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Stylr 为你型 :First Event by Stylr Team (Event covered by Ger’z World)

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HELLO Ger’z World Readers,

Today we are very glad to share with you about this very successful event held 2 weeks ago! This event is Stylr 为你型~!So you must be thinking what this event is all about right? Let me tell you, it’s a sharing session between Stylist and customer which is you & me. Why I said this event is successful? They actually only launched their registration for this event 2 days before 7th June (Actual Event Date) but they have gotten very good responses of over 40 participants attending from all walks of life. Be it student, working adults or professionals, we have seen many people with different profile joining us for this sharing session.

I also enjoyed the sharing session by renowned hairstylist, Audrey and experienced Make Up Artist, Michelle not to forget nail artist from Theme of Beauty. The speakers had so much to share till we actually run out of time. This is indeed a happy problem! :)

I am very proud to be appointed as the Official Featured Blogger for Stylr Apps too.

About Stylr

Stylr is created by a group of technology experts, fashion stylists, and the boring but essential businessmen. We are passionate about hairstyle and fashion. We are enthusiastic to create some beautiful technology products that could improve the quality of our lives.

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In Ger’z World simple explanation, it’s a very awesome app to book all your beauty palour at one go! You have so many contacts available and Stylr makes booking appointment such a breeze. I will further elaborate on step by step booking in upcoming post when the “Featured Blogger” function is up. I am quite excited when talking about this app because I never seen any app cooler than this!

Function for Customer/Consumer:

  1. Make Booking with salon a breeze
  2. View nice hairstyles on-the-go with your mobile
  3. Upload your own hairdos by salon immediately.
  4. LIKE others photos and allow others to LIKE yours too
  5. Bookmark and LIKE your favourite Salon!

Not just Hair salons, Stylr has merchants from all the beauty industry in Singapore and they are ever-expanding!

p/s Stylr maybe can look into hair removal or spa outlet :P

And being a Stylr Blogger allows Ger’z World to enjoy treatment and do DETAILED REVIEWS for you, my readers to be better informed customers!

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So what are you still waiting for? Download Stylr on Android Google Play store or ITunes Appstore now!!!



Media Coverage done by Ger’z World on Stylr First Event: Stylr 为你型~!

Why should you attend this event?


You get free styling! Free haircuts from my hair sponsor, DA Hairdressing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.05.50 pm

Sharing session by the experts in the beauty industry!

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.06.08 pm



Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.09.55 pm

Lucky DRAWS~!!


We would like to thank SHRM our Venue Sponsor for providing us with such a cozy yet spacious environment. Its location is just 5mins walk from nearest MRT and it’s so easily accessible.

This is the registration area before the event.
Here we welcome the early birds :)
This is renowned make up artist, Miss Michelle Ge.
Next we have Sharing Session by Senior Hair Stylist, Sean and Director of DA Hairdressing, Audrey.
Sean is giving us a detail explanation on what kind of hair cut will suit her face shape.
Hair cutting in progress……
Most talented Hair Director Audrey is also styling her hair according to her needs and giving a dull appearance a brand new magical looks!
Next up, we have Theme Of Beauty Nail Artist to share about Nail Art.

End of sharing session~!

FREE STYLE UP SESSION by DA Hairdressing Commence now!

Partipant gets to enjoy free hairstyling and hair cut by Professional Hairstylist provided by DA Hairdressing.
Look how happy participants were during their haircut.
Initially her hair has no volume at all but after Audrey’s magical touch, her hair has volumnized and her hair has that V-shape that resembles korean kpop stars.


Left to right: Dolly, Felicia & Audrey



We hope to see you and your friends in the next event!

To find out first hand news on STYLR App, LIKE their Facebook Page now!

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Keep a look out for the next event! :) Till then we shall meet again~! Remember to check out my Instagram for more awesome reviews~!

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