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Gerlyn & Father-in-law’s Birthday Celebration at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I am gonna share about my 3D2N trip to Port Dickson.

So whenever we talked about Port Dickson (PD), we will definitely thought of the “Water Bungalow”! Yes!

How can we not stay in Water Bungalow when we are in PD???? That’s like the bucket list and to-do right?

And YASSS we are here!

It was pretty expensive in my opinion so just the 2 of us staying is definitely not worth it, so we roped my In-laws (Boon Hee’s Parents) along since we hardly bring them out to travel. We just do whatever which is within our means.

We picked September because that is when my Father-in-law’s birthday is on and so does mine. One Stone kill 2 birds, 1 celebration for 2 person. HAHAHAHA! 

Then also my Brother-in-law hosted a birthday party for my Father-in-law on my Birthday Party itself hence it clashed and we definitely can’t attend. So we decided to do this so sort of  “compensate” that we can‘t celebrate his birthday with the family. 

But next year onward there will be no more birthday party for me. I think 25 years of celebration are alright, for the next 4 years I will actually travel on my birthday. I will try to travel,be it Malaysia or other countries. 

Until my #Officially30 celebration then we will make it a blast. Actually on my 30th I have intention for other stuff but I guess we will decide by then.

So anyway let’s share about the trip.

We arrived the resort on 19th September 2017 (Day 1)

The check-in timing is 3:30pm and we are a little tad too early hence we went to grab a bite at their restaurant. 

Father-in-law had Rib-eye steak and he commented this is the best meal he had for the next couple of days. HaHaHaHaMother-in-law and I shared a wok of Vegetarian Beehoon which is super duper yummy.

Boon Hee had this ox-tail stew. Wow.. Exotic sioh…. 

The meal was fantastic and not too expensive for the 5-Star resort standard. Finally we could check-in and did I mentioned the resort is so big so we need to actually have the buggy to fetch us in and out. But the wait during peak hours are 30mins hence we actually walked to the lobby which is about 8mins walk.

Check out the Room Tour Video

Then I had a dip at the pool which I find it a little tiny. I was really disappointed with it to be honest. But having my own private pool is also amazing. 

After my dip, we sneakily went to do the booking for tonight’s Birthday surprise. Wanted Boon Hee to settle it himself but I think he is too tired so I decided to help him but that spoilt the surprise factor for me. But I am glad I could surprise my Father-in-law. So I guess you win some and you lose some. 

We dressed up and celebrated birthday at the restaurant which is in the middle of the resort and oversee all the amazing water bungalow. 

At this point I only told my Mother-in-law about our plans and her first reaction is that, “Don’t waste money to get a big cake and we definitely can’t finish it later.” 

The view was stunning! 

We took a 3 course dinner and this is our soup of the day. I got the wild mushroom soup which i really loved it. 

I ordered a more expensive rib-eye steak for Father-in-law. But apparently he still love his steak from the morning more. 

I got Cod Fish for my Mother-in-law. For myself, I got salmon and it tasted so amazing! It’s perfect and full of OMEGA-3!! HAHA! 

Full of fish oil but I love it.
Boon Hee got Lamb chop for himself.

Raise the cups! Hooray! They had watermelon juice for the night.

I cant remember what we had. I guess mine is Pina Colada and I think Boon Hee had some Margarita…. And here comes the surprise! Look at how happy he is! 

Watch the Surprise Celebration video.

Love the strawberry cake planned by Boon Hee. He knows I love Strawberry shortcake and so he told the hotel to specially ordered for me and also have our names written on the cake! 

Thanks Boon Hee for your effort. 

I seriously thought you will just write Happy Birthday PAPA and forget about me. HAHAHHAHAA! Wonderful evening with the in-laws. Glad Father-in-law is happy with the surprises. Next we also gave him his present which is a XiaoMi Handphone. I picked this for him and chose the one with the biggest Screen. 

Father-in-law and his new handphone! Teehee! 

Lastly we headed back to the room for some rest. Then also get to play with my new Mermaid Tail Blanket from OKAYshop.
I love being a Mermaid!!! <3 I am a Little Mermaid that likes to read… Erm…. Magazine!! HAHAHAHHA! Act knowledgeable but definitely not. 

20th September 2017 (Day 2)

In the 2nd day morning, we went to had our buffet breakfast. The spread was pretty good and we enjoy the sumptuous meal. But just that there is a huge crowd of tourist and they took up lots of space and left a lot of emptied seat at their tables, hence it’s difficult for us to find a proper table with enough seats and the restaurant staff did not help with that.

After breakfast, it rained so heavily so we went to Seremban to have lunch, buy their famous Siew Bao and also did some SHOPPING! We had this really yummy and worth-it Cat Fish and it’s a very awesome lunch. Because our family love Chinese food so after having days of Western cuisine in Port Dickson we finally had some rice and asian dishes. HAHAHAHA! 

After we came back, the weather is hot and sunny again, hence we decided to do some wet activities! We first took some lovely photos by our private pool since we did not want to let it go to waste. Although it’s small but you know it’s expensive so we gotta fully utilise it!! HAHAHHAHA! 

Sorry for being a curvy mermaid, I have big butts and I cannot lie!! HAHAHA! But I really like the curves in this photo so I am keeping this! #DontJudgeI enjoy the Sun and the warmth soooo sooo much… But definitely not the UV rays… I just wish for everyday to be sunny but I do not want my skin to turn dark! Is that possible??? 

Finally a nice photo of my Prince Charming! Thanks Casper for the wonderful trip and being my wonderful personal photographer like always! I absolutely love this photo because it just accentuate my nose. It looks so sharp and I know my nose is not that sharp! 

Wonderful day for the 4 of us. Glad the elders had fun!!! Ok, I think they had more chill time whereas  I had more fun and Casper is just plain tired by driving 3hrs up here and then helping to take photos for us and also paying for everything. But I believe that we should do it because when we are younger, our parents paid everything for us with no complains and now that we are working and earning we should be filial and spend quality time and money with them. Speaking of which, it’s time to bring my mother out too!! Of course I am, next month. Jan 2018 is her Birthday and I am gonna bring her on a spin on my Mini Cooper! So my in laws wanted to avoid the Sun and decided to nap in the room. So we go and have fun with the free vouchers and play with rental floats. The only sad thing is that we cant bring the float back to our room but our pool is also to small and the float cant even fit through the door too! If they allowed, we have to deflate it, then inflate it again at our pool and then deflate it and return it. OMG! Totally not worth the hassel.. Nvm, I will have fun here and the deep blue sea….  Rubber Ducky
Joy of joys
When I squeeze you, you make noise
Rubber Ducky
You’re my very best friend
It’s true Had a wonderful time with le hubby playing with rubber duckies! HAHAHA!
We only had 30mins hence the last float is a pink flamingo. Behind us is the Hotel of Hibiscus and all the rooms inside have their own private pool too. Hence they got the Guinness World Record of having the most Swimming Pools in a Single Resort! 

After the wet activities, we decided to….cruise or go fish feeding but the elders are not keen so we went segway. 

The price for segway is not too expensive for Resort price and I think it’s a good experience. I also love segway a lot after experiencing it in Paris! HAHAHA! 

Most of the time I am sharing the views with my Facebook Fans.
This is the first time we returned back to our room so fast without a buggy! LOLS!
We segway back to our room and my mother-in-law was so spontaneous to try it.  Actually i tempted her and assure that she will not fall at all! She is a natural on it!
Segway to the place where we had our Birthday Celebration last night! Ended the journey by looking at other’s private pool and thinking that we are quite lucky to have our pool facing the sea and no1 can STOP & STARE at us when we are swimming or taking the Mermaid photos! HAHAHA! 

After tat we then we went to have dinner at the Japanese restaurant.

Food was yummy but it was a little expensive but like I always say, if you are expensive, you better taste good. I mean what could be worst than paying so much for a horrible food? 

21st September 2017 (Day 3)

We packed and left.

I decided to have a final swim at this tiny pool. As you guys know I am petite and obviously from this photo you can see how small is the pool. But the view behind us is so pretty. Is that a hill or a mountain?
Goodbye Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson! We had joy, we had fun, and we are thankful for that Sun! 


Not worth the hype. Pool was too small, expensive (SGD$300/night) and room was small, 4 adults can hardly fit, 1 toilet is totally not enough.

Facilities seems old to me, not well maintained. But pool doesnt have chlorine smell, hence do not pee inside it and also do not apply sunblock and enter it.

View for my room was good, other’s might not be good because they can see opposite neighbours or even get stalked by passerby. 

Lots of discount for food and beverages if you are their hotel guest.

Free breakfast buffet and buffet spread was awesome.

Not much activities to be done, more for relaxing and chill. But a little bit crowded during weekends and lots of Tour groups hence expect the noise level to be very high! I think I won’t be back again unless there is a Baby Casper or Baby Gerlyn otherwise it’s not worth. It’s 1-1.5hrs drive off from the highway too so not very convenient but if I have a baby and I want a private pool for my baby to play and a place for me to relax and chill I think this will be a good family place for Babies. But I think toddlers or children definitely find this place boring.
For couples I think they will find it boring too but 2D1N maybe still bearable.

My suggestion: I hope Lexis Hibiscus could have more recreational activities maybe like Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Kayaking for adults (which I think they have, but donno why not much people playing, maybe too expensive?) and more facilities for toddler like a mini theme park with Merry-go-round and Ferris Wheel. Then lastly, facilities in the room to be more well-maintained, glass to be cleaned and try to be free of scratches, and maybe the water fountain at night to be operated for a longer period so we would enjoy the light show.
When i was there, the Fountain light show is just for 2mins, when I pull out my camera, the show is gone. Sob sob.
Overall experience is still pleasant, staff were all very helpful and friendly! 


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