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Ger’z Shares: Brunches Café High Tea Experience @ 96 Rangoon Road *Food Tasting Invite*

Hello Fellow Readers!

IF YOU FOLLOWED MY Facebook page “Ger’z World” you should know I just came back from Paris.

The land of good pastries and good high-tea! So I guess my expectations for Pastry should be sky high now. And Guess what!

I found a place in Singapore to enjoy good High-Tea!!! It’s not expensive ok. About the same as what I have in JB, Mt Austin. And it looks so much prettier.
1Maybe about $7 SGD price difference but seriously the content and the layout so much different. Our previous experience in the café at Mt Austin is that, Mr Kat was kinda pissed when café staff told us the fruit tart was “not fresh” and they changed to Ferrero Rocher for us. It’s not I dun like Ferrero Rocher but it’s like, we wanna eat pastries. High Tea must eat something special like specially made ones and not something I can get from NTUC? You guys get what am I saying?

I am not asking too much right? I feel lah, if you don’t have fruit tarts, you can let me know and ask if I would still want your High Tea set. Instead of just replacing them like this. Honestly speaking if there is no fruit tarts, I probably won’t order them. LOLS!!!! How can High Tea set have no tarts in the first place?

So I am glad to be invited to a Food Tasting Session hosted by Brunches Café @ 96 Rangoon Road (next to Farrer Park MRT). I was WOW-ed by their online menu at first and was quite attracted to this!



I was soo sooo soooo soooo attracted by the Bird Cage!!!

I told Mr Kat that if during the food tasting, the bird cage is not served, I dun mind paying it at my own expenses.

And guess what, the generousity of the Cafe in-charge was so nice that she said “You can try everything!”

I go “ohhh ohh ohh ohh TRY EVERYTHING” Zootopia theme song!

HAHAHA! But I am not greedy la, I just tried the bird cage with Mr Kat as it was said to serve 2 pax. But when it was served. It seems like it can serve 3 pax! In the end we can’t finish them!!! Mr Kat was super bloated too. So I think $32/set is very worthwhile!!!! birdcage6

Here comes the legendary Bird Cage High Tea set~~ Woohoo~ When it was served, everyone beside me go WOW-ed!!!! HAHAHHA!

The Bird cage was so big that I have to stand up to take photos arbo it will block my face.. HAHAHAH!


Should I start from the top? 

Or should I start from the bottom? Hmm…


Or the middle one because it has my favourite cakes!

Before we dig in, Let me introduce what is inside!!!

First Tier: Chocolate Brownie cupcake and scones. 

Second Tier: Chocolate Fudge Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Caramel Cake. 

Third Tier: Mini Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Ham Tart, Mushroom Tart and Smoked Salmon Pastry. 


Bon Appétit

birdcage10The Bird Cage is so heavy that I can barely carry it up!!! LOLS!


Did I also mention each high tea set also includes a Pot of Tea?

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-53-11-pmYou can choose from a good range of house blends they have. What I picked is Beauty Pot! Because I can’t take too bitter tea so I think I will like something fruity (fruit-tea) HAHHAHA!


Blissful Berries with Load of Anti-oxidants it was said to have Raspberries and Blueberries but I only saw Strawberries. But it’s quite berry-ish and quite sour in my opinion. I was telling Mr Kat can I add your sugar syrup meant for the coffee? HAHA!  tea2

Let’s drink a cuppa Hot Tea and hope we can be a (Hottie)!

LOLS! Okayyy enough of those puns!

As mentioned above Coffee! With Mr Kat around… How can we not have coffee?! coffee1

I spend quite some time taking photo of the coffee.. You know why?! 

Because it’s so cool!! Literally cool! The flower shape coffee is a solid coffee ICE CUBE!

Brunches Cafe give you a Coffee Ice Cube, Milk, Sugar Syrup and a Spoon for you to mix your own coffee! 

Sorry lor, first time we are doing this and we find it so cool la!!!!  

I told Mr Kat I also wanna play! :P It’s fun ok! #DontJudge

my personal reviews

What I had today?

3 Tiers High Tea Set served in a Bird Cage —- $32 Per Set (Serves TWO)

***Limited to 10sets daily***

Price wise is very worthwhile, scones is a little hard. Maybe can have fruit tart in future because I am a fan of fruit tart! I like sweet tarts! But the Mushroom Tart is sedap! Smoked Salmon also very good. No complains.


Tea by the Pot: Beauty (Fruity Selection) —- $5.00/pot (Serves TWO)

***Included in High Tea Set***

I think it’s too sour for me. Portion is big to serve 3 people because I can’t finish it with Mr Kat. Maybe have more berries to bite will be good.


Brunches Special: Coffee on the Rock —- Original Flavour $6.50 (Serves ONE)

Mr Kat think the concept is cool but the coffee taste is not strong enough for his liking. But do note that Mr Kat is a heavy coffee-holic. He have at least 3 cups of Dark Coffee per day. So take a pinch of coffee with his comments! LOLS!!!  


Do note the price above stated does not incl. 10% service charge and 7% GST.

P/s: They are also subjected to changes la! Because I am not the Boss who set this price!!

Cafe Setting: Vintage and Old School Theme

Below are some photos of us in the cafe.

A very good camwhore place, or you call it.. Instagram-worthy Cafe!


This mini cooper can “sit people” one. But first come first serve. A lot of people wait so long till they pek chek end up they settle with the normal table.

I personally feel hor, Brunches Cafe can have something like “booking” or restrict the time spent inside this mini cooper so more people can have a chance to sit and take photos.

Or maybe allow people to sit there take photos and go back their own table.

独乐乐不如众乐乐 (enjoying it alone is not as happy as sharing it)

Pardon my bad translation but I hope you get what I mean.

Since this is your 镇店之宝 (Jewel Piece) then should let more people enjoy it so we customers must “AUTO” and take turn. So everyone gets to enjoy it! 

But my normal table de setting also not very normal too. The backdrop is goody~ Quite nice too. vintage5

Mr Kat also has a good backdrop too. He say this cafe very got “FEEL”!

Cafe setting: 5/5

Cafe Information:


screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-11-53-25-amDrivers do note: Parking is limited nearby (still need a little walking) and Sunday requires parking coupon too. So prepare enough coupons if you wanna camp in this cool Cafe!

Brunches cafe is one of Sample Store’s Giftopia event sponsors at Raffles City, Atrium @ Level 3 this 15 and 16 October! Mark your calendars and drop by this 2-day Giftopia event for awesome beauty treats! Find out more and RSVP here:



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