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10 FACTS about Chanel COCO Pop-up CAFÉ Singapore Review – 13th April 2017

Hello Readers,

I am doing a quick one here, very rush blogpost but you know I am a blogger who only writes about EVENT reviews only after attending it. So my BFF Elvina and I are very lucky, we managed to reserve a slot to visit the FIRST EVER Chanel COCO CAFÉ in Singapore.

I will not share about obvious details here because obviously their official website will have more details.

Just 10 simple facts I have about the CAFE!!!

Fact Number 1: LOCATION!

It’s at Dhoby Ghaut, opposite PLAZA SINGAPURA!!! The old Sakura Buffet location.

They call it VISUAL ARTS CENTRE, DHOBY GHAUT GREEN… Exit from the MRT and you can see the BIG BALLOON of the Cafe and walk towards it!!

Fact Number 2: WALK – INs are ALLOWED… 

It’s too late to RESERVE or RSVP now, Elvina and I registered 1mth ago and right now it’s FULLY RESERVED! So just walk-in……..

Even you RSVP like us, you also have to queue for 30mins on a WEEKDAY Afternoon at 3pm!

The only thing is that you get a complimentary beverage if you RSVP.

But not exactly you have no drinks.. You still get a nice cold cup of refreshing water.

Just that you got Fancy drink if you RSVP previously. Teehee!

Fact Number 3: FREE MANICURE

Saw lots of video that you can do FREE Manicure etc?

I wont say it’s fake….. But…. It’s fully booked… Let me explain…

The Cafe opens at 11am, there is only 1 manicurist, she can serve obviously 1 people at a time and it takes 10mins per person if she is fast!

She is very detailed, she cuts your nails, file your nails, cuts the cuticles etc… Just like a Express Manicure session…

In 1 hr, there is 60mins which means she can serve only 6 people.

1 session they allow about I estimate… 50 pax? 1 session is only 30mins, 3pm to 3:30pm or 3:30pm to 4pm.

So averagely there is 100pax in the Cafe in the same hour.

Then she can only serve 6 people out of the 100pax in the cafe, 3 people out of the 1 session of 30mins.

Hence…. You know what to do lah??? Once you enter, go directly and RSVP for the Manicure Spot if you really wanna get your nails done!!!! Be the Lucky 3 person for your session!!

Or otherwise, PAINT YOUR OWN NAILS! They can lend you a colour and you paint it yourself!!! LOLS!!

Fact Number 4: HYGIENE

Seriously, don’t expect too much about “HYGIENE”….

As typical Virgos, Elvina and I definitely will not brush the “sample” lip gloss on our lips…

For Elvina, she will brush it on her wrist..

I mean lah, people come out of the toilet, dunno got wash hand anot and they brush the lip gloss on their hand, then you go put it on your lips???


Then people brush it on their lips, got their saliva, they lick lick here and there and then you brush in on your wrist?

Erm… No thanks!

This goes to the same for the other make up so yeah… Don’t expect too much, I dunno about you but for me…


Fact Number 5: There is a Photobooth!!! 

The queue is about 15mins for us I think it’s ok.

They are totally not stingy with prints at all, if there is 2 people, they will just print TWO. You will be surprised by how some stingy photobooth does not wanna give 2 photos to 2 people in the photos!!!! Trust me, I am a victim.

The also have really nice props with Chanel Logo, for a huge fan like Elvina, she definitely loves it!!

Fact Number 6: FOOD & BEVERAGES are not sold here!!!

Sorry for calling it a CAFE when it does not sell Food and Drinks… But… They give you for free!!

If you buy anything, example even a $48 product will get you free Cake or Tart to dine in or take away!!

Well, they don’t sell them they give it to you!

Fact Number 7: Juice Counter and Hot Drink / Bubble Counter are different. 

Juice Counter is right at the end, you can choose from the 4 different type of juice named after their Perfume.

This is the menu….

This is the place to redeem your free dessert (cake/tart) after you make your purchase.

Bubble Counter is the first counter you see when you enter. You get Hot Drinks and Bubble Tea here.

I wanted something hot to drink but I have caffeine allergy so the barista made Hot Chocolate specially for me… It’s definitely not in the menu… Then because I am afraid it’s too hot, so I open the lid and realised it comes with a Coffee Art… Awwwhhh~ <3

They are so nice… This really made my day.. I was expecting nothing and I told them it’s ok for a cup of Warm water instead but Thanks Mr Barista!

Fact Number 8: Complimentary Makeover at their Boutique from now till 31 May 2017! 

Note, it’s not here but at their boutique. You get a free makeover and complimentary trial of their Star Products!

So bring along this card to their boutique at these places. I am asking if Boon Hee is willing to bring me to the one at MBS, so he can help take a few pictures and upload it here.

Fact Number 9: Free gift will be given to those who spent $300 and above….

I heard it’s this mirror and it’s while stocks last so if the mirror is gone…

Then… I can’t help you lah!

Fact Number 10: It’s only until this Sunday, 16th April 2017!!! 

So hurry down!!!!

I think if you are a huge Chanel Makeup Product fans, it’s worth going. The queue isn’t that crazy, crowd is ok, we got a place to seat and we are not chase out at the end of our session at 3:30pm but we left at 4pm instead. Then there is a card which gives free complimentary makeover which is I think it’s quite worth it.. I spent $0 in the Cafe but I got a free makeover if I go claim it and if it’s still available.

Well, I got a free Hot Chocolate too!

Because of this event, I might even buy a Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Perfume! It smells great, I am not a fan of perfume because of my sensitive nose but this smell is really good!!!

Then it’s a great place for nice photo opportunity with your friend!

Elvina’s Review:

Its nice to visit only if you are a fan of chanel products. Like cosmetic and all. They have quite a few products like nail polish, lip gloss, concealer, base, foundation etc but due to the crowd, getting a 15min session with a beauty advisor seems quite difficult especially when the ratio of staffs to customer is really huge. Wanting to try certain products might be a prob too as people would just crowd over the counter and if you are one who dont like crowd like me wont go over to see. But luckily we manage to get a seat at a counter which have tester set of perfume and lip gloss. Everything there doesnt have a price stated. So need to keep asking the staffs. Manicure dont seems to be able to do as well as theres only 1 manicurist. But Its still worth a visit I think. Queue isnt as crazy as I thought it will be. Waiting time was only bout 15-30mins. Plus we spend the time taking photo and all.
Need not queue for long, free photobooth plus they print according to number of pax with probs, free drinks when you make a reservation, free manicure if you are lucky enough, free 15mins session with beauty advisor which they will teach you diff ways to change make up looks depending on lip colour, free makeover and product trail after this event, free sticker etc. Can enjoy even if you dont spend a single cent. Plus if made purchases, there will be free cake/tart. Although they say its only 30mins session but they wont really chase ppl out after 30mins despite having the ribbon to indicate which sessions. Limited seats is very limited theres only 2 Sofa seats.

Thanks Elvina for the wonderful day spent & the detailed review! We are potential Taitais wannabe~!

Do note that this blogpost is not in any way affiliated to Chanel Singapore nor it’s sponsored. But I did get a free drink and probably a free makeup. Hmm… But nah… They did not invite me to this event.. I self-invite!!! LOLS!


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