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Ger’z Shares: Tuition Singapore Introduction (Sponsored Post)

Hi Readers,

Today I am gonna do a short write up on Tuition Singapore.


So why you should pick Tuition Singapore as your preferred tuition center?


#1: They partner with the top tuition teachers in Singapore to deliver top-notch lessons and courses.

#2 They provide all the tools and guidance necessary for committed students to soar in their academics.

#3 Creating top scorers and outstanding achievers is their forte. They work tirelessly to ensure no student is left behind.

Obviously you go tuition you must get outstanding results mah.. Not go there play play waste money de. Hence I believe Tuition Singapore is very committed in making you a top scorer!

Most Importantly…..

#4 Their parent company is Gen-Y Education centre (MOE registered).

What we have

Their Tuition Courses

  • Designed to help students achieve the biggest improvement in the shortest time. Our tuition courses are closely aligned with the latest MOE syllabus.
  • Our courses’ step-by-step approach breaks down any subject into smaller obstacles. These obstacles represent checkpoints along the path to mastery of any subject
  • Every student is different, in terms of learning ability and learning habits. Hence we created a diagnostic test followed by a customized learning plan for every student.

So enough said!

All these reasons aren’t the most important because we must know the location! If not if go too far to attend tuition by the time you reach also sian liao lo…

So good news for the Easties… Tampines have a branch!

Main branch is located at 201b Tampines st 21 #01-1067 where most of the classes are conducted.

And good news for the Westies~ Bukit Timah also have a branch!

New branch is located at 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07 Balmoral Plaza SINGAPORE 259708.

Click Contact US to find out about the new classes or even the free trial lesson!

Contact info

Just a fun fact about being Tuition Singapore’s Tutee is that if you are their outstanding student, you can get a present!

Which is this LED lamp and A super cute baymax luminous nightlight which changes colour every few seconds!!!


So you must work hard, be a committed student and eventually bring this Baymax home!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Tuition Singapore. Information is accurate as of 04-Jan-2016 1400hrs. 

Information above are obtained from with permission. 

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