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Church Wedding Photoshoot (DO-IT-YOURSELF) – Behind the CURTAINS :)

Hello readers … this is a fun fun fun post.. so ya, is about the fun we had at the photoshoot organise by me & wenxi :)

So.. Let me introduce to you my CREW~! :)

 First we have… Yang Hui :) My dearest kiko dearrrrr… :) She is the camera assistant and sometimes helping to take some photos here and there… :) She is great… She have lots of good ideas too :)
I dunno what to say, but she know i love her alot.. ^^

 This is my dearest Sa Meimei :) <3 Love her alot too :) Too bad kelin cant be around.. Anyway, she is a gifted photographer… She take really nice photos even using iphone… :) She is really passionate about photography.. So if u wanna engage her, u can email me too :)

 Who is this? haha.. this is my dearest wenxi :) The male lead for our CASPERLYN wedding.. Why casperlyn ? CASPER + GERLYN = CASPerlyn

 This is meiling, my cell group fellowship mate and my MUA for the day… She is great!! Skillful :) Nothing to complain about.. she is AWESOME!

 Another close up of my hair and makeup :) Really love them alot.. Thanks Meiling!! :)

 Me and the bouquet from giftflorist :) Not bad hor?

 Meiling helping me with the veil :) About the veil and the dress, i will do another post for it :)

 Meiling wanted a photo with me :) I really look so pretty :) <3 in love with myself.. haha… I think all bride look naturally pretty :) Glowing in happiness :)

Thats all i have in this phone.. 
Hope u all enjoy this mini behind the scene… before we post the actual photos! 
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