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Foxies Annual Retreat 2014 – Day 1 (Singapore to Kuantan)

Hello Readers!

Today I will be sharing with you the foxies team member before we start off.

Left to Right: Boon Hee , Gerlyn , Kiko , Jin He

So how did the Foxies came about? Initially I was pretty crazy over that song, “What does the fox says?” So we started doing a cover of it last November (2013) during our Sunway Lagoon Trip. So I named our whatsapp group: “What does the FOX says?” Then I think Wenxi always have that habit of calling group by adding some things behind it.


Ngee Ann Chinese Orchestra becomes: NPCO-ians

Fox group becomes: FOXIES

So now I hope you understand a little more about each and every Foxies member.



Ok NOW you shall follow me through my trip from Singapore – Kuantan – Cherating !

0000 map01

The flight from Singapore to Cherating is about an Hour plus. The cost is $100 for 2 tickets bought by Kiko online.

Whereas Jinhe & Wenxi travelled by Car and then it took them 7hrs drive to reach Kuantan. They stopover at Mersing for a day and then drove to Kuantan the other day. 7hrs drive is pretty scary. I don’t know how they manage to survive but I think my butt will hurt like crazy!

So for the 2 pampered ladies, we choose to support airplane! Kiko booked our flight with FIREFLY.

Firefly: A sister company of Malaysia Airline.


Photos are taken using Exilim TR15 and you can see how we look like w/o make up and yet so pretty! haha!

Anyway, the night before I sleepover @ Stacey & Kiko’s house and we are chatting all night without a wink of sleep at all.

Because Stacey got a plane to catch at 6am and our plane is at 11pm so there is no point in sleeping! We shall catch a nap in the plane!

 0003Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 5.37.52 pm

Tadah! Look what I have done this time?

Me Is From China SzeChuan! LICE too meat you!#gerz100happydays#day14#100happydays#chinagirl#chinapassport Thanks @yanghui106 for lending Yay! Me is from China! No longer using #lulu becos @kirolynn ask me use new name Lisa instead 你好我是丽莎!丽莎的丽,丽莎的莎:lisha

Funny die me! This is epic but I know it’s funny and non many chance I could actually do this!

Time to say GOODBYE ……

Time to board the FIREFLY~!!


Me and Kiko go…… WHUT?!?! Are you kidding me? Firefly is really the size of a firefly. Very small……. Photos as evidence below!


There is only one Aisle…. 2 x 2 seats side by side. The toilet is super small even I dont want to take photo…. But let’s be positive a little more! It is cosy! I can lean side by side to Kiko. Shoulder to Shoulder. Look at the selfie I took myself.. I can’t even extend my arm out straight.


I really don’t know what to say… For the whole 1hr trip, the plane is flying at this height! Are you kidding me?

Epic Convo:

Yang Hui: There is no ” CAPTAIN SPEAKING….” only the Air stewardess speaking during take off and landing.

Gerlyn: Maybe the Pilot’s Mic spoilt lah! Be positive and have a cup of drink!

Gerlyn: Wasei! Got food leis!

Yang Hui: The Marble cake very yummy leh!

Gerlyn: The juice also yummy leh! 我给firefly一个赞!



Chinese: 有惊无险!我们安全降落!安全抵达马来西亚-关丹!

Chinglish: Got scared no dangerous! We safety landed-ing! Safety reach Malaysia – Kuantan!

Singlish: Walao eh! Kia kia (scare scare) but nothing happen! We land safely loh! Arrived at Malaysia-Kuantan liao!

English: Lazy translate lah!

As you can see, we LANDED! Photo credits to Wenxi…

Anyway, you know what happened? My luggage went missing!! Yes… It gone for a disappearing act and we made a report and after 10mins, my luggage resurface from don’t know which corner of the belt.


But Kiko said, this will be her first & last time with Firefly.

But for me, as long as the tickets remains the cheapest, FIREFLY will still be my Number 1 choice.

We shall ignore the missing luggage incident, low aircraft display and no captain speaking!

Review Time!!!

Pricing: 10/10 (Where to find such cheap tickets? You tell me la! )

Service: 10/10 (Air-stewardess very nice and light refreshment is being served! Woohoo.. Got marble cake and guava juice!)
(Good food served always manage to bride me :P) teehee..

Comfort level: 5/10 (Leg room isn’t quite alot and the plane got a smell. But do note that I got very sensitive nose so it maybe inaccurate too. But leg room is quite small indeed but maybe because I have got LONG LEGS! ) Wakakaka

Overall: 7/10 Still glad that i flew to kuantan if not my butt will ache from the long hours of car ride :P 

*please dont let wenxi see this!*

0009 map from airport to legend hotel

After with catch up with the Male Foxies, the foxies united! We shall travel for 42mins to the hotel we booked at Cherating.

But before we set off….. What we have to do?

Let me take a selfie!!!


And HURRAY~! We arrived at The Legend Resort @ Cherating! And this is our AWESOME Bellboy~! So friendly and helpful.. Allowing us to put all our bags in the Trolley~!



Anyway, we bought a selfie rod along too and mounting our 神器 on the rod is damn awkward. So we decided to throw the rod away because it is redundant!


See how big is our room?

We got a 2 SUPERIOR ROOM for 2 days @ SGD$301.78

It is pretty expensive but because we are paying premium for the location “CHERATING”



My on the top: Avocado Cream Pasta : 5/5

On the Left Jin He : Seafood Bolognaise Pasta: 5/5

Bottom Wenxi: Satay Rice: 3/5

Right Yanghui: TomYam Soup : 3/5

Waiting time: SUPER LONG~!!!!! 30mins and above so don’t go there if you are already HUNGRY~

HONEY LOOK~! The pool is so pretty and crystal clear~!!

So many adventures we can take on ~!! But do note that, all the above activities only OPENS ON WEEKENDS~!!! 0016

So we shall go for a swim instead because none-of-the activities are opened! 0017

Did some cheerleading stunts with the Foxies Boii Boiiz ~! Lols~!


There we go…. A sister selfie~! And HONEY LOOK~! There is a horsey~!


Here is a foxies family photo!



At night, we drove 23mins to reach this nightmarket of the name: Chukai Town. Which is at Terengganu! Which is a little far off. For those who goes Cherating without own vehicle, you can follow their tour which is Rm30/adult. 0021 0022

You can see how bustling is their nightmarket life aka nightlife 夜市人生!There is so many variety of food so I suggest a potluck! Everyone is given a budget of RM20 and we all go get different Pasar Malam food!

And we used less than RM50 to get so many yummy local finger food!! 0023Lastly I would also like to thank Somersby Apple/Pear Cider for being our OFFICIAL DRINK SPONSOR too!

Basically, every night and every day we just keep drinking the Ciders and it’s so yummy when it’s chilled! Everyone should go buy and try it!

I highly recommend APPLE CIDER by Somersby because I just kept drinking it non-stop and it has such refreshing after-taste and I just love it!


So do stay tune to Day 2 where we go FIREFLY watching and climb Lembing Rainbow Falls!!!


Good night folks!


xoxo, Gerlyn


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