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Foxies Annual Retreat 2014 – Day 3 & Day 4 (Snorkelling at Snake Island & Back to SG)

foxies d3


Hope that your weekend is awesome~! Coz I really did enjoyed my weekend alot with the FOXIES~!

So let me continue with Day 3~! EARLY in the morning 7am, we went for our breakfast at Cherating Legend already. Since we didn’t manage to savour the delicacies yesterday becos we are at Lembing Rainbow waterfall, today you must eat until very full.

The restaurant serving buffet breakfast is Coconut Cove. Let me share more about it below on the food the served. Look at our Foxies Happy faces, it can roughly tells you that the food is quite nice already! 0001

I am very much in love with the egg station here in Kuantan. They are not stingy with their ingredients and they gave me so much ham and onion and alot of cheese powder. Really damn shiok sia! 0002

To encourage healthy lifestyle living and healthy eating habits, we strongly encourage all travellers like us to eat “JIO” BANANA~! 

Banana is high in fibre means you can prevent constipation too! Banana is also a minion favourite fruit! BA.NA.NA :) 0003

Come on and show me your selfie with your BANANA ok? 0003b

So now off we go and travel from Legend resort to …….. HAFIZ CHERATING RIVER ACTIVITIES~!! 0004

But first, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE~!! We took a few selfies with Hafiz’s banner… lols! Selfie FREAK~! 

Now take another selfie as we just wore our life-jackets~! 


Take even more selfies on the powerboat and “stole” yanghui’s sunglass too :P *act like a 千颂伊*0007

Last selfie before we arrive snake island! 

Another selfie after we strip off at Snake island! What thinking you, we jus strip off our clothes but we wore our swim suit inside liao mah… :P 0009

So before we start snorkelling, we have some pre-activities and warm up activities! Can you guess what are we doing from the pictures above? haha.. We are feeding the small fishes.. Apparently the fishes is camera shy lo… But the bread not shy at all… But it’s pretty cool when you see the little fishes snatching over a tiny piece of bread.. Super cute and funny.. And I even talk to the fishes and scold the big fish ask him don’t eat so much! lols! 0010

How can I forget to do selfies in the deep blue seas???? The scary selfies is me la.. Do i look chio instead water? :P 0011

More and more selfies here.. You must be asking, why all are selfies? You know why? I am using selfie camera mah~! Ok la, i take other stuff instead of selfies ok? 0012

Got see fish? The fish swim too fast, my camera no image stabilizer then manage to take liddat lo. I very pro liao hor! You think very easy to take meh? You take for me la~! Use my Shenqi Camera. Dont say use what gopro! 

*DISCLAIMER* The above saddist photo of Jinhe kenna stung by JELLYFISH is not taken by me hor! Is by is best friend CASPER~!

Epic Convo when Jinhe got stung. 

Me: Oh my god oh my god 

Yanghui : What happen?

Jinhe: I kena stung by jellyfish

Me: You felt numb? Dizzy? or uncomfortable? 

SUDDENLY… Casper arrived the shore and say…

Casper: Eh, Jinhe kena stung by Jellyfish leis~! Gerlyn, take picture already? 

Me: Wa… You very saddist leis. Your bff kena stung but first thing you ask is, “take photo already?” 

Casper:所以拍了没有?(So take already?)

Me: 那去拍啦!(Nah, go take urself la!) 


This kind of friend like casper very bad hor?? But Jinhe felt a little unwell so we stopped snorkelling but we went to climb rocks! 0015

Our uber nice tour guide help us to take our group photos here… 

The photos quite nice right? Especially the footfies :) See my leg very chio hor? :) 0017

Some HONEY LOOK poses done :P 

The guys wanted some funny shots to show their brotherly love too. So I took some for them too. 

This jinhe uh.. Say kena jellyfish stung still can do so many stunts! 0000 cover

Last photo at the rock~! BYE SNAKE ISLAND~!!!! And Casper lost his transition specs in snake island too.. So let’s say bye to specs too~! 

Anyway, why he lost them? Because he wore his specs to snorkel and then he put inside his pocket.. After 10mins, he touch his pocket… 

TADANG~! It’s gone…. GONE WITH THE FISHES~!! :DDD *evil laughters* muahahahahhaa!! 0020 0021



We are going to stay in Grand Hyatt tonight~! Looking forward to their breakfast tomorrow too ^^ 0022

Anyway, it’s time for a bottle of Somersby !!! Cheers~! Anyway, I prefer Apple Cider to Pear Cider ^^ 


So we arrived at Jalan Telok Cempedak Mini Zoo to collect Race Pack for Kuantan Half Marathon hosted by Dusty Monkey ! 


Look at event t-shirt! It’s pretty pretty yellow… I love yellow.. Gonna force Casper to give this shirt to me~!! 给我给我给我!


At this mini zoo, I get to ride horse too.. lols.. As a horse lover, when i see horse, I must ride de lor.. And somemore it cost RM5 ringgit nia.. CHIONG ARRRRRRR~! 0025

About 10mins from Mini Zoo, we arrived at our room in Hyatt~ 0026

The room is….. Spacious i got to admit.. Got bath-tub, got nice view can see the tennis court, got 2 bed … But…..

The aircon and fridge is spoilt…. And Hyatt is very kind and they exchange a new room for us! Although they gave us the room pretty late at night.. But still.. A bigger suite!! 


This new room more chio hor? HEHEHEHEHHE~! 0027

After we check in, we went to a nearby beach just outside Hyatt. We had ice cream and some retro car viewing. 

So the zombie-fied Casper took photo with the Retro car and Yamaha Motorbike XJ6N … His dream bike always dream but never buy de bike! 0029

Then next we went back for a swim the the super pretty pool… Anyway, happen to see a poolside wedding of a Inter-racial couple Malay + Indian wedding. They dont have any theme so it’s quite plain. But their food is very atas so i assume this will cost a bomb? Maybe $1.5k Ringgit per table ? 0030

So before we got wet, let’s take a foot-fies! 0031

They have like poolside bar too.. We wanted to order some food and drinks but the Counter like nobody one.. 0032

At night, we went to their in-house restaurant. It is an Italian Bistro… Like damn atas hor? So many wine glass for white & red wine.. woohoo.. 0033

They also see Yanghui very chio and give her free Champagne on the house! Good to be pretty hor? No la.. Is because we hit the minimum spending la! 0034


The food is yummy…. I finish it all !!! 0036

We get to choose between lamb vs fish for our main course. 0037

Here are the food-fies we took … The foxies in the dessert is drawn by me de.. got heart ❤ one leis! Chio hor? 0038

Me and YH in our sister-shoes~! 


We went for breakfast because Casper and Jinhe went for the marathon. So we go makan first.. a002

Look at the variety of Juices! Guava, orange, apple, etc etc…. The milk also so many! The cereals too.. Got cornflakes, honey star, coco-crunch… Waaaaa… (=@__@=)哪里可以找到这么好的早餐?

Yang Hui went for some kway teow soup and fruits.. a004

And I definitely went for the EGGS STATION!!!! 


And had some Char bee hoon.. 


Yanghui also chose a seat with sea view… 

See Yanghui so bad de… She can see the seaview but me cannot…. a008

NVM but i can selfie with the sea!! Yanghui also took some kway teow teng for me.. ok.. *FORGIVEN* a009

The sun was scorching and we can barely open our eyes! a010

But the sand was pretty and the feeling was shiok.. When the cold wind blow~ a011

What a coincidence, I saw my hubby in Kuantan and we wore the same shirt! lolS! a012

Last selfies in Kuantan Hyatt before we leave~! a013

We stop by to had some durian fest near the beach too. 

Something sad happen here… See the second picture? There is a plastic bag? Yah… Yanghui left her Local Products (虾米) Heibee Sauce there in Kuantan and we only realise when we reach SG :( a014

Yanghui treated some fried D24 Durian Puff and it was super yummy!! 

Now let’s set off to BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE!  

So once we reach Berjaya Times Square, we booked a ESCAPE Room Slot!! But the timing is full so we go had our lunch / dinner at an awkward timing! 

We went to 欢喜地! 


Had my favourite minced pork rice… a021

After meal, we challenged the Wonderland Room which is ★★★ 3 STARS only!! But it so difficult and we felt it shuld be 4 stars! ★★★★a016

But we still won the game by using all the hints helpings! a017

We are the champion my friend….. ♫♪♩♬♫♬♩♩♪♪a018

We are also given a chop accumulation card too .. Anyway, after the game we chiong back to SG!!! a019

During the stop over we had Baskin Robin treat by Yang Hui~! 



bye malaysia

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