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How to get to Hollywood Sign? (The long way / Hiking trail from Griffith Observatory) #GerzAdventureInAhMeiLiKa

Hello Readers,

Decided to write this post because so many fans have PM-ed me asking… “How do you get to the Hollywood Sign?” Or rather… “How do you get to the “BACK” of the Hollywood Sign?”

So I decided to document down our Hollywood Hike right here for you!

Boon Hee also prepared a Map for you at the end of this blogpost! So stay tuned!!!

So… What happen? Why did the hike took so long?

Because we started off @ Griffith Observatory.

So why did we start our journey from Griffith Observatory? Because our GPS / Google Maps told us this is the “HOLLYWOOD SIGN”… Like seriously… NOOOOO!

It’s no way near the sign at all.

Please tell me how could this place the “Hollywood Sign”? NOOOO!! This is not definitely not! It’s so far away!

If we did research.. Ok fine.. We did not do a thorough research because we assuming that we cant go wrong with a LANDMARK like this.

Apparently we are wrong. We are right now at Griffith Observatory and we need to hike to THE REAL HOLLYWOOD SIGN!!

Without further ado, let’s start our Mt Hollywood Hiking Trail!!!

No idea where is where but we need to get closer to the sign!!!

Take note: Mt Hollywood Summit is not where the SIGN is located!!! 

The Hollywood Sign is located at Mt Lee and not Mt Hollywood! 

Seriously?! Mt Hollywood has no Hollywood Sign?! 

We walked 1hr away from Griffith Observatory and yet we are still so far away from the Hollywood sign.

I call this Halfway from Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign.

Cant believe that I walked under the hot scorching sun for more than an 1hr in the noon!

Right now we are on Mulholland Trail towards the Hollywood Sign away from Griffith Observatory! 

But when we saw this sign… We got kinda confused and we lost our way temporarily and walked downhill instead of trusting the sign, we trusted and followed 3 Local guys and apparently we all got lost. LOLS!

We even went so far and saw some people on the Horse-riding tour.

I kinda told Boon Hee, why did we not ride a horse? At this point of time we hiked for 2hrs under the hot sun!

We went so far that we saw the Horse Ranch where the horses came from! We knew we were terribly wrong and hurried uphill again and went separate ways with the guys.

Finally we are back on track!

So now if you are doing your research by reading my blogpost.. CONGRATULATIONS!

You will save more than 50% of your time by not going to Griffith Observatory and go directly to Mount Lee.

#FollowGerzTo Hollywood Sign! 


The only time I am thankful for wearing a cap because I would usually complain the cap will mess up my hair but now I say Thank You Cap for shielding me from the sun!

And thanks for making me look COOL! 

We wanted a jump-shot together but we failed so…. A kissing shot will do just fine! 

But a jump-shot for me, myself, and I because it’s MANDATORY! HAHA!

But if you are greedy, and adventurous like me…


Hike to the ‘Back’ of Hollywood Sign aka Mt Lee SUMMIT!!!


It’s a 30mins journey up a steep and winding narrow road but since you are here already..


Just hike up and I promise it would be WORTH IT!!

A Lady which we asked for directions, she said she was lost and we go separate ways because we were lost too. When we finally reached the Hollywood Sign, we saw her coming downhill from the Mt Lee summit and she told me “You should continue uphill, the view is awesome.”

I am glad I trust her.

Looking at my Runkeeper, I did stopped at The Hollywood Sign and have no intention to carry on.

See the Yellow Pin, that is where I stopped and I even told Boon Hee, “It might be illegal to go to the back!”

But because of the Lady’s comment, we went up.

Well, it might be illegal but I know Boon Hee will regret if we did not take the risk.

So I decided to follow him up and trust his instinct.

Let’s conquer the Mt Lee Summit together!

This is the narrow and steep winding road I mentioned earlier.
The end of Aileen Getty Ridge Trail on Mt Lee.

I think behind me should be Downtown LA.

From what I know it’s not illegal at the point I sat but it is illegal if you go down.

If you stand beside the H O L L Y W O O D sign means you crossed the fence illegally and that’s confirm ILLEGAL.

We did not do that because it’s too dangerous and we don’t want to destruct or spoilt anything or risk our lives just for a photo! HAHA!

I think the ones I took are good enough for my entire lifetime of memory.

Behind me is Lake Hollywood. Usually people take photos of Hollywood Sign from Lake Hollywood but today I took photos Lake Hollywood from the Back of Hollywood Sign!

And yes.. Boon Hee ticked off Hollywood Sign from his BUCKET LIST!


Well as for my bucket list it is to help Boon Hee tick off his Bucket List!

Here is a map which Boon Hee draw to help you. It’s more professionally done-ed than mine which is full of scribbles!!! HAHA!

Map 1: If you start off from Griffith Observatory, use this map to help you get to Mount Lee. 

Map 2: Follow the BLUE Line to find your way uphill to Mount Lee summit. Or if you start from Mount Lee follow the same route to the Back of Hollywood Sign.

I do hope you will also successfully #FOLLOWMETO Back of Hollywood Sign!!!

Hope my experience will help you!

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