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Foxies Annual Retreat 2014 – Day 2 (Cherating to Sungei Lembing’s Rainbow Falls & HAFIZ Firefly Watching)

foxies at lembing

Hello Readers,

Today we will embark onto a journey from Cherating To Sungei Lembing’s Rainbow Waterfall.

Initially Boon Hee and JinHe was about to embark towards the Rainbow fall however time doesn’t permit as they need to come Kuantan Airport to fetch us. And Sungei Lembing’s rainbow waterfall trekking timing is from 6am to 1pm. Our plane arrive at 11am in the same morning so it’s impossible for the guys to go there. What a waste, you must be thinking!

Jinhe and Wenxi both thought the Rainbow Waterfall will be their next trip but….

But God has his plans! When we were at Cherating Legend Resort, we were told Snorkelling activities only happens on weekends and so I suggest that we should go climb and conquer the rainbow waterfall together!

Below is the map and I shall explain to you.

Our current location is at Legend Resort. We need to travel 1hr to Lembing River Resort to meet up with the coordinator of the trip.

3.30am to 4.45am ( Legend Resort —> Riverview Resort)

4.45am to 5.45am (take a nap) :P

5.45am to 6.30am (breakfast @ kopitiam)

6.30am to 7.30am (Lorry ride to the trek near the waterfall)

7.30am to 9am (Climb Mountain)

9am to 11am (2nd breakfast provided — got maggie mee and milo / kopi )

11am — 12.30pm (Down hill)

12.30pm — 1pm (Lorry ride back to Riverview Resort)



Hopefully the attached map above is useful to you. Wenxi did also highlight a very famous mountain in Kuantan which is the Gunung Tapis. Wenxi and Jinhe is gonna organise a trip to Gunung Tapis so if you are interested, leave a comment below! 0002

Next, I would like to thank a million to our Legend Resort for preparing breakfast for us at 3am in the morning! It’s not normal breakfast with breads only. They gave us fruits too. I am impressed with their services and their friendliness too!

I give them 5 Stars!!! :) 0003

Let me introduce to you the LORRY RIDE I am mentioned on top! It’s a four-wheel drive lorry-look-a-like JEEP~!

Crazy enough? They even install a shelter too! This Lorry ride is crazy yet FUN! You guys should try it. If you like roller coaster like Human (in USS) it very much like a high speed coaster which can make you fly off if you don’t grab on tightly!


Picture 1: a groupfie together as one FOXIES!

Picture 2: Sunrise :)

Picture 3, 4 , 6: Nice scenery on the way up ~!

Picture 5: A group of Malaysian student hikers wanted to get off their car to take photos. But we did not do so because our driver is in a hurry.

Picture 7: This lorry can really 爬山涉水!It can go into water like a breeze.

Picture 8: OOPS got a rock stuck in the tyre.

Epic convo:

Gerlyn: 耶!咱们要去爬山了~!

Wenxi: 没有啦~那些是平路!没有爬山La ! Waterfall is below the hill de mah! 


Gerlyn: 杨慧(Yang Hui) 这条路真的很平hor? 

If you can sense the sarcasms :P. TEEHEE~

Not only the road is rocky and uneven. But we have to go through rope obstacle course! Which it WET MY PANTS! Literally! For someone with the height of 1.47 m, my pants were wet! It was a fun experience though just that I am the only one who got my pants wet while the others only had their knee caps wet.


Do not wear socks!



People knee cap and below wet, I half body wet. Sian…. 娇小玲珑的我伤不起!

Next up, we have yanghui on the obstacle rope together with our breakfast! Oh my god! Can’t imagine if she falls. The rocks at the river bed is very slippery and it’s very difficult to manoveur!

Here comes the expert Jinhe! He still can help people first! Kudos x10000 ! 0009

More and more people arriving from other groups of Lorries :)

Tadah~! As we embark on to the journey of wilderness~! We are the wilderness explorer~! :D

The climbing was easy at first but when it gets higher and nearer to the waterfall, the rocks are bigger.


Picture 1: The big rocks are quite difficult to overcome.

Picture 2: The Lorry uncle actually use the kettle to fetch spring water and cook maggie mee for us!

p/s I am a glutton

We reach a little early and the rainbow hasn’t form yet.

So while we are having breakfast, someone scream “” Rainbow has come and immediately me and yanghui get wenxi to take a photo for us!


The rainbow is beautiful and it actually follows you. The higher you go, the higher the rainbow will be.

Some rumour that during good days, the rainbow can be found in the water if you dare to go for a swim.

But there are many daring people. I can’t stand the cool chilly water actually. 0015

The spring water is boiled! So we enjoyed our cup noodles! If you do not take spicy, please let the uncle know earlier so he can reserve the Chicken flavoured for you first. Because every trip, he only take along 2 chicken flavoured with him. And just nice, me and Jinhe took the chicken ones and there is no more for the other passenger in our same lorry. But they are strong athletics and they love spicy food!


So…. What do you do after you finish eating???



Anyway, we climb up even higher to see an even better view!

Then I did this pose because it a must do post in Sung Lembing’s Rainbow Waterfall! So if you guys go Sung Lembing you must show me your signature move and tag me on Instagram #gerzworld or tag me @gerlynwang :P

0019Below is other signature poses that you are supposed to do with the merlion which u can do here too.

Model: JinHe :)


Anyway, we decided to be brave and go down to the water! And it’s damn cold!!!!!


Picture 1: Our signature foxies pose!

Picture 2: Taken using shenqi in the chilly water

Picture 3 & 4: Lorry uncle help us take photo..

And there we say farewell to the rainbow fall…


I am serious about getting your shoes wet all the time. But it’s all worthwhile for the rainbows and great time spent uphill with the foxies!

And tadah, we are back in the Crazy Lorry and good bye Rainbow Waterfall~!

Look @ picture 1: JinHe behind be looking at the rainbow for the last time!

Anyway, if you guys go to Kuantan, RAINBOW WATERFALL @ Sungei Lembing is a MUST-GO~!

Tadah this is the Riverview Resort we mentioned to you “The gathering point!”

The boss and lady boss is super friendly and I really liked Kuantan and their lifestyle. So relaxing and carefree.

Yanghui also enjoyed herself in the rocking chair.

But me & wenxi continue to look for good photoshoot spot!

And after yanghui woke up from her rocking chair, we went to Berjaya Megamall at Kuantan Town (Journey: 1hr) 0024

The Hungry Foxies decided to eat Kenny Rogers :) Thanks Jinhe for the yummy treats!0025


Picture 2: We were given their speciality muffins and it was pretty yummy. I had the pandan muffin and its super yummy and it smells so nice!

Picture 3: I had Cheesy Mac :)

Picture 4: The green one is Kiwi Ice Blend, Yellow is Mango Ice Blend, Orange is Summer Blend and Lastly is Ice Blend Cappuccino. I like the Kiwi Ice Blend alot it’s so smooth and shiok!

A foxies food collage :) Jinhe and Boonhee had Half roasted chicken and yanghui had pasta ^^



After-which the ladies went shopping and we bought our 姐妹鞋!lols!

Its tiffany blue again! 

After shopping we head back the Legend Hotel and get ready for our FIREFLY adventure! 

Don’t be mistaken! The firefly adventure is not taking Firefly Airline! It’s really viewing firefly! We booked a firefly watching tour with the Resort @ RM$50 with transport provided from hotel to cruise ride and then back to hotel again! 0028b

Our hotel actually collaborate with Hafiz’s Cherating Activities. 

Actually we should have find Hafiz’s Cherating Activities in the first place so we don’t need to waste our time away in Legend Resort that only allow snorkelling activities only on Weekends!

The night is coming and you all will know my Shenqi will under perform again. The lack of image stabiliser and bad low light condition is a very big headache!

Can you tell me which picture is taken using Shenqi? 

So on the right side of the collage, I will explain picture 1 to 3.

Picture 1: The mini bus provided by Legend Resort will send us to Hafiz.

Picture 2: This is Mr Hafiz explaining to us the types of firefly and things to do while watching the firefly.

Picture 3: Safety First! We need to take a motor boat to the middle of the river to actually view the firefly.

Let me explain to you what Mr Hafiz said: 

Mr Hafiz is a member of Malaysia Nature Society and he took up firefly specialise course with a Japanese teacher. He does have a little Japanese accent and it make him sounds funny and interesting. Hafiz mentioned to us that the firefly in Cherating is very special. It’s rare and unique and only can be found in Cherating!


  1. Non-Synchronised blinking —- Firefly usually will blink together like Christmas tree but Cherating ones blink at different timings.
  2. Very little quantity —– Firefly in other places will have alot but in Cherating, one night we can only see 10-30 fireflies.
  3. Normal white torch light does not attracts firefly —- Hafiz created a special orange torch light to attract them.
  4. No lights allowed! —- Even camera LCD screen will interfere with the Firefly communication!

What I liked most about Hafiz sharing session: 

  1. He shared to us about myths of firefly. —- A lot of people thought firefly light came from the backside but you are wrong! It’s from the tummy!
  2. Lifespan of firefly —– Firefly usually lives about 1 mth or so. Male firefly is shorter as they will die immediately after mating.
  3. Reason for glowing —- Communication! They can warn other firefly about the danger in the river. So if we bring along camera it will interrupt their communication.
  4. Difference between Male & Female Firefly : Female firefly has a slightly bigger glow but not very obvious too. Because you will be too excited to observe!


Picture 1: Dead firefly….

Catching firefly: Me & Yanghui caught a firefly and then it act as if he is dying with no glow. So we release him and he fly very fast away. Then the second time, I caught a firefly and I grab it too tightly in fear of him running and when I reach the jetty… Oops.. Do you need more explanation or maybe a demonstration? 

Picture 2: Selfie with life jacket!

Picture 3 & 4: The motorboat ride back. The green light is given out by the nearby restaurant. When watching the firefly, it is extremely dark the only man-made light is Hafiz Orange Torch Light!

Picture 5: Return of the life jacket.

Picture 6: A photo taken using Wenxi Camera because he said: “那个灯很美!快点拍照!”

After the firefly watching session, we went to eat dinner!








We had tze-char. Thanks Yanghui for the yummy treat. We had Kangkong, Sotong, Sambal Stingray & Sweet & sour chicken.

After our dinner, we went back to hotel for a game of Monopoly deal! So do you know whose the winner? 

Guess the winner now! Comment the winner below and get a chance to win skincare samples! 

1) Yang Hui

2) Jin He

3) Gerlyn

4) Boon Hee

5) It’s a tie !

Remember to Like & SHARE~! 

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