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Ger’z Shares: Diidoffen Bikini & LuckViVi Bluetooth Microphone Feat. Batam, Indonesia RECOMMENDATIONS! Things to do in BATAM!

Hello Readers!

Today I will share my review for this 2 sponsored products, (1) Diidoffen Bikini & (2) LuckViVi Bluetooth Microphone, and also about my trip in Batam from 9th-Dec-2016 to 12th-Dec-2016; Most importantly the THINGS TO DO IN BATAM and my BATAM RECOMMENDATIONS! Well, this is what I have tried and recommend, I definitely know there are more things to be done and stuff to buy and food to be eaten in Batam so I definitely will be back but meanwhile this is what I did in Batam last summer!

Before we talk about what to do in Batam first let’s share on transport and accommodation.


2 types of “Transport” one that teleport you from Singapore to Batam, Indonesia and one that teleport you within Batam itself.

Batam Fast (Ferry to Batam)

Here is a picture of our Ferry on the outside.

The interior has aircon and a place for you to place your luggage. 

The outside seat if you are like us who wanted to enjoy the salty sea wind!!!

Review: This is my 2nd time taking Batam Fast and I feel they are really well-organised and good.

Batam Rent Car (Car Rental Company)

You know as a couple who loves Free & Easy and the freedom to explore. Renting a car overseas is MANDATORY! But in Batam, you don’t rent a car because of the terrible Traffic condition, especially when you are not a local driver and it’s more expensive to drive a rental car.

If you rent it with a driver, it’s cheaper. DON’T ASK ME WHY!!

Probably they are afraid of us foreigners not getting used to their driving style and probably higher chances of getting into traffic accident or what?

The cool thing is that car park charges are paid by the driver. We went a lot of places and we thought we need to reimburse him the carpark fees, but no, there is no need to reimburse the driver.

My highly recommended driver, Mr. Dwi. He is good and awesome, brought us to many good places for shopping and have good food. Sorry but we did not do any research beforehand so we blindly followed him and he brought us to a famous Fish Soup stall. Which I did not know it’s so famous!!! LOLS!

$65SGD/day (parking charges absorbed by driver) so you might wanna tip him if he did a great job! 

Driver: Mr. Dwi

Person in charge: Mr. Fikar

Review: Mr. Dwi (Driver) was very good, he woke up at 4am to pick us up from our resort (KTM resort) to the race start point (Barelang Bridge) of the marathon (oh ya, I forgot to mention why are we at Batam, answer is because we signed up for a half marathon event again!). I guess the previous driver “fly us aeroplane” after knowing that he need to pick us up at 4am to Barelang Bridge. So Mr. Dwi is nice and responsible and willing to accommodate our requests to fetch us so early in the morning, and also bringing us to a lot of good places… However… He can’t really speak English very well… but he still can understand us most of the time. I can’t speak Malay / Indonesian language too so we converse using broken English + broken Bahasa Melayu and we had lots of fun too. But if you can speak Melayu, pick Mr. Dwi. He is really a nice chap!

We feel that Mr. Dwi is earning very little after paying for all the car park charges and minus the petrol and maybe car rental etc and commission to the Person in charge, we decided to give him a tip for the job well done. I highly recommend tipping them if they did a wonderful job.

#2 Accommodation

KTM Resort

Shuttle service very good!!

Hotel driver picked us up at the Ferry. We did not know beforehand about the Ferry transfer and we thought we need to pay additional fee or pay for a cab to our resort. But I was surprised when we exit we saw the KTM resort signage that our driver is holding onto!

Very spacious and comfy car or mini bus or van.

They gave us WELCOME DRINK! Seriously! I never had such nice Welcome drink before… HAHAHA! 

After we got our keys, he helped us with sending our luggage to our room.

Most importantly he helped me to exchange my sim-card which I bought at the Ferry Terminal. In the end it’s my handphone problem and not the sim-card problem. Oopsie! 
Selfie outside our room!



Breakfast for Day 2!

Breakfast for Day 4


Lunch for Day 1

Lunch for Day 4

Price is not exactly very cheap but food is awesome! We haven’t had any bad food in Batam. All food is nice here!

Ombak Bar

Pizza by the OCEAN~ 

Onion Rings and my Cinderella Mock-tail Soda. 

Price is reasonable for such a beautiful and romantic poolside / seaside bar.

This is how Ombak looks like in the day time.


Comfy bed

Their TV is bigger than what I have at home! 

Rain Shower!!!

Study table & the Sea-view bind-window from my room!  LOLS!

Here is the room tour video:


I brought along some toys to play with in the resort! A microphone by LuckVivi to sing Karaoke!

You know, someday you just wanna laze around and enjoy the holiday. Singing K at the poolside is something you can do!! 

This microphone does not need any lithium battery to work, just a USB cable and it will charge. Very CONVENIENT! 

So now let me just enjoy my Sing K session… Bye~

If you are interested to make a Bluetooth Microphone purchase, please email with my name “Gerlyn” for a 20% discount code.

Sponsored by:

But but but.. How can we forget our Bikini from Diidoffen?

A swimming pool + Bikini = ??? 

Posing time! 

I really like the design of this Bikini. It’s just too pretty! 

Wonderful cutting, wonderful sea-view, wonderful holiday! 

The back-view of the Bikini is great too.

If you are interested to make a Bikini purchase, please email with my name “Gerlyn” for a 15% discount code.

Sponsored by:


In the resort there is the Paintball game. I choose the “Shooting Range” as there is only the two of us, and it’s just too weird for two person to form two teams to challenge each other in a “Team Match” game (we need more kakis (paintball shooting buddies)!!) Lol!

Shooting the targets.

Sorry I am a ‘bo-bo’ shooter. Still figuring out how to aim by the time I finished my 50 bullets. >.<

They have Jet-ski too. I am a fan of Jet-ski but because of rough sea wave and high tide at certain timing, water activities are limited. 

Here are some of the other stuff (water sports activities) that can be done at the resort too!


Baresto Cafe @ Nagoya Hill Mall

Address: Lt 3, Jl. Teuku Umar No.1, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Went there twice and always yummy!

Price is reasonable too.

Sour Sally Mini (Black Yogurt) – Nagoya Hill Mall

Address: Nagoya Hill Mall, Jl. Teuku Umar No.1, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Bistro Godiva – Nagoya Hill Mall

Address: Nagoya Hill 2nd Floor, Batam, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444, Indonesia

The pasta is amazing!!!

Famous Batam Fish Soup!

Sop Ikan Tiam Huat

Address: Jl. Imam Bonjol, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Timing: 7am to 1pm

1pm only.. Take note!!

We told our driver, we are hungry after our run at 12pm and we ask him to bring us to anywhere for food.

Then he brought us here. I was skeptical but I was wrong.

It turned out to be the most famous fish soup stall in Batam!!! 

The fish is sooooo fresh, price is very cheap and we thought we could share a bowl but it’s so nice that we ordered another bowl!! LOLS!

Wey Wey Live Seafood

Address: Harbour Bay Downtown Sei Jodoh, Jl. Duyung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

There are like 4-5 stalls of seafood stalls snatching us but our driver say “Go Wey Wey!”

LOLS we are glad we did. Price is a bit high maybe it is because we ordered fish (cooked in Hong Kong’s style) but it’s damn nice and delicious!

#4 Local Product

The Master – Nagoya Hill Mall

Address: Nagoya Hill, Jl. Teuku Umar, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29443, Indonesia

Why we picked them? Because it has rainbow Kueh Lapis.

I graduated from Looks Society 外貌协会 so looks is very important! We bought a few back to Singapore for our family and friends too! They all claimed the Kueh Lapis are super delicious!

Villa Kek Pisang – Banana Cake

This is also a famous Banana Cake stall in Batam. We wanted to buy Kueh Lapis, our driver heard wrongly and brought us here!


Address: Jl. Imam Bonjol Blok F No. 51 Nagoya (Samping Hotel Nagoya Plasa), Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

#5 Shopping

Diamond City Shopping Mall

Highly recommend to get clothes at Wholesale prices! I got all my Chinese New Year clothes here.

I told my driver, Nagoya is expensive for clothes any other places to go?

Here he brought me.. It’s really cheap.. But the bad point is that “NO TRYING!”

Address: Jl. Duyung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Address: Jl. Teuku Umar No. 1, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

This is the most common shopping mall that everyone will go to.

Extremely crowded, items are a little more expensive because want to earn tourist money.

I wanted to get a pair of Boots but it cost $80SGD!!

Lots of shoes also around $40 – $50 SGD!! (More expensive than JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)!)

But it has hypermart and lots of good food and massage places outside the mall.

#6 Misc

WiFi provider

6GB (1mth) can hotspot or Unlimited (3days) cannot hotspot

We took the 6GB which is slightly more expensive, 120,000RP.

But I can hotspot to Mr Kat however he does not require that as many places we went have WiFi.


Address: Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Ruko R4 Block G. No.12B, Nagoya Hill Batam, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

There is a whole stretch of massage places outside Nagoya Hill Mall so please do your research and choose wisely.

It’s hard to advice which to go because everyone have different standard & budget, I went to Sakura which is slightly more pricey than others but have bathing facilities.

The massage room is a Private VIP couple room. 

Can see Mr Kat enjoying himself a lot!! HAHAHA!

Sekupang Ferry Terminal

Better, cleaner and lesser people but no shopping.

Address: JL RE Martadinata, Kepulauan Riau 29433, Indonesia

That’s all for my BATAM Recommendation! I will be going Batam in February again so I shall update on this post if I did more cooler stuff and will share it with you!!!

Thank you for reading!!

If you are interested to make a Bikini purchase, please email with my name “Gerlyn” for a 15% discount code.

If you are interested to make a Bluetooth Microphone purchase, please email with my name “Gerlyn” for a 20% discount code.

Disclaimer: I do not earn anything if you purchase from Diidoffen or LuckVivi I am just helping you to get discounts. I do not receive any monetary compensation for this blogpost but I do get to use and keep the product. 

Do note: This post was co-sponsored by Diidoffen & LuckVivi. 

Other than these 2 products the rest are sponsored by my doting husband, Casper! HAHAHAHAHA!

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