah!!! (Phew, need to get this off my chest)

Of cos, when comparing in a joking or 撒娇 manner is acceptable. At least it don’t sound so serious and hurt the guy. Guys guys guys, if your gf does that, don’t be a dumb-ass and just listen. Do something about it. Do something similar to what she told you, if it is within your ability. She will be very touched and I guarantee she will have a havoc night with you! Woohoo!

TYPE 6: The HIGH Maintenance One

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.56.55 pm

Unless you are very rich (if you are just well to do, please step one side), never ever date this kind of lady. The high maintenance I’m referring to is those what only wants to have her meals at restaurants/cafes, (I’m talking about those that cost at least $80 for 2 person.) and always wanting gifts of at least few hundreds to thousands dollars and demands gifts every month, citing dunno what monthly anniversary.

Every single special occasion also must buy gift. Rice Dumpling Festival lah, Mid Autumn Festival lah, New Year’s Day lah, even Chinese New Year must give her Ang Bao. (Siao!!! Think I print money ah? Heng, she never say Qing Ming & Hungry Ghost Festival must buy gifts, arboh I sure burn bungalows and limousines for her!)


Let’s be reasonable, if we are talking about anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day, X’mas such special occasions, more expensive gifts are acceptable. Other times, a normal gift to surprise her or make her happy is sufficient.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.57.21 pm

Other than gifts, she will expect a fully paid for holiday from you at least twice a year. Fully paid for means she don’t even have to fork out a single cent, and I really mean a single cent. To summarize, unless you are really very rich, otherwise please stay away from such gals. At the end of the day, if you can’t fulfill her desires, well…..she will not desire you as well.


 TYPE 7: The One Who Only Cares About Her Family Members and not YOURS

compare family

“If you are dating me, all my family members and matters are your matters, but I’m only dating you, not your family members. So all your family members and matters are your own matters.” This is the mentality of such girls.


Put it simply, the gal will involve you in all her family matters. For example you have to attend all her family occasions, birthdays, weddings, funerals alike. So long as it concerns her family (Be it great granduncle, 5th grandaunt’s son, 6th granduncle’s granddaughter in law etc etc), you have to attend, cannot siam! But when it comes to your family matters, example your mother needs to visit a doctor, she will not be willing to accompany your mother and will find excuse to push off.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.07.04 pm


This kind of gal you should never marry! Once you marry, it simply means your parents lost their son. (Might as well you change your surname to follow hers!)


A Message from ME to YOU!

To all single bros out there, if you are looking for a girlfriend, beware of the above points! To bros who are dating such girls, time to rethink about the relationship. To bros who are marry with such girls, I got two words for you: “Take care”

Lastly, although this post is mainly meant for male readers, but female readers can take reference from it too. Improve yourself and learn how to be a better significant other to your other half. If you not sure how to do it, you can always PM blog owner to make appointment with me  *wink wink *



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