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    Ger’z Shares – WinBridge Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band review by Casper

    Hi I am Casper,  Today I will be sharing a belated birthday present from my wife, the WinBridge Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band review with you! This blog post is proudly sponsored by WinBridge.   WinBridge Info: WinBridge is a U.S brand specialize in the products of consumer electronics, our aim is providing the world’s best warranty and innovations in consumer electronic products. WinBridge is the bridge connected with customer with our high quality products and services. First is registering a winbridge account. You need to register yourself before making any purchases from the website. And it is pretty simple, can be done in less than a minute. We will then start…

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    Yes 933 撼动网络 TV Star! No.7 王秋蕙 #GerlynForTVStar

    Hello Readers, Some of you guys would have receive this invitation below!  Either Gerlyn or I would have invited you to try TV STAR 2014 Facebook Apps Url:   Click on the notification and it would bring you to this APP!! Just CLICK OKAY!  Next up, you will see the REGISTER Button on the right and then register yourselves and SCROLL to 7号 王秋蕙 GERLYN! Click the VOTE button. Everyday, everyone will have 1 free vote. You can click EARN more votes by inviting your friends! If your friend register, you will get more votes! Or you can buy 100 votes @ $10 to support Gerlyn. However Gerlyn say don’t do…

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    My running journey with Asics Nimbus series. My favourite shoes all these while!

      My running journey with Asics Nimbus series. Hi everyone, my name is Casper! Few people knew me by this name. Office colleagues called me “Boon Hee”, army friends call me by my surname “Cat”… but by right should be “Kat” (pronounced as “Card” or “Cut”). Anyway, if you do not know me, I am Gerlyn’s hubby. Ok, enough talk… let start with something that I owe Gerlyn for quite some time. How do I begin with? Ok, maybe I can share about my interests which lead to choosing and buying a pair of good shoes called Nimbus! So you may ask… what so special about this shoes? Make you…