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CASIO Exilim FR100 VS TR70 Comparison Review – 卡西欧自拍神器对比

Hello Readers,

Today I will be sharing with you the difference between Casio Exilim FR100 and TR70!

Disclaimer: The camera is not sponsored by Casio but we won it in a Giveaway contest. 

Let me share about the background story of winning this 2 ultimate devices!

On 2016, Casio Exilim Singapore hosted a contest / giveaway for Valentine’s Day. So all you need to do is to share a picture of you and your loved ones and share what is the most romantic thing they have done for you and how is FR100 OR TR70 is the perfect gift for him/her.

So this is what Boon Hee shared.

“I would like to recall one of the most romantic and touching thing my wife did for me is that she always put priority and cares to our big event and care for my feelings no matter how bad her mood is.
Last year valentine day, I brought her to golden palm tree resort in Sepang, Selangor. We went swimming at their infinity pool and we decided to put her TR15 in a waterproof pouch to take some pictures. Unknowingly the pouch leaked and water went into the camera and spoilt it. My wife cried. We hurried went back to our resort room and did quite some ‘first aid’ to save the camera like using hair dryer to dry it and wiping with tissues, but all these did not help at all.
In the end, my wife held back her tears and went on valentine day dinner with me. She still put on makeup and smiles to the camera no matter how the painful the earlier incident was, as she did not want to spoil the atmosphere.
I am very touched by her action as she is not angry with me. Eventually Casio Service center fixed the camera onwards and we no longer trust waterproof pouch for our precious revived TR15.
I hope to win the FR100 and/or TR70 secretly for her to use in our honeymoon trip to United States Grand Canyon Water Rafting so she no need to risk her TR15 and able to take nice selfies of herself. Hence I am not tagging her. And my dear friends please don’t tag her too.
This will be a wedding anniversary gift for her.”

I did not knew he joined this contest at all! Until he brought the camera back home from Casio Singapore. Thanks my dearest hubby for the BEST Wedding Anniversary Present for me!

So when he won, he was shocked! He thought is FR100 OR TR70 but they gave him BOTH!!!

Initially we thought that FR100 is very difficult to use with lots of weird functions and buttons however, it became our MAIN Camera during our America trip!

This is the famous Barbie doll house in Santa Monica. With FR100, it can bring out the whole background.

We are quite lucky to be the user of FR100 during our #GerzAdventureInAhMeiLiKa trip and we frequently use FR100 for running events as you can see it’s waterproof and shock resistant hence we can run with it in case of any bad weather or sweat. We also use it for hiking and it take awesome pictures because it’s wide-angle.

Remember my first SOLO race in Disneyland Resort? I survived because of this camera! I can take tons of selfie without any help by detaching its camera and remote. This camera is so important to me during the race as you can see, I am holding it tightly across the finish line!!!

Technically, FR100 is our RACE/Adventure Camera! We call it HARDY CAMERA! I dropped it numerous time and it still working fine.

So now…… We shall do the comparison of FR100 VERSUS TR70!

SPECS (Specifications)

*EX refers to EXILIM*


*No win or lose as it’s just the boxes of the two products!*


*No win or lose as it’s a matter of preference!* But of cause, TR70 look more classy whereas FR100 look easier to hold / grab with your hand.


Image Sensor*: 1/2.3inch VS 1/1.7inch (TR70 WINS)

*Image Sensor = Clearer Picture at Low Light Condition (w/o Flash)*

The bigger the number, the more light it can collect. Thus, big sensors works better under low-light conditions.
Note: 1 divided by 1.7 is bigger than 1 divided by 2.3 hence TR70 Wins! 

I feel that TR70 is brighter under low light condition.
As for which is clearer, I think both are equally clear…

Lens: 16mm (FR100 WINS) VS 21mm

The smaller the number, the wider the lens.

Note: If the lens is too wide, it will have fish-eye effect and objects at the corners of the image will go “out-of-shape”.

The 2 photos above are taken using FR100 but using different Angle.
This is a bad example of Longer Forehead as you can see in the First Photo on the Left, my forehead is too close to the upper corner of the Camera. 

Flash: Purchase Additional LED Ring Light VS Built-in Flash (TR70 WINS)

*$99 for the LED Ring Light attachment. Operate using 2x AAA Batteries*

Mafan (Troublesome): Because you need to bring one more equipment out and need to spend time attaching it and removing it. As an Action Camera we need it fast to capture actions and we ain’t got the time to attach this and that….

However the LED Ring Light has 3 Level of brightness to control but TR70’s Flash has only 1 Level of brightness.

Timer: No VS 2-sec to 10-sec countdown (TR70 WINS)

*For FR100: You can use the 10-seconds countdown timer with “Remote Capture” function via ‘Exilim Connect APP’ using your handphone.* 

TR70 still win over FR100 as TR70 can select 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 seconds Timer on the camera itself.

FR100 does not have timer function and the ‘Exilim Connect APP’ can only choose 10 seconds Timer by default. 

Waterproof: Fully functional* under water (FR100 WINS) VS Noooooo

*For FR100: It allows continuous use during immersion in water to a depth up to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 60 minutes (Test conditions defined by CASIO) and protection against jet spray from all directions.

I am so not gonna try soaking my TR70 in water!!!!

I accidentally soaked my TR15 in water and the repair cost is S$400 with Casio Service Center. No way I am going through this again especially I can use my FR100 under the water now! Why would I risk my TR70? LOLS!!!!

Shooting Style: 3 Styles (FR100 WINS) VS 2 Styles

FR100 it is more versatile as it can be detached and transform into Wearable Style, Selfie Style, Camera Style. But TR70 is able to twist the LCD to transform from Selfie Style to Camera Style.

The good thing about FR100 is the hinge! You can poke it into the sand and it can stay well and you would not need a tripod anymore in the beach. LOLS!

Charging: 2 Devices VS 1 Device (TR70 WINS)

Because FR100 is detachable, so you have to separately charge the Camera and then the Controller.

If you only have one USB charging cable, you need to charge the Camera first then charge the Controller. But if you only have time to charge one unit, charge the Camera first, as it can still take photos normally and view it when the Controller is charged. But if the Camera has no battery, there is nothing you can do with the Controller alone. 

Battery: Built-In Lithium Ion Battery VS Removable Lithium Ion Battery (TR70 WINS)

I think removable batteries are better as you are able to buy a new battery and change them in case your battery is spoilt or you can have a spare battery. However if FR100 breaks down, you need to send it to service center to fix it. 

But FR100 has to be sealed in order to operate under water. 

Weight: 214 grams VS 149 grams (TR70 WINS)

Obviously lighter will be better right? HAHAHA!

But FR100 looks more solid and TR70 looks a little fragile. 

Shutter Button: 2* Shutter Buttons (FR100 WINS) VS 1 Shutter Button

*For FR100: The Shutter Button is one each on the Camera and the Controller.*

I am not sure since when / which generation did TR series decided to get rid of the “SIDE” Shutter Button.

My TR15 actually have 2 Shutter Buttons and it’s so good! I hope they bring it back really soon. 

Price: 3 Digits (FR100 WINS) VS 4 Digits

*PRICE is as of 13-March-2017 taken from Harvey Norman Singapore*

At the end of the day I won’t say which is better but it really depends on your needs and your budget. But Boon Hee will highly recommend FR100 because he is more of an outdoor person, as for me, I think I can’t live without the both of them now!

Like how I recommend Elvina is that I told her to pick FR100 or FR200 (just released) as her budget is about $600 plus. Then she is looking for a Camera which she can use it to take Selfies with nice scenery behind her when she is in Japan. So I definitely suggest FR series to her as the wide angle allows her to capture more scenery. Here are some of her photos:

Above photos are taken on FR200. Thanks Elvina for giving me permission to share your photos!

But one more thing about TR70 which I am quite surprised / shock to know that…


Like nowadays everything is Made In China… But what?! You are Made In Japan???

To be fair, I shall share some of the photos taken in TR70 during my Hong Kong Trip:

I added one photo taken in KLCC using TR70 (with Built-in Flash)

Hopefully after all our sharing, you would have a better idea on which camera is more suitable for you. Like I always say, it is not necessary the expensive one will be better and it is not necessary that it can’t be cheap and good. Just get the one you like and the one that fits your purpose!

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